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PewDiePies Gaming Chair

Q&A: Which Model Is PewDiePie’s Gaming Chair?

TL;DR Version: If you found this article via a search engine and just what to know which is PewDiePie chair model then the answer is the PewDiePie Edition Throttle Series from Clutch Chairz. Note: It is only sold through their website and can't be purchased through a traditional retailer like Amazon, etc.

With the growth of the Internet among the millennial crowd, the popular YouTubers are becoming more influential and famous than A-List celebrities nowadays. Among them, PewDiePie is arguably the most well-known with the highest subscriber count of all single-person channels on the entire YouTube video platform. In the remainder of this article, we will cover the trending topic of PewDiePie's chair model and where you can buy one for yourself.

Who is PewDiePie?

PewDiePie's real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He was born on October 24th, 1989 and is currently 29 years old. Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, PewDiePie now lives in Brighton, UK with his fiance Marzia. 

Being one of the largest YouTubers on the video platform, PewDiePie's following has grown massively thanks to his humorous take on life, current events, YouTube drama and of course, video gaming. PewDiePie currently has just over 96 million YouTube subscribers and has 21.5 billion video views on the platform over 3,844 uploaded videos. 

PewDiePie has held the title as the most subscribed YouTuber of all time for a long period. However, he was recently overtaken by T-Series, an Indian YouTube channel dedicated to Bollywood music and movies.

PewDiePie Gaming Chair
PewDiePie sitting on his gaming chair.

What Model Is PewDiePie’s Gaming Chair?

PewDiePie has used quite a number of chairs throughout his years of creating YouTube videos. However, his current gaming chair of choice is his own signature PewDiePie Edition Throttle Series from Clutch Chairz:

PewDiePie Edition Throttle Series Chair

View The PewDiePie Edition Throttle Series Product Page

This gaming chair was originally released as a collaboration by PewDiePie and Clutch Chairz back in November of 2017 and has a price-point of $399. Unlike most gaming chairs, this PewDiePie chair is sold exclusively through the Clutch Chairz website and cannot be purchased through a larger traditional retailer like Amazon or Best Buy.

However, the standard non PewDiePie Edition version of the Throttle Series gaming chair from Clutch is in fact available for sale from Amazon. However, this comes without Prime shipping benefits and a higher price-point than the Clutch gaming chair website.

base throttle series gaming chair from clutch

What Are The Features & Specs Of PewDiePie’s Chair?

PewDiePie's signature Throttle Series from Clutch Chairz is designed with the creative intent of the YouTuber himself. Sporting the signature PewDiePie color and pattern, the chair even has its own ‘Brofist' logo in the back center of the seat.

The base of the gaming chair is made of forged aluminum which has been tested to support over 2000 lbs. The bottom casters are coated with polyurethane to offer smooth operation without any disruption to your flooring. Moving to the tubular steel frame, it has been ergonomically designed to fit the human body's shape. There are 4D armrests on this gaming chair giving it the ability to adjust height, depth, rotation and side-to-side movement.

There is a free headrest and lumbar support cushions included with each PewDiePie gaming chair purchase. These help keep good posture and is comprised of high density foam. The gas lift to adjust the seat hight (PewDiePie is 5'11”) is rated for 150 kg which is equal to 330.7 lbs.

One of the most iconic features of PewDiePie's gaming chair is the ‘backrest recline function' that allows you to adjust the angle from 85-135 degrees. This feature has been made popular by PewDiePie thanks to his meme-worthy phrase “but can you do this” in which he quickly engaged the recline to go from sitting to laying back straight.

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