In the mobile-focused world of today, there is a lot of innovation in the smartphone and wearable space. This section is dedicated to all things mobile including smartphones (both iPhones & Android), smartwatches, tablets, GPS systems and activity trackers.

Quad Lock Case Review 2830

Quad Lock Review – Bike Mount System

Quad Lock is a convenient case and smartphone mounting solution for active consumers. View Quad Lock Products On Amazon Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored review. All opinions and thoughts expressed within this review had no bias or outside influence. We may earn a commission on referred sales, but content integrity is our top priority.

Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch

Smartwatch Showdown: Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch (Series 4)

It is no secret that the smartwatch industry is thriving in 2019. This comparison guide was made to help consumers with the struggle between buying a Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch (Series 4). Boasting two of the most popular models on the market, our team will compare these smartwatches over various criteria to help determine


What Is The Best Smartwatch For Women?

Our team scoured the market and decided that the best smartwatch for women is the Fitbit Versa. This was our top choice based on many reasons. The Versa offers competitive specifications, an affordable price, and exceptional battery life while offering support for both iOS and Android. Our runner-up and the best smartwatch for female iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen

The Truth Behind The Viral Samsung Galaxy Oxygen Smartphone Concept

Upon browsing Facebook earlier today, I came across a massively viral post shared from an old friend which supposedly showed off photos of the new Samsung Galaxy Oxygen smartphone with a slider design much like the old T-Mobile Sidekick phones from back in the day (most similar due to the slide out QWERTY keyboard). The

who unfollowed me on instagram

Q&A: How To See Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram?

Several readers have emailed us with a specific question: “How do I see who unfollowed me on Instagram?” The truth of the matter is that Instagram doesn't natively offer this functionality right within the app. However, there are some methods to still discover unfollows. For many millennials, Instagram is the social media platform that interests

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 1 of 1

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review – The First HDR-Ready Android Tablet

This post is brought to you by CJ Affiliate’s VIP Content Service. Thank you Samsung for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Samsung, all content and opinions expressed here are my own. Get The Best Price On A Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 While the general need for a tablet has lessened

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Fossil Q Marshal Smartwatch Review

The Fossil Q Marshal takes the classic watch design and introduces smart-enabled features. Get The Best Price On A Fossil Q Marshal Smartwatch The wearable market has been booming during the last few years, and has enticed many brands to enter the space both with or without a formal background in technology. One of these companies is

Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch 1 2

Apple iPad Pro 9.7” & Apple Pencil Review

The new iPad Pro 9.7” adds Apple Pencil support and premium features to the traditional iPad size. Get The Best Price On Apple's iPad Pro 9.7″ Steve Jobs originally announced the original iPad way back in April of 2010, and he marketed the device as a new market in between the smartphone and laptop segments


OtterBox Defender Series Case For iPhone 6/6 Plus Review

 OtterBox's Defender Series For iPhone 6/6 Plus offers extensive protection at the cost of extra bulk. Get A Defender Series For The Best Price OtterBox is a driving force in the mobile protection market, and their Defender Series line has been leading the charge in iPhone cases over the past couple of years. With the current

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The Best Fitness Tracking Wearables Under $100

Fitbit Flex – $90 (Amazon) Fitbit is the most popular manufacturer of activity trackers in the $100-$200 price range and their experience in the industry shows through to their premium options. The Fitbit Flex is a wireless activity and sleep tracking wristband which will monitor all your daily activities and provide real-time updates of your

IMG 9610

OtterBox Symmetry Series Review – A Durable Yet Slim iPhone 5/5s Case

OtterBox's Symmetry Series keeps your phone well protected without the unnecessary bulk. Get The Best Price On An OtterBox Symmetry Series Case OtterBox was the first major accessories company to hit it big with iPhone owners and their Defender Series developed a huge following when it debuted several years ago. While the protection of the

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7 Of The Best Third-Party Alarm Clock Apps For iOS Devices

Nightstand Central Nightstand Central is a free app that has been featured in many popular publications including LifeHacker, the NY Times, CNN, Business Insider, and more. It offers a sleek UI with customizable wallpapers, music alarms, a built-in sleep timer, weather information, a shake-on/off flashlight, and much more. If you're looking for a more advanced


Griffin Survivor Case For iPad Air Review

The Griffin Survivor for iPad Air offers rugged durability at an affordable price. In the past, we have briefly touched upon the various rugged cases offered for Apple's latest flagship tablet and have conducted an in-depth review of Otterbox's Defender Series for iPad Air. This time around we are taking a detailed look at Griffin's Survivor

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How To Make Your Instagram Automatically Post Photos To Your Facebook Page

With Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, the photo sharing social media platform has managed to stay in the spotlight and has proven to be more than just a fad, boasting over 200 million active users. If you're like me, your main social media outlets of choice are Facebook and Instagram so it make sense to link

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6 Of The Best iPad Apps For Drawing, Painting, & Illustrations

Think the iPad's 9.7″ multi-touch display seems like the perfect platform for drawing or painting your next masterpiece? This is possible using one of the iPad apps below which are designed for drawing, sketching, and illustrating. To ensure the best results, it is important to make sure you have an adequate stylus for the job!


OtterBox Defender Series Case For iPad Air Review

The OtterBox Defender Series for iPad Air offers rugged protection matched with a slim profile. Get The Best Price On A Defender Series For iPad Air Apple recently unveiled the iPad Air, their latest mobile tablet that harnesses a sleek new design as well as updated technical specifications. For most consumers, the new design was a

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5 Of The Best Alternate SMS Apps For Android Phones

Chomp SMS Chomp SMS is developed by Delicious Inc. who are also responsible for developing the BlackBerry Crunch SMS app and the iOS Bite SMS app. This free SMS app is feature-packed and is one of the best replacement SMS apps found within the Google Play Store. You'll get access to over 800+ Emojis, an SMS

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How To Use A Nano SIM Card In A Phone That Requires A Micro SIM Card

With multiple sized SIM cards inhabiting the mobile world, it can become extra frustrating when making the switch to a new device. You'll often find yourself needing to get a new SIM card as the size requirements from your old device might  not match up with your new device. However, there are often cheap ways

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DBrand Inc. 3M Vinyl Skin Review – Protective Skins For Mobile Devices

DBrand Inc. provides official 3M vinyl skins cut perfectly for your mobile device. Get A DBrand Inc. Skin For Your Device Introduction To some people choosing the right case for their mobile device is based simply on the level of protection that it can offer whereas others decide based on aesthetics and rely more on

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Where To Buy A Pair Of Genuine Apple EarPods Online

When Apple released their new iPhone 5 smartphone, they also included a set of their redesigned EarPods which are the white headphones that have become iconic with iPhone users except they feature a new shape that is more comfortable for the user as well as provides an increase in sound quality. If you have an

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How To Setup A Custom Voicemail Greeting Using Google Voice

For those of you who have used the free VOIP service Google Voice, you probably already know how awesome it is. The only downfall of the service is that once you get it setup, the further customization options are sort of hidden and can be difficult to locate. In this tutorial, I'm going to show

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HitCase Pro Review – Ultra-Rugged Camera Case For The iPhone 5/5s

I found the HitCase Pro case for the iPhone 5/5s to be well-engineered and built with quality in mind. It performs to the best of its abilities however it often faces limitations of its iPhone counterpart. While it can't exactly compete with a dedicated GoPro camera in many aspects, it is more than sufficient for capturing action-sports, hobbies, or family videos on a casual basis as well as taking stunning wide-angle photos. If you are on a budget and want to get more out of your iPhone in terms of its video and photography capabilities than the HitCase Pro is a solid investment. I would recommend this case to any prospective buyers as long as you realize that your iPhone may encounter limitations mainly due to its battery-life and storage size.

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Kinovo BTC450 Review – Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit

I found the Kinovo BTC450 to be an excellent hands-free Bluetooth solution for your car at an affordable price tag. The design and performance are excellent although I did encounter a few bugs that still need to be worked out. Regardless of these minor issues, I think your money is well spent purchasing this kit especially compared to higher priced competitors like the Belkin that do not offer as much functionality as the BTC450. I would recommend any prospective buyers pick up this product if they are in the market for a Bluetooth hands-free car kit.

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5 Free Texting Apps For iOS Devices

Text Free Text Free is considered the “original” free texting iOS app and comes with some great features. Text Free allows you to sent an unlimited about of texts and multimedia messages to anyone located in over 35 different countries. You can also use the app to call anyone in the U.S. or Canada where


5 Of The Best Places Where Can You Buy Used iPhones Online

Option #1 – eBay Over the years, eBay has developed a great reputation as a quality place to buy used goods from sellers across the globe. When it comes to user iPhones, eBay is like a mecca with over 15,400 used iPhones for sale at the time this article was written. The key to buying an iPhone on


How To Turn Your iPhone Or iPad Into A Fully Functional Police Scanner

Police scanners have been around for many years, but it wasn't until recently that the scanner technology was implemented into mobile apps. Whether you are a journalist looking to follow the most current events or are simply just a curious citizen who would the chance to listen in, there are multiple iOS apps that will allow

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How To Completely Replace Your Apple iOS Device's Safari Browser With Chrome

Ever since the first iPhone launched, Safari was the native browser that shipped with the mobile device. Of course, this makes complete sense as Apple is responsible for developing and continually maintaining the Safari web browser. Some of us (including myself) don't particularly like the Safari browser as much as competitors like Google Chrome. The Chrome

filmic pro app review

Filmic Pro iOS Application Review

I cannot recommend this application in it's current state as it will cause you more frustration than it will satisfaction in almost all cases. I don't know of any alternative applications that have similar features to Filmic Pro so for now I would just suggest sticking to the native iOS video application until the stability is vastly improved or a better competitor comes along.

iphone battery

6 Ways To Conserve & Improve Your iPhone's Battery Life

Tired of your iPhone's battery dying so quickly? There are some precautions you can take in order to boost your battery life and conserve power to make it through those days where you aren't able to access a charger for long periods of time. Follow the suggestions below and you'll likely see noticeable benefits in your iPhone's

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