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How To Completely Replace Your Apple iOS Device’s Safari Browser With Chrome

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Ever since the first iPhone launched, Safari was the native browser that shipped with the mobile device. Of course, this makes complete sense as Apple is responsible for developing and continually maintaining the Safari web browser.

Some of us (including myself) don't particularly like the Safari browser as much as competitors like Google Chrome. The Chrome mobile browser is sleek, fast, has an excellent user interface, and allows you to easily sync all your tabs, bookmarks, password, and data between your desktop and mobile browsers.

By following a few simple steps that I will guide you through in the next couple of pages, you can completely replace your native Safari browser on your iOS device with Google Chrome. After you have completed this process, you're Safari browser will no longer be accessible on your iOS device allowing for a full Chrome replacement. Don't worry, if you wish to revert back from Google Chrome you are able to re-enable Safari at anytime.

Step 1: Download Google Chrome from the App Store

step 1.5

Step 2: Return To Your Home Screen & Open Your Settings

step 1

Step 3: Locate & Open The ‘General' tab


Step 4: Click On ‘Restrictions' & Enable It


Step 5: Find ‘Safari' In The List Under ‘Allow' & Switch It To ‘Off'


Step 6: Return To Your Home Screen & Position The Chrome Icon Where Safari Used To Be


Step 7: Enjoy Chrome As You're Replacement iOS Browser!


14 thoughts on “How To Completely Replace Your Apple iOS Device’s Safari Browser With Chrome”

  1. Colt,
    These instructions were great, but I have no clue why you would put them on 8 separate pages. This makes no sense (unless you’re simply trying to increase clicks on your website) and was inefficient. If it’s about the “clicks,” that’s really, really lame.

  2. Je veux télécharger Adobe Flash Player pour un cours à distance où il y a des vidéo supportés par AFP.

  3. I wanted to downloade Adobe Flash Player for a course wich includes video. Safari wasn’t supported AFP.

    Thank you for the above instruction.

  4. Not working on my IOS9. As replace icon is only for manual start browser. But links from other apps or fom iPad desktop do not open in chrome as expected.

  5. If you turn off Safari in restrictions you will disable the ability to use any links sent to you in emails which therefore makes things quite pointless.
    To have Google as default and be able to use email links via Google instead of the default Safari you would need to download one of the various free apps available however..your phone would have to be jail broken.

    • Restrictions moved! It’s no Accessible via screen time, content and privacy restrictions.
      Of course you could google this faster than waste your time replying to this helpful post! Hope this helps.

    • Sorry Jeff, this article was written 7 years ago. iOS is a completely different beast now and settings have changed dramatically throughout the new releases. Glad you figured it out.

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