How To Configure An Apple Magic Mouse To Work On A Windows PC

Yesterday, I did a review of the Apple Magic Mouse and in the review, I noted that the device is not natively able to be used with a Windows PC. Though this is true, there is a known workaround out there to help you get the Magic Mouse to effectively work on a PC. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of setting up third-party software, Microsoft sells their Touch Mouse and Arc Mouse which attempt to natively simulate the form and function of Apple's Magic Mouse on a PC.

How To Get The Apple Magic Mouse To Work On A Windows PC

Step 1: Verify Bluetooth Support And Buy This USB Adapter If Your PC Does Not Have It

You will need to verify your PC already has Bluetooth support. If not, you will need to purchase this adapter. It is HIGHLY recommended to purchase this exact Bluetooth adapter shown here as it has been tested & proven to work with the Magic Mouse. There are many adapters out there that have been proven to NOT be compatible with the Magic Mouse. Take this as a warning if you decide to buy a different one.

Step 2: Download The Unofficial Magic Mouse Driver Installer

In order to make this process the easiest it can be, you will need to download this Magic Mouse driver installer. This will install the initial driver that will allow you to pair the Magic Mouse with your PC and get the basic functionality. If you have additional questions check out the software's ‘help' page here.

Step 3: Download and Install Magic Mouse Utility

In order to get advanced features like natural scrolling and a usable battery gauge, you will want to download the Magic Mouse Utilities software. This utility will need to run in the background at all times in order for all your Magic Mouse features to work. Luckily, there is a checkbox within its settings that will allow it to automatically load at startup and take away the need to manually start it every time you reboot your computer.

Step 4: Pair Your Magic Mouse With Your PC Via Bluetooth & Enjoy!

At this point, you are ready to get on with the pairing process and start enjoying your Magic Mouse while using your Windows PC! According to their website, anyone who is having trouble trying to pair without a code should try to pair with the code “0000”. Further help information can be found here.

Please note this method has not officially been tested by me personally and I cannot guarantee that it will work in all cases. Also keep in mind this is a workaround and not an official method that is approved by Apple. Use at your own risk!

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  • Doesn't work. Says it can't download files, when it gets to the bootcamp download part.

    Probably should have tested it before you posted it.

    • I'm sorry you were unable to get it working. Thousands of people have viewed this article since being posted and you are the first to report any issues with the method.

      If you notice I also added the following to the bottom of the article so you knew there was a chance it wouldn't work:
      "Please note this method has not officially been tested by me personally and I cannot guarantee that it will work in all cases. Also keep in mind this is a workaround and not an official method that is approved by Apple. Use at your own risk!"

      • I received the same response. I wonder if the download link for the bootcamp drivers changed slightly causing the app to break. I’ll have to keep banging on it. The MS Surface keyboard trackpad is pretty sketchy. I’d love to use this apple mouse because a) I have it around and I’m cheap and b) there is only one usb port on the Surface and the apple mouse is pretty slim for portable use.

      • the magic mouse driver for both battery and non battery are the same
        install the driver for windows bluetooth to get scrolling gestures go here for the driver install it and should work like a charm only for 64 bit at the moment tho

    • Love the tip use macs at work and just got a new Lenovo for home, link work well, thanks not sure on the add stuff those..
      thanks again.

  • Mine worked ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lenovo T420s

    Win En x64

    installed bootcamp drivers then mouse utilities and then discover through bt software… done ๐Ÿ™‚

    happy cust !

  • Works a few seconds the stops then after amoment you click it it starts to work stops about 30 seconds later rinse repeat windows 8 asus x501a

  • @thecrud,

    I had this problem with Magic Mice in our classroom. Although the mice are connected via BT it's a WiFi setting causing you trouble. Deselect the option "allow WiFi to pair with Bluetooth" or similar. Never had an issue since.

  • Here's a way to install with no 3rd party websites. (trackpadmagic is blocked by my firewall as being malware prone)

    1. Download bootcamp 4 or later from Apple:
    2. extract the zip to a folder

    3. find the file: C:Users\\BootCampDriversAppleAppleWirelessMouse64

    4. run that file as an administrator

    5. Pair the mouse, if you haven't already.

    6. Use the mouse!

      • Iยดm thinking of doing the same… Magic mouse with surface pro 3, win. 8.1

        Are you experiencing any troubles so far?
        And how is the scrolling and touch features? (is smooth scrolling working?)
        I would love some feedback on this setup and its functionality! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Dragging up an old post here but i’m new to the surface pro 3 and i’ve just got my apple magic mouse working.. mostly… I can use it to scroll up and down, but I’m missing the ability to scroll left and right (i.e. go back in a browser window)

        did you have any luck figuring this one out?

    • the magic mouse driver for both battery and non battery are the same
      install the driver for windows bluetooth to get scrolling gestures go here for the driver install it and should work like a charm only for 64 bit at the moment tho

  • hi guys, can i just ask, when you say this is working for you…are you able to use the middle click function?..even though there is no middle mouse button. just asking as i’m running windows 7 on my mac via bootcamp. i have the latest install of bootcamp and software… but my middle mouse button doesnt really seem to work…but scrolling and swiping does.



  • working cool but, right click sometimes work, sometimes not.

    My observation is that it won’t work if use right click on the web link.. any suggest?

  • Hey Colt..thanks a lot for the tutorial, it worked perfectly when I initially connected the mouse to the PC, but then, switching the mouse off and on again, it doesn’t work even if it looks reconnected.
    The same thing happen when the PC gets back from the stand-by or hibernation.
    The only thing I can do is removing the device from the control panel and then pair it again

    Do you have any idea why?
    Thanks a lot

  • Thank you so very much. My mouse works like a champ all the features, It was a snap with your easy to follow directions!!!!! I am so super Happy!!!! keep up the great work

  • This worked great for me~ Thank you.

    However, I have bootcamp and it works on Windows like I wanted. But when I switch over to the Mac side it’s not working. I can pair it on that side but it then won’t work on the Windows side. No way to use them both?

    I am assuming this is a limitation of bluetooth and not software related?

  • Worked like a charm for me! Using it on a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and all of the scroll functions work great! Thanks for the great tips and download links.

  • Bought and installed the recommended Bluetooth adapter and both Magic Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard working like a charm on my Windows 8.1 PC and my Mac Mini. The only issue is how to enable momentum scrolling. Any body has a solution to this ? Cheers

  • Can’t get past the installation. Files won’t download. Running Windows 7 Ultimate.

    Seems by reviews that it’s a mixed bag to working and not working. Anyone have any thoughts as to how to get this sorted?

  • Installed immediately , paired immediately ,no code needed .Works perfectly ! Moving ,scrolling ,etc . A million thanks.

  • A*Mazing!! Was not expecting this to work. I was transferred from a Mac to PC at work (not by choice!) and the lack of mouse function was a struggle with InDesign! All sorted now!
    Hello my old friend! *hugs magic mouse*

    • Hey Emilio,

      It seems the software creator has since added a trial/licensing fee. This isn’t our software so we have no say in this, but yes it used to be free and now he seems to be charging $11 a license which if it still works as good as it did isn’t too large of a fee to pay. It is ultimately your call as to whether you see enough value for the $11 license, Emilio.

      Thanks for the question!

  • Software is crap. It crashes at least once a day leaving your mouse a paperweight until you restart the program or possibly the whole computer.

  • What is this? Are you trying to help peaople or just generate clicks… Not one of your links did help me with finding what I need and you recomending a software that will have me pay at least $14 per annum just to use a peace of equipment that cost me $70 already is simply no help at all.
    So thank you for this complete waste of my time!

    • Mathias,

      We don’t make this software or are affiliated in any way.

      When this article was originally written back in 2013, it was free to download and use. The developer chose to make it no longer free to use.

      We have no control over the pricing nor do we make any money off you paying the $14/year fee.

      If you don’t like the software, simply don’t use it.

      Best of luck,

  • Pakinam says:

    Thanks so much. That was incredibly helpful.

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