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Microsoft Ending Free Windows 10 Upgrades On December 31st

When Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 back in 2015, the operating system was met with high praise despite the poor reception to Windows 8. Since then, the software has been made available for a free update for Windows users, and many have taken advantage. The company stopped offering free upgrades to Windows 10 as of July 2016, but there was a loophole extension for users who requested a free upgrade due to the operating system's accessibility features. Microsoft has updated their website to state that all free Windows 10 upgrades will cease on December 31st. For those buying a...

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‘MacPhun’ Creative Software Developer Rebrands To ‘Skylum’

If you're into photography, then you've probably heard of MacPhun and their popular editing software Aurora HDR. The editing HDR-focused photo software launched in late November exclusively for the Mac and was created in conjunction with the well-known photographer, Trey Ratcliff. Since its release, the software has been a favorite among HDR enthusiasts. Many PC users pleaded and begged MacPhun to consider developing the software for Windows as well and they followed through with this request. Additionally, they have produced ‘Luminar' a supercharged photo editor for Mac that scales with your skill level and has launched in beta for PC...

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Razer’s Revamped ‘Blade Stealth’ Laptop Now Offers A Quad-Core CPU

For Windows enthusiasts, Razer's line of Blade and Blade Stealth laptops have become a staple for all types of uses. While they are geared with a gamer in mind, the sleek design and high-end specs allow these models to be used for business, school or creative use. Each year Razer refreshes their notebook lineup which is a double-edged sword. While it allows new customers the chance to score the latest graphics card or processor technology, it can also be bothersome to their current customers who purchased a Razer laptop only to have it replaced with a better version just...

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All The Major Hardware Announcements From Google’s Keynote Event

Earlier today, Google held a press event showcasing their newest hardware products in front of media from around the world. The keynote was held in an Apple-like fashion giving insight on what the company is doing behind the scenes, providing interest statistics about their users and ultimately showing off new hardware devices. Here are the major hardware announcements that Google made during today's event: Google Home Mini Initially leaked yesterday by Walmart, the Home Mini is the little brother to their original Google Home device. With a smaller form-factor and more affordable price, the concept rivals that of Amazon's...

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Google’s Next Chromebook Could Offer Its Voice Assistant

The Google Assistant is the Big G's response to Apple's ‘Siri, ‘ and it is an excellent tool for convenience. Found on mobile devices and through Google Home, the Assistant still hasn't made its way to computers (at least not natively). In Mac OS Sierra, Apple introduced native Siri support allowing users to access its functionality with the press of a button. With an October 4th press event planned for Google, their rumored Pixelbook may be the first laptop to offer native Assistant support. The team over at 9to5Google have spotted multiple references to Google Assistant making its way...

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Popular CCleaner Hacked With Malware, Millions Of Users Were At Risk

Shortly after security giant, Avast acquired popular CCleaner, the optimization company's server was hacked resulting in malware injected in the software of 2.27 million users. While this is a horrible instance to occur for both companies especially when their parent company has a primary focus on security. As bad as this sounds, there is some good news. While 2.27 million users at risk may seem like a massive number, CCleaner has racked up over 2 billion downloads total and surpasses 5 million new users each month. This means the total number of affected users is under half a month's...

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