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5 Of The Best Left-Handed Gaming Mice 2017

Q&A: What Is The Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse?

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Our team conducted over a dozen hours of extensive research and testing, we ultimately determined the best left handed gaming mouse is the Logitech G903. We ultimately chose this model due to its excellent optical sensor, customizable ambidextrous design and wireless charging capabilities (optional wired use available).

The runner-up model is the DeathAdder Essential (left-handed version) which was one of the first gaming grade mice on the market designed specifically for left-handed professional gamers. It offers an ergonomic design catering to the left hand along with two side buttons and a sensor capable of 3,500 DPI with 1000Hz polling.

An affordable option for on a tight budget would be the SteelSeries Sensei RAW which comes in under $50 at the time of this review. SteelSeries built this model based on simplicity with a rubberized anti-sweat exterior and two side buttons on both sides of the mouse.

Editor's Choice

Our top choice for left-handed gamers based on the customizable design, precise optical sensor and overall comfort.

Logitech's G-series of peripherals cater to the high-end gaming crowd, and their G903 model is the successor to our previous Editor's Choice model, the G900. This new model offers LIGHTSPEED technology with wireless response rates of just 1ms plus the potential of charging this model wirelessly through a specialized gaming mouse pad.

*Pricing as of 2/5/19


A left-handed design which focuses on simplicity and ergonomics while maintaining robust and reliable performance while gaming.

This was the first left-handed mouse we ever reviewed, and our Managing Editor still uses two of them on his work computers to this day. The left-handed design is comfortable in hand, and the dedicated side buttons are great for key binds while gaming.

*Pricing as of 2/5/19

Best Budget Option

Priced affordably with a basic ambidextrous design, the Sensei RAW gets straight to the point.

An older yet classic model from SteelSeries, the Sensei RAW offers a simple ambidextrous design with a rubberized anti-sweat finish and two side buttons on both sides of the design. You won't find all the bells and whistles packed into this model, but it still has all the raw essentials you need to compete in the world of PC gaming.

*Pricing as of 2/5/19

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The PC gaming world is becoming increasingly popular as console sales are on a decline and more popular titles such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds which launched exclusively on PC (the console launch happened several months later.

Beyond the necessary internal hardware and components needed for PC gaming, using quality peripherals makes the experience that much better. However, this can be a problem for left-handed gamers in a market cluttered with gaming mice that are designed strictly for a right-handed user.

Finding the best left-handed gaming mouse is a search that isn't common as only 10% of the population falls within the left-handed category, so it's a struggle for those of us who use the opposite hand when PC gaming. To combat this, several companies have produced left-handed variants of their popular right-handed models or ambidextrous designs that can be used in either hand comfortably.

In the remainder of this guide, we will share our top five left-handed mice for gamers although these models can also be used for every day, non-gaming use. If you are in the market for a left-handed mouse, you probably have several questions or concerns about which model to buy. If this is the case, we recommend that you read the entirety of this article as we cover the majority a great deal of information on this product segment.

Once you finish this guide, if there are any lingering questions that we did not answer then you can utilize the comments section below. A member of our team will respond with an answer or any helpful advice that they can add as soon as we get a chance.

What To Consider When Buying A Left-Handed Gaming Mouse

If you aren't the most tech savvy, choosing a new mouse especially one designed for left-handed gamers might seem like a daunting task.

However, there are many attributes you may want to consider before picking out a new mouse as the type of use or gaming that you are doing might affect which model we recommend for your needs.

Someone playing a massive MMO where there are tons of tedious key-binds may want a mouse with a large assortment of macro buttons whereas someone who primarily enjoys first-person shooters won't require nearly as many extra buttons.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a new gaming mouse for left-handers:

  • Brand – choosing a reputable brand will ensure the highest quality of build, design, performance and compatibility. It will also help cover you if any problems arise while under warranty.
  • Price –  most of the models in this guide are relatively affordable. As with any consumer electronic the more money you spend, the more bells and whistles you should expect to receive.
  • Ambidextrous – whether or not the mouse is designed for left and right handers or ergonomically shaped for left-handers only.
  • Button Count – the overall count of buttons in the mouse model, more intensive games like MMOs will be ideal for models more buttons whereas FPS models don't require as many buttons.
  • Maximum DPI – a somewhat useless metric that stands for dots per inch as a higher DPI count isn't necessarily better. DPI determines the actual hardware limitations of mouse's optical sensitivity although most will recommend a standard DPI of 400, 800 or 1600 for gaming.
  • Max Polling Speed – the polling rate refers to how often the mouse reports its position back to your computer. A higher rate is technically better, but it will be difficult to tell the difference between say a 500Hz polling rate (500 updates per second) or a 1000Hz polling rate (1000 updates per second) although the 1000Hz rate will utilize more CPU resources to operate.
  • Wired – whether or not the mouse has a wire for sending the power and signal to your computer. On some models this is optional and the mouse can be used in wired or wireless mode.
  • Wireless – whether or not the mouse can connect to your computer wirelessly. If so there is likely an internal battery that will need to be charged or require replacement batteries over time.
  • RBG Lighting – whether or not the mouse has lighting that covers the red/blue/green color spectrum. Many mice offer RGB lighting inside the design which allows you to customize the lights to your personal color choice and brightness levels via software.

Comparing The Best Left-Handed Gaming Mice

Best Left-Handed Gaming Mouse Models (2019)

Logitech G903 Side



Our best overall left-handed mouse, Logitech's G903 is the successor to our previous Editor's Choice model, the G900 and offers the same great design with more advanced features like LIGHTSPEED and POWERPLAY wireless technology which allows for wireless charging with supported accessories as well as 1ms response rates for gaming.

The form-factor both right and left-handed users since it offers an ambidextrous design. A unique offering for this model, in particular, is the ability to run it with a traditionally wired setup or unplug the cable to experience the same pro-grade performance wire-free for up to 32 hours.

This model sports a PMW3366 optical sensor which has one of the best reputations in the PC gaming world offering precise tracking between the 200-12,000dpi range. The RGB lighting is customizable so that you can choose from 16.8 million colors and brightness variables.

Gaming buttons are found in the behind the scroll wheel and on both sides of the mouse with a mechanical pivot design for crisp click performance (11 button options in total). Optional button covers are included if you wish to cover the left/right buttons.

 The G903 also comes with an optional 10g weight module which allows you choose whether you want a heavy or light feel (weight can only be used without POWERPLAY charging active).

Razer DeathAdder Essentials Left Handed



One of two Razer models to make the list as it was one of the first mice on the market to cater an ergonomic left-hand design and is simplistic yet effective for gaming use. Unlike its newer Naga MMO sibling, the DeathAdder only offers two customizable thumb buttons on the right side of the mouse and more classic mouse design.

The tracking technology isn't as advanced as newer models with a 3.5G infrared sensor running at a maximum of 3500 dpi although it still has 1000Hz ultra polling and gets the job done. We own multiple of these models in the office and use them for work as well as gaming.

SteelSeries Sensei



The Sensei by SteelSeries is their affordable, ambidextrous model that sports a traditional look with buttons on both sides of the design. In this case, the RAW model differs from the original Sensei by offering a rubberized, anti-sweat finish compared to the standard glossy finish that it comes it.

SteelSeries advertises the Sensei to be the “world's most customizable mouse” with its own 32-bit ARM processing that brings tracking sensitivity up to 11,400 DCPI. This model doesn't have all the unnecessary bells and whistles of its older siblings like the Rival 300, 500 or 700 (all made for right-handers), but it does pack the same stellar performance that SteelSeries is known for.

Ben Q Zowie FK2 Gaming Mouse



Zowie is Ben Q's gaming brand, so they have an excellent reputation in the business. The company's ZA11 ambidextrous gaming mouse is priced affordably and offers a classic design with two thumb buttons on both sides of the device. DPI is adjustable from 400-3200 with polling rates from 125 to 1000 Hz.

Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition



Replacing our Razer Naga MMO left-handed mouse recommendation (it has been discontinued), is Razer's Lancehead Tournament Edition ambidextrous gaming mouse. While it isn't designed exclusively for left-handers, it supports both hand preferences with ease.

In terms of features, you get 9 programmable buttons and the newest 5G laser sensor that is capable of running a DPI as high as 16,000. Customizable options are high with full Chroma RGB.

Unfortunately, much of the user reviews complain about the Razer Synapse software which can be overbearing to download, run and manage with over 100MB to keep it up to date. You technically don't need to run this software, but it's required if you want customization.

Final Verdict

Like most products, the right model for one person may not necessarily be the right model for another as every consumers' needs differ in some way. Our team utilizes both the Logitech G903 and Razer Deathadder for our left-handed employees while both models have satisfied our need and desires.

While both models are geared for gamers, either one can be used in a standard work or school environment without any issues. All of the left-handed mice listed above should be sufficient for most needs, but ultimately Logitech's G903 was our choice as the best left-handed gaming mouse for most consumers.

Our Top Left-Handed Mouse

Logitech G903 Side
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18 thoughts on “Q&A: What Is The Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse?”

  1. I really like the Razer Naga left handed mouse. Unfortunately Razer have discontinued it, leaving me and many others who have grown dependent on this mouse very much in the lurch if and when it breaks! Hoping they reinstate this mouse, or another company brings out a very similar design for lefties.

    • Hey Rich,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I completely agree. I didn’t realize it is officially discontinued, I just assumed they were sold out.

      Have you seen official confirmation anywhere that it is definitely discontinued?

      I felt the same way about the standard Razer Deathadder for left-handers as I had grown so overly dependent on it, but I ended up switching to the Logitech G903 and have fallen in love with it even more than the Razer.

      The switch from left-handed to ambidextrous was odd at first, but it only took me a day or two before I was fragging as usual in Heroes of the Storm.

      I do realize the Naga has much more buttons for MMOs or RPGs that may require it so I too hope another competitor or Razer themselves push out another model to fill this now void in the market.

      • I contacted Razer support today to ask if the mouse was discontinued. They have discontinued the left handed version. It looks like the normal Naga has been discontinued as well, probably because they launched the Razer Naga Trinity last Nov/Dec.
        My Naga is quitting the ship, so I am not looking for a replacement. I wanted the same one, but I can’t find one anywhere.

        • Ah, I see. That is a serious bummer!

          I’m assuming this means that we won’t be seeing the Naga Trinity in a left-handed version?

          Are you requiring that many buttons for an MMO like WoW or can you settle for something like the Razer Deathadder or Logitech G903?

          • I use it for Wow, and I’ve found I like additional buttons for Heroes, although I can adapt a mouse with fewer buttons for it. I can adapt in general, as I had a DeathAdder for years, it’s just convenient and I’m lazy.

            This is the email I just got from razer, maybe 10 minutes ago.
            Hi Stephanie,

            Thank you for contacting Razer Peripheral Technical Support. We are glad to assist you

            We understand that you have some inquiry regarding to our left-handed mouse availability. For Naga Trinity, we don’t have any update from our higher management of they will create a left-handed Naga Trinity.

            So it looks like we’re out of luck, which is a bummer. I got to see one at Blizzcon, and they looked pretty neat.

        • Thanks for confirming Stephanie. As with you, I love this mouse for MMOs and the other left-handed options don’t the array of buttons that the naga has, although as Colt says, there are otherwise decent options available. Such a shame, but I keep hoping the void will be filled!

      • Will have to support that as I have 2 Naga Left handed mice one for home and one for work.
        Using the number pad for inputting numbers on cad is usefull and have to agree with previous poster keyboard and mouse layout makes most sense with mouse on left and number pad on right hand.

      • This was obviously a mistake (the post-draft didn’t save correctly) and it has been fixed. Thanks for pointing it out! 🙂

    • I agree, however, it seems as of recent years more manufacturers are going this route over dedicated left-handed models as it is more cost effective to design a model that works with both hands than just one for a small margin of gamers (this isn’t as true for right-handed mouses as the vast majority are right-handed gamers) . With that being said, I’ve switched from the left-handed model of the Razer Deathadder (which I gamed with for 5+ years) to the Logitech G903 and absolutely love it despite it being ambidextrous. Honestly, I wouldn’t go back.

      • That “small margin” is over 30% of the consumer base… A base that’s dying for a good LEFT HANDED mouse, rather than lackluster ambi junk.

        • I understand but keep in mind that because 30% of consumers are left-handed, doesn’t mean 30% of consumers are gamers. Of that small percentage of left-handed gamers, an even smaller percentage of us are PC gamers over console. These are large companies who do a lot of market research, there has to be a data-backed reason why they aren’t producing more left-handed PC peripherals even if it’s an inconvenience for us lefties.

      • Some people prefer the ergonomics of a dedicated left-handed mouse and I get that thinking. However, swapping from a left-handed design to ambidextrous wasn’t nearly as hard of a transition as I expected.

  2. Woot! Razer is doing a Kick-starter campaign for a new Lefthanded Naga Trinity –
    I’ve had the left-handed Deathadder from the beginning for gaming, and the lefthanded Naga for work. The Trinity is definitely tempting me! If you can’t back it, maybe help with some publication to get the word out? Thanks for the article btw. Oh and yeah, I’m a righty, but use the mouse left due to a wrist injury… It’s also much easier to type right and mouse left… would encourage anyone to give it a try for a week 8)

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