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Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

Q&A: What Is The Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Case?

Our team dove deep into researching several dozen protective storage options for one of the hottest portable consoles, and we ultimately found the best Nintendo Switch case is this model by Orzly. This was specifically chosen as our top pick due to its affordable price, intelligent design and robust protection benefits. 

Right behind it is the Game Traveler Deluxe which is officially licensed by Nintendo and offers similar protection with lesser built-in storage compartments. Lastly, if you are trying to travel or haul around the entire Nintendo Switch system including the dock, cables, etc. then we found the Everywhere Messenger Bag from PowerA to be the ideal option.

Any readers who want more information on protecting your Nintendo Switch while traveling or to see our other recommendations, keep scrolling below for more detailed information and reasoning behind why you should invest in a case to protect your console.

This guide was written for Nintendo Switch owners who want to protect their consoles without spending too much of their cash. However, to provide free content and expert recommendations such as this, we use limited display advertising mixed with affiliate links to retail partners which offer us a small commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

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We understand that some other websites decide their recommendations on greed rather than honesty (picking the highest earning products as their first choice). Rest-assured, we will always point you in the right direction despite the potential of commission opportunities. 

To get the most out of this content, we recommend that you should read this article in its entirety since we cover a lot of elements and questions that you may have regarding the protective carrying cases for your Switch console. Should you have any further concerns that aren't answered here then use the comments section below and we will try to provide additional help on this matter.

Why You Should Invest In Protection For Your Switch

Nintendo's Switch isn't as expensive as the latest Sony and Microsoft consoles yet it is a hybrid design that doubles as a portable gaming machine, the risk of damage of accidental damage is significantly higher. Replacing the entire system for $300 might be a huge burden for many whereas some are fine with taking the risk. 

However, investing under $35 into the proper protection for your delicate console means that it could safe you a ton of potential headaches down the road and for that we highly recommend you do so. As always, it is better to be safe than sorry!

If you do end up accidentally damaging your Switch, you can try to take it apart and fix it yourself. However, this will require specialized tools, some high level of tech knowledge and the additional money for purchasing components like a replacement screen.

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Carrying Case

If you've done any research up until now, you know there are a ton of cases on the market designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch. This makes choosing a model to actually buy more difficult than only having a few options to choose from.

While we have made suggestions on which case is best for most people, the ideal storage accessory for you will be based entirely on your specific needs. Some of you will want to carry the bare minimum on the go while some might want to bring the whole kitchen sink. 

Fortunately, the variety of cases on the market means that it is very likely that you'll find a Switch case to meet your needs and budget. 

We think you should keep in mind the following criteria while evaluating the various cases:

  • Brand – for this type of product, you'll primarily see a lot of brand names that you've never heard of before, and that is okay as this is a fairly niche market. The best way to approach this is to see previous reviews of the bag (such as on Amazon) to determine whether the product is of quality or whether it has any notable issues.
  • Price – due to the lack of a lot of brand names in the space, you have a lot of competition which drives down the cost of these protective accessories for us consumers. Our included recommendations were priced from $9.99 to $34.99 at the time this guide was written, a rather affordable range for most budgets.
  • Size – depending on how you intend to use this carrying case, you may be seeking a smaller, thinner version which just holds the bare-necessities or maybe you want a bag that can hold the entire console including the console, dock, cables and all your games.
  • The number of dedicated game sleeves – if you are traveling with your console, you'll probably want to bring a few games along with it and this is where dedicated game sleeves add convenience to storing and locating your favorite titles. You can off course store them without a dedicated sleeve in some cases, but this makes keeping them secure and accounted for much simpler.
  • Joy-Con controller storage – while the console chassis itself is the most crucial piece of the Switch to protect and transport, a good case will include ample room for at least one Joy-Con controller or preferably multiple.
  • Dock storage – for many readers, you probably won't want to haul around your dock when traveling or “on the go” however for those that plan to travel often, you may desire a proper storage container that can hold the entire Nintendo Switch system.
  • Protective padding – having a proper accessory to store your delicate console is great, but it gets even better when this case utilizes internal padding to prevent scratches and absorb shock from accidental bumps or drops.
  • Zipper – this may seem like a weird aspect to consider, but hear us out. Often times manufacturer's will make “sleeve” style cases which offer basic protection yet they fall behind in security. Delicate devices like the Switch can often slip out and become accidentally damaged. A good case will have a robust zipper that can keep your console fully secured within the compartments when not in use.

Comparing The Best Storage Cases For Nintendo Switch 

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Switch Game Traveler Deluxe

Hard Carry Case

Everywhere Messenger Bag

Nintendo Switch Carry Case

Premium Travel Case

Travel & Storage Case For Switch













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Holds Joy-Con Controller(s)

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Holds Dock

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Protective Padding

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Best Nintendo Switch Cases (2018)

Orzly - best switch carrying case

Orzly Carrying Case

This carrying case from Orzly is designed for storing the Nintendo Switch with portability in mind while still offering ample protection from the accidental bumps and dings that often happen while traveling. 

With a hard EVA shell exterior that helps absorb shock, the soft inner material is forgiving to your console and accessories keeping them from becoming scratched or dinged. The clamshell design offers several form-fit internal compartments and a convenient rear carrying handle.

We particularly like the fact that this model has eight dedicated game sleeves which are attached to a flap that protects your screen. Additionally, you can store your Switch console with one Joy-Con attached to the opposite side having a mesh pocket that can accompany up to two more Joy-Cons as well as various gaming-related cables.

Nintendo switch protective case

Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe

Officially licensed by Nintendo, this specific carrying case is manufactured by a company called RDS Industries. Similar to the Orzly, this medium-sized protective accessory offers a durable hard-shell exterior with a padded interior and zippered mesh pockets. 

The main reason why we chose the Orzly over this model is due to the interior design which utilizes two game card cases and two microSD card cases. These components are red and transparent with a plastic outer shell. 

Each of the microSD cards cases fit in any section of the game card cases which is convenient, but also means you'll get only six free game slots if you utilize it in this way. These can then be stored in the zippered mesh pocket, but you have the risk of losing these cases over time.

Best nintendo switch travel case

Butterfox Hard Carry Case

Following the same clamshell design as the previous two cases above, this model manufactured by Butterfox provides substantial protection of your Nintendo Switch. This is also the first case of the three that offers multiple color variations including black, blue or red. 

Worth noting is that this case offers a thicker form-factor although it is shorter in width as the Switch console will only fit in without the Joy-Con attached.The downside is this does NOT offer any form of carrying handle on the outside of the case.  There are ten dedicated game card storage holders which are attached to the center flap. 

The opposing side of the clamshell offers a zippered mesh pocket although this is where you'll need to store your Joy-Con and some cables or two Joy-Cons. Butterfox also offers a 100% money back guarantee if purchased through their Amazon store so this removes some of the risk if you purchase and don't like it.

Nintendo Switch case review

PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag

Another bag that is officially licensed by Nintendo is the Everywhere Messenger Bag from PowerA. This is a significantly larger bag than the previous three clamshell models. It offers a 2-in-1 design with the external over the shoulder bag combined with a removable internal case that carries the Switch chassis.

The strap is padded for further comfort, and the internal design is separated for the entire Switch console with dedicated sections for fully securing each component. This means you can safely store and transport the whole Switch system including the dock and all the associated cables. 

Since you have all this extra room, there is plenty of space for multiple Joy-Cons as well as a large assortment of games or memory cards. 

Best protective case nintendo switch

PDP Switch Premium Travel Case

While this PDP model offers another clamshell design, it is thinner than the previous models. This is because it is designed specifically for travel and should fit in a backpack or any standard carry-on luggage.

One side of the clamshell offers a zippered mesh which holds your Switch console with your Joy-Con attached. The other offers 14 dedicated game sleeves which could double as a place to to store memory cards if you have one of those plastic cases that the microSD cards usually come with.

Beyond this, there is no further sections or compartments for storing things like extra Joy-Cons, cables or various other accessories. If you are looking for a thin and minimalistic case then this is a great option, but keep in mind the storage limitations.

Amazonbasics - best switch protective carrying case

AmazonBasics Travel & Storage Case

The last model we recommend is Amazon's own travel and storage case for Nintendo Switch. Priced slightly less than the Everywhere Messenger and a completely different design, this model also can hold the entirety of your Switch console for easy transport.

Surprisingly enough, this case utilizes a clamshell design as well although this time it is bulkier as both Switch console and dock are meant to be stored within it in an upright fashion. There is less room overall than the Everywhere Messenger, but the form-factor is also significantly smaller with a briefcase style carry instead of an over-the-should sling bag.

It all comes down to preference and size, we think the Everywhere Messenger is better overall value due to the versatility and convenience in design however this AmazonBasics is much more subtle and draws less attention while still hauling the entirety of your Switch console. 

Final Summary

We've come to the end of this guide and have given you all the information that you should need to purchase a protective carrying case for your Nintendo Switch gaming console. If you found yourself too overwhelmed by all the different aspects to consider then we recommend bookmarking this article for future reference.

As stated earlier, our staff will do our best to answer any additional questions or concerns in the comments section below. However, we are swamped producing more free content for your benefit like this article so please be patient towards our response time.

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We truly hope this article was helpful on your search to find the best Nintendo Switch case and think Orzly's Carrying Case or our alternate recommendations could all be great options for you to invest to help prolong the lifespan and functionality of your game console!