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5 Of The Best Alternate SMS Apps For Android Phones

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Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 11.15.40 AMChomp SMS

Chomp SMS is developed by Delicious Inc. who are also responsible for developing the BlackBerry Crunch SMS app and the iOS Bite SMS app. This free SMS app is feature-packed and is one of the best replacement SMS appsĀ found within the Google Play Store. You'll get access to over 800+ Emojis, an SMS blocker/blacklist, SMS signatures (like email signatures), quick-reply pop ups, improved MMS & group messaging, and much more. You can also download or create custom themes to choose how your conversations appear.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 11.15.11 AMHandcent SMS

Handcent SMS is another popular free option which brings full SMS and MMS support powered by the Handcent network. It features an integrated spell-checker, optional quick-reply, and advanced security options. You get full support of over 20 different language and can improve/export vCards straight through the app. Similar to Chomp, Handcent is highly customizable and there is a variety of pre-made templates to choose from.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 11.15.27 AMTextra SMS

Textra SMS is made by the same people as Chomp however, it is much more lightweight and does not include all the bells and whistles that Chomp is known for. If you are someone who has an older Android that is having issues with Chomp's performance or you simply don't need all the advanced features then Textra is will likely be an excellent choice for your needs.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 11.15.00 AMGo SMS Pro

With over 50,000,000 installs, Go SMS Pro is one of the most downloaded SMS apps for Android and is also one of the highest reviewed. Featuring support for Emojis, MMS, group messaging, 200+ personalized themes, auto-reply, quick-reply pop ups, SMS blocking, and much more. This is an excellent choice for replacing the stock SMS app and is highly customizable to help suit your needs.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 3.09.44 PMHi SMS

Hi SMS is one of the newer SMS apps found within Google Play so it does not have as large of a reputation as the others listed here. However, this app is the closest you'll get to the default iOS 7 messaging app. It includes support for MMS, resizable fonts, pop up quick-replies, SMS/MMS delivery reports, and much more. If you are switching from an iPhone to an Android and are looking to get the closest to an iOS experience then this app is for you.

16 thoughts on “5 Of The Best Alternate SMS Apps For Android Phones”

  1. avoid Go SMS Pro, oh they started off great, after they had a couple million downloads they-
    -had updates that removed features
    -update installed small ads, app started crashing more
    -released another update, now i get full screen ads on my phone- anyone going to call them out on adware?
    -constant harass ads about if I want features that the software originally had, i need to purchase, bait-n-switch tatics.
    after I removed the software I haven’t had any random pop-ups or ads

    they are scum

    • Yes! I was a Go fan through and through but Go SMS has become such an annoying, nagging, bloat of an app. Every time I try to give it a try…I just can’t. I don’t need a developer to try to ambush me for money. If it’s that serious, just charge for the app in the first place.

    • That is also my issue with GOSMS, it started good then turned into a bloatware. Top of it, instead of providing new features, they remove useful ones and slap a forced ad system until you pay.

  2. I agree avoid GO products especially sms. It was the best free by far until they started removing free stuff and charging for it. Turned into worse than bloatware.
    I use both handcent and Chomp and both are excellent in their own rights.

  3. As I understand the difference between Chomp and Textra, it includes that Chomp actually sells a package of messages at about 12 cents each while Textra only uses your carrier plan. Typically prepaid services (like mine) gouge terribly on long distance texting (as well as voice) rates and apart from being a pretty good texting interface, Chomp saves a lot of dollars with its own long distance service. I’m new to Chomp and would be interested in experiences with its paid texting performance.

  4. I personally use evolveSMS. I used Hello before that, but found the tab interface actually intrusive when reading conversations. Definitely should give both a try.

  5. I think the best messenger even surpass BBM is Catfiz Messenger, messenger many features that are not owned by another messenger, messenger catfiz not only messenger but also exceeded it and approach social network, try and feel of this messenger,

  6. used to try all of those but 8sms is the only app that gone long for me until i met hoverchat and is now my default sms app..

  7. I agree with the Go statements, they used to be the best but now blahhhh! I don’t like how the pop up in Chomp works and the option to save photos is really strange, besides that it’s pretty good. Handcent is the best of these in my opinion! Good article.

  8. I’ve been trying Chomp for a few days. I got it partly because I hate the default Android msg. app, but also to be able to theme the conversations. No matter how many themes I create and set as default, NONE shows up. I’ve never seen anything like it and nothing about customizing the app. is intuitive. I haven’t run into the ads issue some complain about (probably because I’m so annoyed I’m hardly using it). I don’t get this app. at all. Probably installing soon (none of my issues are addressed anywhere and no one answers my query on the FB page, naturally). Starting to believe all Android msg apps are a crock.

    • “Starting to believe all Android msg apps are a crock.”

      I’ve tried several and I’m starting to feel the same way. You’re basically left to choose the least sucky app.

  9. Which of these apps require their phone number? I have a wifi tablet with no sim card and would like to find an app where I can use the number from my phone.

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