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4 monitor sickness

Mashup: 20 Cool Home Office Setups

Do you work from home or just want ideas for a cool home office setup? We have scoured the web searching for examples and ideas of the best home office setups and compiled them in this very article below. Enjoy! (note: these are in no particular order)

1. Four Monitor Workstation Goodness

4 monitor sickness

2. Enter the Blue Room

blue room 1

blue room 2

3. Ultra Clean Gamerclean 1clean 2

4. Bow Down to the Monitorsmega tv

mega tv 1

5. TV Stacked on Monitors tv triple 1tv triple 2

6. 3 on 3 Monitor Setup

6 monitor 12

7. Simple & Clean Dual Monitor Setup

shimians 1

8. Vegas High-Rise Setup

vegas highrise

9. Dual Apple Monitor with Drawing Tablet

tablet setup

1o. Surprisingly Clean Monitor Overload

monitor crazy

11. All About The Macs

mac central

12. Lazy Boy Office Edition

sofa setup

13. Dream Vegas View

dunder mufflin

14. Clean TV Mount

clean tv setup

15. Mac Frenzy

macbook docked

16. More Traditional Home Office

home office nice

17. Multiple 30 Inch Monitors in Action

beats by dre

18. Graphic Designer's Paradise

graphic designers paradise

19. 4 Dell Monitors – 2 Workstations

4 dell setup

20. Forest Themed

nature background

Which setup is your favorite? If you have a photo of a setup you'd like to nominate leave a link in the comments and it might make it into our next round of cool home offices!

Just as a reminder we do not claim to own the rights to any of the photos above. They were taken off public forums and message boards so the sources are unknown. All rights and ownership belongs to the original creator.