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Best Gaming Chair

Q&A: What Is The Best Gaming Chair?

Our team did the research and testing for you with over 30 models in consideration, and we found the overall best gaming chair to be the Herman Miller Embody. Though expensive, this model was the clear winner in cosmetic appeal, design, adjustability and overall comfort.

While we know most do not have a high enough budget to purchase an Embody, our next choice in the mid-range gaming chair would be the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 which costs significantly less while maintaining a great deal of comfort and versatility in spite of lower build quality.

For those looking for a cheap gaming chair on a tight budget then we recommend the BestOffice Gaming Chair. This chair offers a racer-style design that fits in great with gamers and includes an optional padded headrest support as well as an integrated lumbar pillow to cater to your lower back.

Best High-End Model

best gaming chairsbest gaming chairs

Herman Miller Embody

One of the best office chairs ever created caters very well to gamers who are putting in long hours in front of their PC or console.

While it sure isn't cheap, the Embody by Herman Miller is one of the most comfortable chairs we have ever sat on, and it is built with the quality and craftsmanship you expect from a brand like Herman Miller. When you add in the stellar 12-year warranty, this highly-adjustable chair is an investment that will easily pay for itself over the longevity of the chair's lifespan especially in terms of comfort.

*Pricing as of 3/28/18

Best Mid-Range Model

best budget gaming chairbest budget gaming chair

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

One of our favorite office chairs, the ErgoChair 2 delivers in form and function without breaking the bank.

Autonomous is notorious for taking the concepts used in high-end office furniture and implementing it most cost-effectively. Their ErgoChair 2 offers the best in comfort and design without the added cost of premium materials, excessive warranties or the expense of being associated with a name brand.

*Pricing as of 3/28/18

Best Budget Model

best cheap gaming chairbest cheap gaming chair

BestOffice Gaming Chair

A low-cost racer chair that gets the job done while remaining very easy on your wallet.

While it may not have the craftsmanship, features and build quality that you'd get with a more expensive chair, this gaming chair by BestOffice will be comfortable enough to game on for those on a tighter budget. 

If you are a gamer or especially a streamer, then you probably sit for long hours in front of a game console or PC putting in long hours trying to master your favorite title. While this is a fun and enjoyable experience, there could be some serious downsides in terms of health usually resulting in aches, pains and poor posture from sitting for so long. 

Keep in mind, our recommendations on the best gaming chair are researched and curated (tested in some cases) based on our expansive knowledge in the industry as well as actual owner feedback. Rest assured, none of the models listed in this article were paid promotions and we have used our good judgement to determine which chairs we think are the best for your gaming needs. 

We will always maintain the integrity of our content for your benefit, but we actively use affiliate links within our content which may earn us a commission for any referred sales through our retail partners instead of loading you up with obtrusive display advertising.

Without income to sustain our business-related expenses (web hosting, staffing and office supplies) then we cannot provide you all with quality content such as this without charging you for access which is something we never want to have to do.

In the remainder of this article, we will do our best to show you the top gaming chairs on the market and educate you on the industry including why you should invest in a quality chair and aspects to consider when determining the right chair for your needs and budget.

Why Invest In A Decent Seat For Video Games?

There are several reasons why we think most consumers should invest in a gaming chair and some are more important than others depending on your needs:

  1. Health benefits – having a gaming chair that supports proper ergonomics may offer several benefits to your health and well-being including better posture, less back pain, reduced pressure on your hips and buttocks along with increased general comfort while seated.
  2. Convenience – being able to adjust your gaming chair to your liking is not only more comfortable but also more convenient. For example, some people like to sit straight up while some people prefer to sit in a slightly reclined position. Others like their armrests to be high and wide while others like theirs to be tight and low. Having the ability to adjust the various seat components to your liking is convenient. 
  3. Appeal – some of you might not care at all how your gaming setup looks, but if you are someone that enjoys browsing the Battlestations subreddit, then you may care how your setup appears to others. Often, gaming chairs are elegant or aesthetically impressive so adding one to your current setup can take it to the next level. 

What To Consider When Buying A New Chair

Since you are in the market for a new chair model, there are some aspects that you should keep in mind while searching for the best gaming chair for your needs:

Manufacturer's Reputation

More important in the high-end gaming chair market, the reputation of the manufacturer can tell you a lot of things about the potential longevity, build quality, features and comfort level of the model you are interested in buying. Remember, cheap gaming chair models will likely be third-party Chinese brands that have little to no existing information out there about them.

Pricing (Stay Within Budget)

This is an aspect that is hard to overlook, but the overall price of the chair will differ massively from our top high-end option all the way down to our cheap gaming chair recommendations. The difference in price from high to low will be noticeable in many areas including the chair's design, build quality, features, adjustability and warranty.

As a general rule of thumb, expect the higher-priced gaming chairs to last longer and be more comfortable, but even the cheap gaming chairs will be suitable if you take good care of them.

Design Style

There are three different styles of gaming chairs that are common out there and all three have been mentioned within at least one model on this list:

  • Rocker – typically found in the entry-level market, rocker gaming chairs often have no legs and sit on the floor allowing the user to rock back and forth on the chair base.
  • Racer – most common in the cheap to mid-range market. Racing-style gaming chairs are used by a lot of online personalities including TfueShroud & PewDiePie. They fit the gaming scene best with their eye-catching design and cosmetic appeal. 
  • Office – high-end gaming chairs will almost always fall under the office design category as they look like office chairs because they are office chairs. Since the office furniture industry is just an in-demand market for people sitting all day, they have the largest selection of chairs that are well-built, well-designed, cosmetically appealing and using innovative techniques for optimal comfort. 

Build Materials

What the gaming chair is made out of will often give you an idea of how long the chair will last and how comfortable it will be for sitting in long periods. Cheap build materials will wear over time and this may cause you to need to buy a new chair every couple of years versus investing in a more expensive chair with higher-end build materials that is made to last more than a decade.

Additionally, the actual build material itself may be a factor in comfort beyond pressure relief. For example, choosing a chair that is primarily made with leather (faux or real) probably isn't the best choice in hotter climates as the chair will absorb your body heat and make you sweaty and uncomfortable. 

On the contrary, some other build materials of chairs can actually feel harsh when having direct contact with skin and end up giving you a rash or discomfort when gaming for long periods of time.

Weight Limit

Depending on your size, the gaming chair model you choose should be rated high enough to support your body weight. Failure to verify this before buying could set you up for problems as most of the time there is a good reason why they have a weight limit rating and it usually has to do with the gaming chair's design or components.

Especially with low-end gaming chairs, the actual pneumatic cylinder in the base of the chair (which is adjustable by height) can only handle a certain wait limit before it fails. When it fails, the seat will be stuck at the lowest setting which often is too short for ideal gaming positions. Worst of all, if this happens on a cheap gaming chair, the likelihood of getting ahold of the manufacturer to exchange or return it will be slim to none. 


If you are purchasing a gaming chair that is expensive, then you need to look at it as an investment and part of that will be the company warranty which will ensure the chair will remain functioning for an extended period of time.

All the high-end chair companies will over free extended warranties on their models which should exceed 5+ years, but the mid-range and cheap gaming chairs likely will come with a limited one-year warranty or maybe even not one at all.

Some of you might think you won't need a warranty. If you are putting in long gaming sessions on a consistent basis, you can run into issues like worn fabric/leather, cushions that lose their support over time or a broken pneumatic cylinder and these can seriously decrease the comfort of the seat.

A decent gaming chair will have some sort of warranty to cover you in the event of failure or defects from the manufacturer over time. Keep in mind, the warranty in some cases (especially expensive gaming chair models) will only be valid from an authorized retailer so be sure to verify the retailer you are buying from is reputable and covered by their warranty.

Seat Height Adjustment

Depending on the type of gaming chair you purchase, it will likely have an adjustable height feature. The height is often adjustable in the racer and office-style gaming chairs, but you usually won't find this feature in the rocker style chair. 

Having a gaming chair with height adjustability is convenient for many who will be gaming in front of a desk or table.  This allows you to can adjust the chair's height to match the height of that surface for maximum comfort. 

As we have mentioned the height of the chair is usually adjusted using a pneumatic cylinder which links the base of the gaming chair to the seat portion itself. Depending on the model, the amount of height that you can adjust will differ so you may want to check the measurements to choose a chair that fits your desk or table appropriately.

Seat Tilt Adjustment

While height adjustment is a common method of adjusting a gaming chair, being able to adjust the tilt is an option that you'll find usually in the more expensive models. 

To most, the seat tilt isn't as important as a factor as the seat height when it comes to comfort levels while gaming. We know some people prefer sitting up tall with an ideal posture while gaming and others prefer to be slouched back in a more relaxed position.

Choosing a gaming chair that can adjust the seat tilt and in some cases (on the more expensive models) even the tension of the tilt allows you to get the most comfortable sitting arrangement for your specific desire.


Not a huge selling point for many, but some gaming chairs will include a headrest that allows you sit back and rest your head on a dedicated headrest. Depending on the model, it will be an integrated headrest, an optional (detachable) headrest or offer no headrest at all.

In some cases, the base gaming chair model won't include a headrest although they may offer you an extra add-on option to order one at an additional cost alongside your chair.


More common than headrests, armrests are often something that gamers like as they prop up your arms for use with your controller or mouse and keyboard. Nearly all of the models recommended in this guide will ship with dedicated armrests except for the V Rocker as the ‘rocker' gaming chair design doesn't usually support armrests.

Depending on the model, the armrests may be able to be adjusted to your liking. In the case of the higher-end gaming chairs, you'll often be able to change both the height and the width of each armrest which is ideal for those looking to customize the feel of their gaming chair precisely to their needs. 

If you are someone who doesn't want to utilize any armrests when gaming, most of the chair models can allow you to choose to not install the arms at all without any adverse effects on the rest of the gaming chair. 

Lumbar Support

The lumbar region consists of your lower back where it is often a point of pain for many consumers. Some chairs will include integrated lumbar support that will automatically cater to your lower back when seated and others will offer add-on components (sometimes at an additional cost) that can be added to the chair to increase the lumbar support. 

Others will include no lumbar support of any kind so be sure to keep this in mind if you suffer from lower back pain on a regular basis as lumbar support will be of great value to your health and comfort. 


With the exception of the rocker style gaming chairs, most models will include wheels (also referred to as casters) which will allow you to move the chair easily both when seated or not. If you are someone that shifts positions throughout the room often between gaming sessions or wants to be able to move around freely while seated then ensuring you have a gaming chair that uses casters is a good thing to keep in mind.

If you plan on using a chair with casters on carpet, you may want to pick up a chair mat for carpets as this will keep the wells from getting stuck. Additionally, some people may prefer utilizing a chair mat on hard wood to keep the wheels from damaging or scratching the surface while in use. 

Comparing The Best Gaming Chair Models






best console gaming chairbest console gaming chair

V Rocker Gaming Chair



Vinyl & Mesh


best pc gaming chair under 100best pc gaming chair under 100


Gaming Chair




Homall ExecutiveHomall Executive





Faux Leather

1 Year

AmazonBasics Executive SeatAmazonBasics Executive Seat





Faux Leather

1 Year

Modway Edge Office ChairModway Edge Office Chair

Modway Edge



Vinyl & Mesh


DXRacer Racing Series Gaming ChairDXRacer Racing Series Gaming Chair

DXRacer Racing Series



2 Year

Autonomous ErgoChair 2 Autonomous ErgoChair 2

Autonomous ErgoChair 2



Mesh & Fabric

1 Year

AKracing Gaming Chair V2AKracing Gaming Chair V2

AKRacing Gaming Chair V2


Faux Leather

5 Years

Steelcase AmiaSteelcase Amia

Steelcase Amia




12 Years

HumanScale Diffirent World ChairHumanScale Diffirent World Chair

Humanscale Diffrient World




15 Years

Herman Miller AeronHerman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron




12 Years

Humanscale FreedomHumanscale Freedom

Humanscale Freedom




5 Years

Steelcase Leap V2Steelcase Leap V2

Steelcase Leap V2




12 Years

Steelcase GestureSteelcase Gesture

Steelcase Gesture




12 Years

best gaming chairbest gaming chair

Herman Miller Embody




12 Years

Best High-End Chairs (Priced $750+)

Herman Miller Embody Chair - best gaming chairHerman Miller Embody Chair - best gaming chair

Herman Miller Embody

If you weren't aware, Herman Miller is one of the biggest names in premium office furniture, and their reputation is built on well-design products with high craftsmanship and comfortable feel. While their Aeron is likely their most popular chair, the Embody is a newer model from the company, and it is perfect for long gaming sessions.

What sets the Embody apart from most gaming chairs is the design which offers an innovative solution for relieving pressure on your body through the use of “pixels”. These pixels are interconnected modules that allow the pressure to shift off of your back and rear-end as you change positions while seated.

The price is definitely a hefty cost (we agree), but you won't find the level of comfort, adjustability, elegance and build quality in a gaming chair that the Embody by Herman Miller offers. If you purchase through an authorized retailer, the company will issue a 12-year warranty for your Embody which ensures it will be free from defects for more than a decade. Those interested can read our full review

Steelcase Gesture ChairSteelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase is another premium office furniture manufacturer and their high-end Gesture chair is their take on the Embody's design. This model offers a synchronized feel as you switch from different postures while sitting. With an implementation like this, it fits as a gaming chair since you get vast adjustability and comfort regardless of your desired sitting position. 

Priced more than $200 under its Herman Miller rival, the Gesture offers excellent value on the dollar with high-end craftsmanship, vast adjustability and plenty of fabric/base color combinations. The five star base with wheeled casters allows you move the chair about your gaming space with ease. 

Similar to Herman Miller, Steelcase also offers a 12-year warranty on their Gesture model thus ensuring the longevity of the chair for quite awhile. Purchasing from OfficeDesigns (our recommended Steelcase retailer), you also get free 30-day returns and free shipping.

Steelcase Leap V2 ChairSteelcase Leap V2 Chair

Steelcase Leap V2

Another office model from Steelcase that makes for a great gaming chair. The Leap V2 is slightly cheaper than the Gesture and has a more traditional look to it. Something unique about this design is that it offers a ‘natural glide system' with ‘Live Back' technology.

While it is true that these are just fancy marketing terms, the technology in this design means that the chair can change its shape to support your movements. This includes aspects like dynamically adjusting to the movements in your back (mimicking the spine), gliding the seat forward during reclines and flexing the seat edge when leaning to relieve tension on your legs. 

As you'd expect from Steelcase, their 12-year warranty comes with all new purchases. This type of warranty covers the Leap V2 from all sorts of potential issues, and the company promises that they will ship and repair your chair at no cost to you. For more information, you can read our full Steelcase Leap review.

Humanscale Freedom ChairHumanscale Freedom Chair

Humanscale Freedom Chair

Humanscale is well-known in the office furniture world and we always stop by their booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas each year. Their Freedom chair model is a high-end option that works great as a gaming chair having won 10 design awards to date. 

The Freedom chair functions in an unusual way as it offers “passive” recline support. What this means is that the chair will self-recline offering you the right amount of support through the full range of motion according to your size/weight. This maneuver is all done without the use of knobs, locks or levels and is truly ergonomic.

OfficeDesigns currently has the Freedom Chair in multiple different color combinations and optional customizable aspects like a gel or foam seat, headrest or arm types. Humanscale offers a 5-year limited warranty on their high wear parts which include the fabric/cushions, casters and glides. The rest of the chair's components come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Herman Miller Aeron Office ChairHerman Miller Aeron Office Chair

Herman Miller Aeron

The second model on this list and probably the most popular chair for gaming from Herman Miller. Dating back to 1992 when the Aeron was first released, this model has been an absolute beast in the office furniture world and it was one of the first chairs to replace foam and fabric with a tight mesh to comfortable seat the user. 

Since then, the model has been redesigned a few times adding more featured like zoned suspension, enhanced spinal support and better adjustments to personalize the fit to your desired needs. We have both an Aeron and an Embody in our office and some people prefer one over the other, however the majority of our staff prefer the Embody as long as you can stomach the difference in price. 

Herman Miller provides a 12-year warranty to all of their chair models sold as new from an authorized retailer. We have specifically linked to OfficeDesigns as they are our recommended authorized retailer and where we have purchased our Herman Miller chairs in the past.

Best Mid-Range Chairs (Priced $250-$750)

video game chairvideo game chair

Humanscale Diffrient World

The second of Humanscale's office chairs to make this list with a more basic design at a cheaper price-point and it functions excellently as a dedicated gaming chair. Similar to the Aeron, the Diffrient World offers a non-stretch mesh construction which will automatically contour to fit the curves of your body and harnesses self-adjusting lumbar support. 

Similar to its older Freedom sibling, this model has the weight-sensitive recline technology allowing your body weight to determine the resistance of the recline. Simplicity is the key in this design which is why it can offer such a thin and sleek form-factor.

Only 80 parts are comprised of the Diffrient World chair which is less than a third of what a traditional office chair like this usually requires. While all eighty of these parts are covered by a 15-year warranty, those who are environmentally conscious will be happy to hear that 95% of this chair's components can be recycled.

computer gaming chaircomputer gaming chair

Steelcase Amia

The third model from Steelcase to make this list and the most affordable of the three, the Amia is a stellar office model that also functions well as a gaming chair. Specifically, the Amia was designed to offer proper support and relief for those who are sitting for eight or more hours per day which for some gamers or streamers is very typical.

You don't get as many features in the Amia as its older, more expensive siblings although there is still plenty to love. A LiveLumbar system keeps your lower back supported and helps correct posture. Many components in this gaming chair are adjustable including the seat depth, armrests and back tension. 

The 12-year warranty from Steelcase is included with every purchase of the Amia from an authorized retailer. Rest assured, if you have any issues with the pneumatic cylinders foam, arm-caps or other parts then you'll be fully covered for more than a decade. 

racing chairracing chair

AKRacing Gaming Chair V2

AKRacing is one of the largest competitors to DXRacer and their models offer a similar form-factor thanks to their racing style. Their Gaming Chair V2 harnesses an ergonomic design with an emphasis on cushioning and support for long gaming sessions. 

Unlike most of DXRacer's chairs, AKRacing chose to put their “highest grade of faux leather” which is just a fancy word for fake leather. Fortunately, faux leather tends to show wear less than real leather so it's probably a good thing although it may still be if your skin is making contact with it for long periods in warmer climates. 

The steel frame and one-piece steel pipe structure give the Gaming Chair V2 a rigid base and you'll have adjustable armrests along with AKRacing branded head and lumbar cushions. Lastly, there is a five-year warranty from the manufacturer on the chair's components and a ten-year warranty on the frame itself. 

gamer chairgamer chair

DXRacer Racing Series

DXRacer is one of the most common brands of gaming chairs and they heavily invest in advertising and promotional sponsorships of top streamers like Summit1G. Their Racing Series is a gaming chair that sports the racer style look while maintaining comfort and adjustability.

The design offers an integrated flat headset although they include a bonus headrest pillow which you can throw over the top to get some added comfort. Additionally, DXRacer throws in a lumbar cushion which offers the same sense of relief in your lower back while seated. 

With a race car seat made of mesh and polyurethane, the outcome is breathable and won't generate too much heat after long periods of gaming. DXRacer offers a lifetime warranty on their frames, but only a 24-month warranty on the rest of this gaming chair's parts.

best gaming chairbest gaming chair

Autonomous ErgoChair V2

One of our favorite office chairs under $350, the ErgoChair V2 from Autonomous is an exceptional choice as a gaming chair especially for those on a budget. The design is highly ergonomic (hence the name) offering a mixture of mesh on the back and headrest combined with a large foam seat cushion. 

There are many ways to adjust the ErgoChair into different positions (height, depth, recline, armrests) and the built-in lumbar support is one of the best in its class. While you won't get the same build quality as a Herman Miller, Steelcase or Humanscale office chair, we believe this is the best design at this price-point and one of the most comfortable chairs for under $500. 

Autonomous offers a free 30-day trial on all Ergochairs so they will cover the return shipping if you decide you don't like the chair within the first month of using it. However, the warranty will only cover you for up to 12 months of ownership. Those interested can read our full review.

Best Budget Chairs (Priced Under $250)

cheap video game chairscheap video game chairs

Modway Edge

Most of the office chairs under $250 aren't that great looking, but we think the Edge by Modway is an exception which could be great for gamers. While it doesn't come from a well-known name brand, Modway has an assortment of office chairs on Amazon and the vast majority have positive reviews.

With an ergonomic design, the Edge offers a mesh back, lumbar support and a padded “waterfall” style leather seat. The arms aren't adjustable, but they can be flipped down if you don't wish to utilize them. Height adjustment is present and can be done with a one-touch level on the bottom right of the seat.

This gaming chair also touts a synchronized tilt option which allows you to complete a tilt and tension control adjustment while keeping your feet on the ground as you tilt backward. Warranty information is unknown so at this price, it may be a gamble as the wear and tear could be heavy with components this cheap. 

budget gaming chairsbudget gaming chairs

AmazonBasics Executive Chair

AmazonBasics is the retailer's in-house product line and their Executive chair can also double as a decent gaming chair if you don't mind the business look. The seat is crafted from bonded black leather and PVC with padding for superior comfort. 

The seat height is adjustable from 41.34 to 45.08 inches high via the lever on the bottom right of the design. However, the included armrests are fixed and not able to be adjusted in anyway so keep that in mind if you think this could be an issue for you.

There is some tilt adjustment possible including a tension knob, but it is minimal compared to the tilt controls you'll find in higher-end models. Fortunately, since this product is backed by Amazon to the fullest extent (as they are actually the company behind the chair) they do offer a full one-year limited warranty against defects and 

good gaming chairsgood gaming chairs

Homall Executive Chair

Priced just under $100, the Executive chair by Homall is a real head-turner with its cool racing style appeal. At this price-point, this is likely the closest that you will get to a DXRacer despite it being from an off-brand. 

The seat offers an ergonomic back that runs high and attempts to “hug” your back. There are removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushions much like the DXRacer. The recline functionality allows you to lock the chair back at any angle from 90 to 180 degrees.

This model almost made the cut as our best cheap gaming chair, but it unfortunately these chairs suffer from a fairly long shipping time and also don't offer free shipping like most of the competition.

Due to this inconvenience, we docked it off some points and ultimately it moved out of the top pick at this price. However, if you don't mind waiting longer or paying for shipping, then it could be a solid choice. 

racer gaming chairracer gaming chair

BestOffice Gaming Chair

One of the cheapest racing style gaming chairs on Amazon, it also has some of the best reviews. While it lacks the well-known brand name behind it, it makes up for it with the low price and attractive racing style design. 

The bucket seat offers an integrated cushion in the lumbar region as well as a padded head cushion. The armrests are fixed in position but have padding to relieve pressure off your arms. 

Crafted out of soft polyurethane leather upholstery this racing chair looks a lot more expensive than it is and offers a great deal of practicality for any budget gamers who want to take their gaming setups to the next level and add comfort without breaking the bank.

gaming chair reviewsgaming chair reviews

V Rocker Gaming Chair

The only rocker-style gaming chair to make this list, the V Rocker offers a great seating experience ideally for console gamers. Since there is no base to the design or armrests, occupants of the chair will sit directly on the floor and be able to lean back and “rock”. 

Something cool about this chair is that it offers two forward facing speakers with a powerful subwoofer built in. This allows you to really “feel” the sound as you play your game since the rumbling will take place under your seat. There is a side control panel that offers things like volume, bass control, and input/output jacks for connecting external audio sources (wireless audio is supported via Bluetooth). 

Comprised of vinyl and mesh, the V Rocker has an elegant look although we can't vouch for the quality of this gaming chair at such a low price-point. Adding in the lack of any notable warranty, we can't guarantee this gaming chair will last a while so be wary of this before buying. 

Ending Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the right gaming chair, a lot of variables will come into play so we can't recommend just one model for everyone. However, as you can see from this article, we have chosen a recommended chair in each pricing category yet virtually any option on this list could be the right fit for your needs. 

For those who have a high budget and are ready to truly invest a good sum of money into a gaming chair that is built to last and offers all the bells and whistles that Herman Miller's Embody is what we believe to be the best choice.

Those looking to spend significantly less, but still want a great look, design and feel then the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is one to consider. Lastly, the best cheap gaming chair in our opinion is the BestOffice gaming chair which is a decent option without breaking the bank. 

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Featured Image Credit: Bob Jouy/Flickr

On behalf of the entire team here at The Tech Reviewer, we hope that this article was able to teach you more about the subject and ultimately help you choose which of the best gaming chair models is the right choice for your needs and budget.