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How To Configure An Apple Magic Mouse To Work On A Windows PC

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Yesterday, I did a review of the Apple Magic Mouse and in the review, I noted that the device is not natively able to be used with a Windows PC. Though this is true, there is a known workaround out there to help you get the Magic Mouse to effectively work on a PC. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of setting up third-party software, Microsoft sells their Touch Mouse and Arc Mouse which attempt to natively simulate the form and function of Apple's Magic Mouse on a PC.

How To Get The Apple Magic Mouse To Work On A Windows PC

Step 1: Verify Bluetooth Support And Buy This USB Adapter If Your PC Does Not Have It

You will need to verify your PC already has Bluetooth support. If not, you will need to purchase this adapter. It is HIGHLY recommended to purchase this exact Bluetooth adapter shown here as it has been tested & proven to work with the Magic Mouse. There are many adapters out there that have been proven to NOT be compatible with the Magic Mouse. Take this as a warning if you decide to buy a different one.

Step 2: Download The Unofficial Magic Mouse Driver Installer

In order to make this process the easiest it can be, you will need to download this Magic Mouse driver installer. This will install the initial driver that will allow you to pair the Magic Mouse with your PC and get the basic functionality. If you have additional questions check out the software's ‘help' page here.

Step 3: Download and Install Magic Mouse Utility

In order to get advanced features like natural scrolling and a usable battery gauge, you will want to download the Magic Mouse Utilities software. This utility will need to run in the background at all times in order for all your Magic Mouse features to work. Luckily, there is a checkbox within its settings that will allow it to automatically load at startup and take away the need to manually start it every time you reboot your computer.

Step 4: Pair Your Magic Mouse With Your PC Via Bluetooth & Enjoy!

At this point, you are ready to get on with the pairing process and start enjoying your Magic Mouse while using your Windows PC! According to their website, anyone who is having trouble trying to pair without a code should try to pair with the code “0000”. Further help information can be found here.

Please note this method has not officially been tested by me personally and I cannot guarantee that it will work in all cases. Also keep in mind this is a workaround and not an official method that is approved by Apple. Use at your own risk!

Photo Credit: Flickr