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How To Setup A Custom Voicemail Greeting Using Google Voice

For those of you who have used the free VOIP service Google Voice, you probably already know how awesome it is. The only downfall of the service is that once you get it setup, the further customization options are sort of hidden and can be difficult to locate. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you exactly how to setup a custom voicemail greeting using Google Voice.

Step #1: Log Into Your Google Voice Dashboard


Step #2: Click The Gear Icon & Select ‘Settings'


Step #3: Click On The ‘Voicemail & Text' Tab


Step #4: Click The ‘Record New Greeting' Button


Step #5: Enter Your Desired Greeting Name & Click ‘Continue'


Step #6: Answer The Google Call & Record Your Greeting


Step #7: Confirm Your Recorded Greeting Is Selected Then Click ‘Save Changes'


If you have followed the previous steps correctly, you have successfully created a custom voicemail greeting with Google Voice!