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How To Bulk Download An Entire Flickr Photo Album

Flickr is one of the most useful photo sharing websites as it offers a staggering amount of free storage space and a lot of great features. Lately, I have been dabbling with some freelance real estate photography gigs and thanks to Lightroom 5's excellent Flickr integration, I have been designating the final edited photos to their own Flickr album for each property I shoot. This allows me to easily share the final product via a simple email link with the realtors that I am hired by.

From there, the realtors are able to utilize these photos as they please (this was agreed upon ahead of time) and payment is charged solely for my time spent shooting and editing versus a flat rate per photo they choose to use. The real issue arises with Flickr's downloading system as you are only able to individually click-through each photo and download them one-by-one. In most cases, the realtor would like to download the whole album in bulk (sometimes 100+ photos) that way they can save them the time and hassle of doing it manually.

Since there isn't any native option built within the Flickr interface, I sought to find a viable solution and I stumbled upon one by utilizing a free application called JDownloader. Download it for yourself (available for both Mac & PC) then follow the few steps below in order to download the entire Flickr album to your local machine.

Step #1: Open JDownloader & Leave Running In Background


Step #2: Copy Link Of Desired Flickr Album


Step #3: Open ‘LinkGrabber' Tab On JDownloader To Verify Flickr Photos Have Automatically Queued


Step #4: Click The “Play” Button To Initiate Download


Click ‘Yes' if it prompts you to accept Flickr's Terms Of Service.

Step #5: Wait For Each Photo To Individually Download


Step #6: Locate The Files Via The Download Directory


If you don't know where your downloaded files are set to be stored, you can check this under Settings > General > Download & Connections:


Hope this helps! Feel free to leave your experience with this method or any alternative methods in the comments section below.