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Best Smartwatch For Women

What Is The Best Smartwatch For Women?

Our team scoured the market and decided that the best smartwatch for women is the Fitbit Versa. This was our top choice based on many reasons. The Versa offers competitive specifications, an affordable price, and exceptional battery life while offering support for both iOS and Android.

Our runner-up and the best smartwatch for female iPhone users is the Apple Watch (Series 4). Their 40mm size is ideal for a woman's wrist offering a pleasant experience without feeling too bulky. This model only works with iPhones but harnesses many advanced features and integrations. Compared to the Versa, the Apple Watch faces a hefty price tag with mediocre battery life.

If you are looking to get the best fitness tracker and seek a compact design, Fitbit's Charge 3 may be for you. While it is more of an activity tracker, it still has basic smartwatch functionality. It offers 24/7 heart rate monitoring with detailed sleep tracking and battery life up to 7 days on a single charge.

For women looking for a focus on the smart capabilities with a traditional watch design, the Fossil Q Venture (Gen 4) is the best choice. Offering both form and function, this Google Wear OS model offers a stylish look from a well-known watch brand.

Editor's Choice

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa

The newest smartwatch from Fitbit offering great affordability, excellent battery life and dedicated female health tracking.

Since Fitbit acquired Pebble, the company has been producing their own smartwatches to compete with the Apple Watch. The Versa is the company's newest model with competitive specifications and great battery life at half the price of the competition. Best of all, the Versa is Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

$169.95 at Amazon

$199.95 from Fitbit*

*Pricing as of 4/22/19


Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch (Series 4)

The latest smartwatch from Apple with a larger display, faster hardware, and better heart rate tracking great for women.

Designed only for iPhone users, the Apple Watch Series 4 is an expensive yet powerful device. Their 40mm version is the smaller of the two sizes delivering a pleasant experience without feeling too bulky on the wrist. Note: This model is NOT compatible with Android devices.

$399 from B&H* (No Tax In Many States)

$399 from Apple*

*Pricing as of 4/22/19

Top Smartwatch For Female Fitness & Best Battery Life

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3

The newest Fitbit fitness tracker & smartwatch hybrid offering a compact form-factor for both men and women.

The third version in Fitbit's Charge fitness tracker line-up. The Charge 3 offers a thinner and sleeker design than the other models on this list. While it's focus is on fitness/health tracking, the Charge 3 still provides basic smart functionality. This model is compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones.

$104.98 at Amazon

$149.95 from Fitbit*

*Pricing as of 4/22/19

Stylish & Traditional Ladies Watch Design

Fossil Q Venture Gen 4

Fossil Q Venture (Gen 4)

A Google Wear OS powered smartwatch from the popular watch brand offering a traditional design and stylish female look.

Fossil is a notable brand in the traditional watch industry. Their new smartwatch mixes their traditional style with the power of Google's Wear OS bringing the best of both form and function. This model is compatible with both iPhone and Android.

$199.00 from Fossil*

at Amazon

*Pricing as of 4/22/19

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Why Purchase A Female Friendly Smartwatch?

What To Consider When Buying A Ladies Smartwatch

Comparing The Top Women's Smartwatches

Best Smartwatch For Women – 2019

Final Thoughts & Guide Summary

If you stumbled upon this guide from Google in your search for the best female smartwatch, you are in the right place. This should help guide you into which model is best for your needs. We have recommended many smartwatches to fit many styles and budgets.

For many of you, your knowledge in the world of technology may be limited. There are a lot of marketing terms around the wearable industry may be confusing to you.

Don't worry, in this guide we will provide you with the necessary knowledge of the women's smartwatch market. This will help you better determine which model to spend your hard-earned money on.

Should you read this entire guide and still find yourself with a concern or question that was unanswered, then leave us a comment (you can do so for free below this article). Our team will do our best to clear up any confusion and answer your question.

Why Should You Purchase A Smartwatch?

Traditional watches aren't as interesting when compared to smartwatches which are so feature-packed. When these devices first came onto the market, they were bulky and their designs tended to catered to men over women. Most of the major manufacturers have been working on changing this and come out with dedicated smartwatches for women.

For some reading this article, this may be the first time you have considered buying a woman's smartwatch. You may need some reasons or incentive on why you should invest hundreds of dollars into one. We understand this, and we will cover the three main reasons why a smartwatch can be a good buy for most women.

Functional Smartwatch Design & Stylish Look

Compared to a many male perspectives, the look of the watch isn't always the most significant selling point. Women often value the design or cosmetic appeal of their clothes, and accessories more.

Traditional electronics manufacturers have decided to produce more women's smartwatches. Popular designers such as Michael Kors and Kate Spade have entered the wearable market with their own smartwatches. These capture both the essence of the brand's style while offering the advanced functionality of a smartwatch.

Many of our recommended smartwatches allow you to choose from a variety of watch finishes as well as the ability to swap out the native watch straps. This can give your smartwatch a new look and feel that offer the versatility to cater to more outfits.

In the early days of smartwatches, you had to choose between form or function and couldn't have both. There are many different models that are elegant while still offering the features that you should look for when buying a smartwatch.

Convenient Smartwatch Features & Functionality

With my first smartwatch, I wasn't sure how often I'd actually use its features. It was quickly evident how much of an impact on my life it would make. Having all the essential notifications coming right to my wrist gave me a sense of comfort. I no longer felt the need look at my phone every couple of minutes.

Every time that I received a text, call, email or social media interaction, I knew immediately via a notification at my wrist. It was the best feeling as the intangible chain between myself and my smartphone felt like it could finally be broken.

Beyond these notifications, many of the smartwatches on this list offer advanced technology such as GPS, NFC and voice commands. The GPS is best used for tracking accurate statistics like current weather conditions or navigation.

The NFC support is often used for mobile payments like Samsung or Apple Pay. These allow you to buy goods or services at supported retailers by touching your watch to an NFC payment sensor. This removes the need to pay with cash or pull out your credit card thus saving time.

Voice assistance is another cool feature with Siri or Google Assistant being present on a few modern smartwatches. Like your smartphone, you can use this to answer basic questions, set alarms or interact with contacts through voice commands.

Fitness & Female Health Tracking

One of the biggest reasons that people buy a smartwatch or activity tracker is the ability to track your fitness data with things like calories burned, heart rate tracking and activity time. Most of the models on this list have an integrated heart rate monitor that can accurately track your body's heart rate for consistent monitoring throughout normal and strenuous activities.

If you choose one of the smartwatches that offer multi-day battery life, then chances are you'll be able to track advantage of the sleep tracking features. For someone like myself who doesn't sleep very well, you can get accurate data on your sleeping habits such as time spent in the various sleep stages and whether or not you accomplished your healthy sleep goals.

While you may not be looking for a smartwatch for fitness or health fanatic, as I've worn a one on a daily basis, I've become more self-aware of my own personal fitness and health goals. Having an fitness tracking watch showing real-time data on your wrist relating to your overall activity levels can help you make better decisions towards your overall health such as like reaching for some fruit over a piece of candy to snack on when you realize how long it takes to burn off the calorie difference.

A newer feature on some women's smartwatches is female health tracking with menstrual cycle logging. This functionality makes it possible for the device to be able to predict when your period is due as well as better track fertility windows.

Important Aspects To Consider When Buying A Women's Smartwatch

When looking at the female smartwatch market, there is a lot of marketing buzzwords and different aspects to consider. Many of these terms, the average woman (or man for that matter) wouldn't understand unless they are well-versed in the tech world.

Due to this, we will cover the most vital specifications that we use to classify and evaluate smartwatches. Each aspect will include an overview of what every term means and how they should relate to your purchase decision.

Please note, not everyone will have the same desires towards the design, features or budget when shopping for a smartwatch. This means the ideal women's smartwatch for you may not be the same for another female and this is normal.

Our top recommendations serve as a baseline for most women. You should use this guide as a resource for the competing smartwatches listed to see if they are a good fit for your own needs or budget:

Smartwatch Brand/Model

Choosing a reputable smartwatch brand and model can save you a lot of headaches. There are a lot of foreign companies with models that undercut the pricing of the popular brands like Fitbit, Apple or Samsung. However, there is often a risk in buying these smartwatches when it comes to the build quality, performance and warranty.

If something goes wrong from one of the major device manufacturers while under warranty, you'll get the best customer service and likely be able to get a refund or replacement. With a lesser-known foreign brand, you'll likely be out of luck.

When new mobile operating systems roll out, these foreign companies might not update their smartwatches to support the new OS. That could remove the ability to sync your smartphone and smartwatch and render the device useless.

Always choose a reputable brand that has the infrastructure and reputation to provide a quality product. This is always a better idea than trying to save a few bucks and buying a knockoff model from a Chinese or lesser-known foreign company which can be a major gamble. 


Like any purchase, the actual cost of the device should play a significant factor in your buying decision. As you'd expect, a more expensive model will typically have more features and better build quality. However, this isn't always the case with women's smartwatches.

The main reason for this is for designer brands like Kate Spade and Michael Kors whom recently entered the space. While their smartwatches are beautiful and stylish, often you'll pay more for the brand name than the design or features.

This isn't said to discourage you from buying a designer smartwatch as most of the modern ones offer competitive features. Instead, just understand that you may be paying a premium for the same features and functionality over a competing device.

For many women, this isn't a new concept regarding pricing. Traditional fashion includes designer purses, shoes or clothing in which famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Fendi charge more for their products over competing tiems with similar features.


Traditionally measured in millimeters (mm), the size of your watch refers to the diameter of your watch case where the screen is housed. Some brands use the traditional millimeter sizing while others refer to the screen size in inches. For a women's smartwatch, you'll usually see the sizing be between 38-41mm. This allows enough room for a decent screen while not feeling too bulky on your wrist.

Screen Type

Referring to the type of display used in the smartwatch. The screen type will depict the color and visual performance of the display. Traditionally speaking, LED or OLED models are the best for power consumption meaning longer battery life.

OLED is the newest technology. It offers the best performance when it comes to black levels (how dark your screen is while displaying a black background). This is also the most expensive to produce so you'll only see it in the more expensive smartwatches.

Pixel Density (PPI)

Pixel density is measured in PPI which stands for pixels-per-inch. This refers to the number of individual pixels that are packed within one inch of the device's display. The higher the pixel count, the crisper or higher-definition the screen should look.

Ideally, you want to have a PPI over 300 to not be able to differentiate individual pixels from one another. Some models on this list do not publicly state their display's PPI, so they have been marked as N/A in the comparison table below.

Battery Life

Depending on your desired use, the battery life of the device could be a make or break attribute for which model to buy. On average, women's smartwatches will offer a battery life between 18-36 hours.

However, in some cases like with most of Fitbit's smartwatches, you'll get 4-7 days worth of juice. This allow s you to do a lot more on a single charge and easily track your sleep routine without needing to place it on a charger overnight.


Referring to the form or design of the watch, we have categorized this attribute into two types: sport and traditional. As you'd expect a traditional watch style looks like a conventional watch with a round watch face and standard watchband. These include many stylish smartwatches that resemble higher-end conventional watches from designer brands.

On the other hand, a sport style will look like less like a traditional watch and more like a smartwatch. This often results in a more rounded design casing that resembles an electronic device more than a traditional watch.

Operating System (Smartwatch OS)

This attribute refers to the actual operating system of the device. You'll want to find a smartwatch that has a widely supported watch OS such as Apple's WatchOS 5 or Google's Wear OS. The reason for this is that they have a lot of third-party apps and customization options available for users.

If you are looking one using Fitbit or Samsung's Tizen OS, I wouldn't be deterred. Just be aware that developers will usually flock to operating systems with the largest number of users (most profit/use potential). This means the customization or third-party app support may be limited on a lesser-supported operating system.

iOS Support

Whether the device supports a Bluetooth connection and syncing with Apple's iPhone. Apple's WatchOS 5 found on their latest Apple Watch has the highest compatibility for third-party support. However, every model on this list support iOS.

For other operating systems like Google's Wear OS, you'll be able to connect to an iPhone with limited functionality. Advanced features may only be available for Android users since both operating systems are designed by Google.

Android Support

Whether the smartwatch supports a Bluetooth connection and syncing with an Android smartphone. The only model on this list that does not work with Android devices is the Apple Watch. Google's Wear OS offers advanced functionality as it compliments their Android operating system.

Water Resistant

If you plan on swimming or wear the device in the shower, you'll want to make sure it has some water resistance and won't be damaged when wet. Fortunately, all the smartwatches on this list have some sort of water resistance. Keep in mind this doesn't always mean waterproof as there are different water resistance standards.

Smartwatch LTE Support

References whether the women's smartwatch can run off its own LTE connection often via the use of a SIM card. The benefit of this is feature is that you can receive calls, texts or use data while on the go away from your smartphone such as when going for a run.

The only model that supports this on this list is the Apple Watch (Series 4). To take advantage of the LTE functionality, you need to buy the higher-end LTE specific model. In addition, you'd need to sign up for a dedicated monthly LTE plan which costs anywhere from $5-$10 a month depending on the mobile carrier.

Heart Rate Monitor

This attribute determines whether the device has a dedicated heart rate sensor to log activity levels. All the smartwatches in this list besides the Kate Spade Scallop have a heart rate sensor.

Keep in mind, not all heart rate monitors are equal. Some of them do not offer 24/7 tracking. Those that don't will only read your heart rate every couple of minutes or only during when the workout mode is enabled.

Native Notifications

All the smartwatches listed here can provide basic notifications such as text messages or phone calls. Depending on the model, you may be able to get more third-party notifications. These can include emails, calendar events, social media, and miscellaneous app updates.

Built-In GPS

Some smartwatches offer tethered GPS support. This means that it connects to a nearby smartphone to use its GPS signal. Others offer their own integrated GPS. These smartwatches can connect to the satellites without the need for a smartphone connection.

This allows the device to know your physical location. You'll need this for accurate information on the weather, directions or third-party applications.

NFC Support

An acronym for near-field communication. An NFC sensor is a feature that allows the model to communicate and interact with other NFC devices. The most common reason you'll find NFC in their smartwatches is to communicate with hands-free payment processors. Popular consumer versions of this include Apple Pay (found in the Apple Watch) or Samsung Pay (found in Samsung smartwatches).

Native Sleep Tracking

Many people don't realize how effective (or lack of) their sleeping patterns are until they have a way to track their sleep. Depending on the model, there may be support for tracking your sleep via a native application (best executed by Fitbit) or through a third-party app.

Keep in mind, there is limited battery life on most of the smartwatches on this list. This makes sleep tracking impractical even through a third-party app. That is unless you decide to charge it during the day and wear it at night which most won't want to do.

With a Fitbit, you get 4-7 days of battery life per charge so tracking your sleep and keeping the smartwatch away from a charger at night isn't an issue.

Female Health Tracking

A newer feature added to several smartwatches for women is female health tracking. This can help track your menstrual cycle, predict your period and see an estimated fertile and ovulation windows.

Touchscreen Support

Whether the smartwatch offers touchscreen control. All the smartwatches recommended in this guide support this. Some do offer physical buttons or rotatable dials to add extra physical controls.

Voice Control

For some women, it is convenient to give their smartwatch a voice command to do something. Some of the smartwatches on this list offer access a voice assistant like Apple's Siri or Google Assistant, but not all.

Music Control

If you are an avid runner or fitness buff then being able to control your music without pulling out your smartphone is a useful. All the smartwatches on this list support music control besides Fitbit's Charge 3 activity tracker.

Comparing The Top Smartwatches For Women

Best Smartwatch For Women Reviews

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch


  • Best bang for your buck (priced under $200)
  • Battery life lasts 4-5 days
  • Works with both iOS & Android
  • Native sleep tracking capabilities
  • Excellent fitness and female health tracking


  • Not as cosmetically appealing as some other smartwatches for women
  • Doesn't have the depth of features as an Apple Watch or AndroidWear devices

$169.95 from Amazon

Among activity trackers, Fitbit has been dominating the space for the past decade. Their venture into the smartwatch market hadn't been all too successful in the past. Fitbit's acquisition of successful Kickstarter-backed Pebble has helped improve their efforts.

Fitbit took the best features from their activity trackers and mixed with the best parts of Pebble's smartwatches to create the Versa. Suitable for both men and woman, the Versa offers an excellent set of features and specifications. In fact, it competes with smartwatches like the Apple Watch which costs double the price.

As our best female smartwatch pick, the base Versa has an MSRP of $199 and is offered in a Black, Silver or Rose Gold aluminum finish. There is also a special edition version in Graphite or Rose Gold aluminum. Unlike the base model, you get a higher-quality woven band and access to the NFC-enabled Fitbit Pay.

Fitness features are a major strength for Fitbit products, and the Versa is no different. This is due to the all-day activity and heart-rate monitoring. There are over 15 exercise modes for on-screen stats in real-time fitness tracking and post-workout summaries.

Battery life is the top of its class for women's smartwatches. With the Versa, you'll get 4+ days which allows for advanced features like native sleep tracking. Compared to the Apple Watch Series 4, the Versa falls short in the support for third-party apps and the build quality.

Fitbit's OS isn't as customizable in terms of watch faces or support for third-party integrations. However, basic notifications like text messages, calls and calendar events are able to be received and read from the wrist.

The build quality isn't anything to complain about for the price, but it doesn't have the best feel that Apple's more premium models offer. The Fitbit Versa is compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 (40mm)


  • The most feature packed women's smartwatch for iOS users
  • Excellent build quality & craftsmanship
  • Display is very sharp with great colors
  • Supports Apple Pay and Siri voice commands on the base model
  • Lots of third-party straps and charging accessories


  • New models come out frequently (every 10.25 months on average)
  • Only works with iPhones (zero support for Android users)
  • Battery life is rated for up to 24 hours

$399.00 from B&H*

The fourth iteration of Apple's Watch wearable device is their best smartwatch yet. It is definitely one to consider for iPhone users if you can stomach the expensive, premium price-point. Sold in two sizes, the smaller 40mm variant is the ideal choice for women. It offers ample screen size without feeling too bulky on the wrist.

Apple has set the bar high with the Series 4 version of their Apple Watch Sport. This model includes a new and improved optical heart rate sensor, all-new haptic feedback on the Digital Crown and a 64-bit dual-core S4 processor that is up to twice as fast as their previous versions.

Beyond standard heart rate tracking, there is a new electrical heart rate sensor. A cool feature of this is that Apple's newest version allows you to perform an FDA-approved electrocardiogram (ECG) which senses electrical activity of the heart over a period of time. This can locate conditions like heart disease or abnormal heart rhythms like atrial fibrillation (aka afib).

Battery life in the Series 4 isn't great compared to the Versa, but it still allows for 24 hours of use on a single charge. This is more than enough for most women as you can place it on its charger overnight. However, this means you can't track things like sleep patterns such as with Fitbit's wearables (which you'd need to use a third-party app).

As expected, both Siri voice commands and Apple Pay wireless NFC payments are supported on the Series 4. The build quality is typical Apple fashion offered in stainless steel and aluminum in silver, space black and gold finishes.

The Watch Series 4 is the only smartwatch on this list that supports LTE connectivity. Keep in mind, this requires the upgraded LTE model with monthly subscription costs. The Apple Watch Series 4 ONLY supports iOS users. Android smartphones are not currently compatible with Apple Watches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


  • Designed for an active user with great fitness tracking
  • Solid battery life with up to 45 hours of use
  • Ideal for Android users, but works with iOS (limited functionality)
  • Native support for Bixby and Samsung Pay


  • Not the best cosmetic design for women
  • No support for an LTE connection (Bluetooth only)

$229.99 from Amazon

One of Apple's biggest Rivals in the mobile and wearable market, Samsung has been producing smartwatches for several years now (such as the Samsung Gear S3 and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier). Their Galaxy Gear Watch Active is their newest unisex device designed for tracking fitness and activity goals while still providing the regular smart experience by way of basic notifications and app integrations.

Just like most of the models on this list, the Gear Watch Active utilizes an integrated heart rate monitor to determine aspects about your activity tracking such as your calories burned and daily fitness progress. With MIL-STD-810G water resistance, the Gear Watch Active can be subject to water and liquids up to 50 meters.

If you are looking to be able to utilize card-free payments, Samsung Pay is compatible with the NFC chip in their Gear Sport meaning you can make a payment at supported restaurants or retailers with just the tap of your wrist.

There isn't any LTE support in this model, but it does have decent battery life at just over 2 days of regular use. The Tizen 4 operating system isn't our favorite OS for smart watches yet it does have decent integration with Android applications and it looks nice on the Super AMOLED display.

iPhone users will have slightly less support for integration with their smartphones but can still access things like calls, text messages and other basic notifications.

Fossil Q Venture Gen 4

Fossil Q Venture HR (Gen 4)


  • A traditional watch design that is elegant and stylish
  • Runs off Google's Wear OS which supports both Android and iOS
  • Supports Google Pay and untethered GPS


  • Not the best smartwatch design for fitness
  • Lacks support for any LTE connections

$199.99 from Fossil*

Fossil is a well-known brand having produced traditional watches since 1984. Over the past few years, the company has entered the smartwatch market with several generations of models. This Q Venture that we recommend is the 4th generation of this model from Fossil.

Priced under $200, the Q Venture is an elegant female-inspired smartwatch with a stylish 40mm Rose Gold case made of Stainless Steel. It comes with a swappable Blush Leather watch band (compatible with all 18mm watch straps). Built to be durable and waterproof, you can do things like wash your hands, shower or swim in a pool without any adverse effects to the Q Venture.

This device runs off Wear OS which is a popular operating system made by Google and supports use with both Android OS (4.4+) as well as iOS (9.3+). Since it uses Google's operating system, there are more supported features for Android users. iPhone owners still get a solid smart experience though limited in comparison.

With advanced feature support like heart rate tracking, NFC via Google Pay and native GPS capabilities, the Q Venture checks a lot of boxes. If you want a traditional watch style with the features of a smartwatch for women, then the fourth generation of Q Venture by Fossil is tough to beat.

Kate Spade Scallop

Kate Spade Scallop 2


  • From a designer brand in the fashion industry
  • Well build and high craftsmanship
  • Runs Google's Wear OS which supports both Android and iOS


  • Lacks a heart rate sensor for fitness or activity tracking
  • No support for NFC payments

from Amazon

One of the most popular designer brands for women's fashion, Kate Spade has been been producing watches for quite some time now. They only recently dove into the wearable tech market and their Scallop smartwatch offers a good mix of style and functionality.

This particular model sports a Rose Gold Stainless Steel finish with a Gorilla Glass screen material. Measuring in at 42 x 46mm, the round face offers a traditional watch design that sits well on a woman's wrist. Interestingly enough, there is a native app for this smartwatch that will allow you to match your watch face to your various outfits.

Similar to the Fossil model, the Scallop by Kate Spade runs on Google's Wear OS so it supports both Android and iPhone users. Features include smart notifications (calls, text messages and alerts) and music control

Keep in mind, compared to the Fossil, it lacks built-in GPS, a heart rate sensor or NFC chip for hands-free payments. This doesn't make it a bad buy although the lack of the advanced features and swappable watch bands make it a tougher buy unless you love Kate Spade.

Michael Kors Access Runway

Michael Kors Runway Access


  • Built-in heart rate monitoring, GPS & NFC
  • Runs Google Wear OS which works with both Android and iPhones
  • Supports Google Assistant voice commands


  • Not the best look and design for fitness use

from Amazon

Michael Kors is another famous designer in the women's fashion space. Their Runway Access smartwatch offers much of the same experience as Fossil's Q Venture model. The particular version we are showcasing here has a Rose Gold finish made of Stainless Steel as well as a pink silicone strap. In the box, it includes an extra buckle to interchange straps.

This smartwatch is waterproof up to 30M thus making it swim-proof. It has built-in heart rate tracking to help log your fitness and activity goals. There is GPS and NFC built-in to support location tracking and mobile payment technology.

The AMOLED display is housed in a 41mm case. Like many of its competitors, it uses Google's Wear OS to provide notifications from social media, text, email, calendar and app alerts. Beyond this, it supports both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Fans of the popular Google Assistant voice technology will be happy to know that the Access Runway by Michael Kors supports it. This means you can take full advantage of the voice assistant through verbal commands. This is often preferred over having to fiddle with the screen or supporting buttons.

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3


  • Best in class battery life at 7 days
  • Small profile design is great for females who don't want a bulky smartwatch while being active
  • Supports both Android and iPhone users


  • More of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch thus lacking a lot of advanced features

$149.99 from Amazon

The newest fitness tracker from Fitbit is called the Charge 3, and it is the third iteration in their line-up. Despite it being designed as an activity tracker, it makes an excellent smartwatch as it offers similar features in a more compact design. The build quality is excellent made of aerospace-grade aluminum and Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

The bands can be swapped out for more breathable, fashionable or leather bands. However, you'll need to buy bands that are made explicitly for the Charge 3 (sold separately). The on-screen clock faces are adjustable and can be styled to your desired look or feel.

Since it offers an activity tracker design instead of a traditional smartwatch, you'll get a smaller, narrower display. The screen is still a backlit touchscreen that will automatically adjust the brightness for ideal viewing.

It is built for fitness activities allowing it to recognize basic exercises automatically. You can track cardio fitness levels, steps/distance and track pace/distance calculations for runners. This device is fully waterproof for swimming or water-related hobbies. The heart rate tracking runs 24/7 and will calculate/log your resting heart rate throughout the day.

The Charge 3 has the best battery life of all our recommendations with a staggering 7 days of juice. This makes it ideal for accurately tracking your sleep habits without needing to charge the device every night. There are some good Fitbit apps available for download to make the device more smart capable, but not as large of a selection.

Similar to the Fitbit Versa smartwatch, the Charge 3 offers female health-tracking allowing you to use the Fitbit app to track your menstrual cycle. This device works with both Android and iOS, notifications are supported for text, calendar, and call alerts. Social media and third-party app notifications aren't present.

Final Verdict

In this buying guide on women's smartwatches, we have introduced you to our best models to buy. We have also helped educate you on the most important aspects you need to remember before investing in a female smartwatch.

If you find yourself stuck on your decision or have questions about smartwatches or anything else we discussed, leave us a comment below. We will do our best to respond with any helpful advice or answers.

Remember, we think the best women's smartwatch overall is the Fitbit Versa. However, you really can't go wrong with any of the recommended models mentioned within this buyer's guide.

Best Women's Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa

$169.95 on Amazon

We hope this guide helped you find the best female smartwatch for your needs.

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