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Where To Buy A Pair Of Genuine Apple EarPods Online

When Apple released their new iPhone 5 smartphone, they also included a set of their redesigned EarPods which are the white headphones that have become iconic with iPhone users except they feature a new shape that is more comfortable for the user as well as provides an increase in sound quality. If you have an earlier generation iPhone or you simply lost the EarPods that came with your iPhone 5/5s then you'll likely find yourself wanting a replacement pair. Unfortunately, these are not the easiest to find when 90% of the products dubbed as genuine EarPods are actually cheap Chinese fakes. For example, if you have done any research thus far, you might have discovered that most of the Apple EarPods sold on Amazon, eBay, & Newegg are indeed counterfeit.

In this article, I will provide you with links to 2 different websites that will sell you a pair of genuine Apple EarPods for the standard $29.99 MSRP.

Of course, is going to be the #1 place to buy genuine Apple EarPods as you'll be buying them directly from the source. This way you cut out the middle man and are guaranteed to get a legitimate product without anyone tricking you into purchasing a counterfeit. Buying from also has free shipping so you won't need to fork out any extra money besides the $29 price and tax.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 12.05.17 AMBest Buy

Best Buy may not your for choice in terms of online retailers as they often are higher priced than their competitors, but one thing they succeed at is providing genuine, quality products. Since you won't find genuine EarPods for cheaper than their $29 MSRP, you don't need to worry about Best Buy selling them for a premium price.

Photo Credit: Rares Dutu