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5 Of The Best Places Where Can You Buy Used iPhones Online

used iphone in Cell Phones   Smartphones   eBayOption #1 – eBay

Over the years, eBay has developed a great reputation as a quality place to buy used goods from sellers across the globe. When it comes to user iPhones, eBay is like a mecca with over 15,400 used iPhones for sale at the time this article was written. The key to buying an iPhone on eBay is to view the seller's feedback and pay close attention to the listing description and uploaded photos. If you're careful and choose a reputable seller, you can get a great deal that is much cheaper than the alternative websites below. I always sell my used iPhones on eBay when the newer models come out and my devices are always in mint condition, so be rest assured there are reputable sellers on eBay, you just have to take the time to find them!

Search   GameStopOption #2 – GameStop

GameStop is an unlikely place to look for a used iPhone, but they do offer a wide selection of models from the iPhone 3G up to the newest iPhone 5. In addition, you also get a choice of sizes, colors, and carriers which makes it really easy to find a refurbished model that perfectly suits your needs. Another advantage to buying a device through GameStop is their pre-owned products are tested and guaranteed to work so if the phone does not meet your satisfaction, you can return it in 7 days for your money back or 30 days to receive an identical exchange.  used iphone (1)Option #3 – Amazon

Amazon has a solid selection of new and used iPhones (both locked and unlocked) for reasonable prices. It is important to note that these iPhones are sold through 3rd party sellers, but many of them are fulfilled with Amazon so you receive the same Prime shipping benefits and customer service. If you're a bit weary about buying from a 3rd party amazon seller, be sure to check out their feedback and comments left from previous customers.

refurbished iphone - Best BuyOption #4 – Best Buy currently has 21 different refurbished iPhone options on their website. There is a catch however. Unlike the other websites listed above, Best Buy is pricing them very low (even free for some models) and seeking customers to sign a 2 year commitment with a carrier. However, they will sell you the refurbished devices in an “unactivated” state, but you'll pay a premium that is much higher than you could find through the other options listed above.

Sprint Cell Phones  iPhone, Android, Blackberry   More (1) copyOption #5 – Sprint

Sprint is currently offering pre-owned iPhone 4S and 5 models in multiple storage sizes for sale via their website only. Similar to Best Buy, Sprint is selling these pre-owned models at a low cost, but seeking customers to sign up for a 2 year service agreement. Unlike Best Buy, Sprint is not giving the option to buy these devices without a service agreement so this would not be a suitable option if you do not want to sign a longterm contract.

Photo Credit: Tom Dennis Radetzki