Are you trying to learn how to disable or turn off your iMessage notifications or access to a Mac computer?

While Apple's creation of iMessage is one of the best things the company has done, it can also be one of the most annoying in terms of general distractions or keep messages being accidentally seen by friends, co-workers or family members who are using your connected Apple devices. 

However, there is good news! Keeping this from happening isn't a hard process and we can fix this dilemma in a just few easy steps of which I will outline below. This process will work on any Apple computer including an iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro as long as it is running one of the more recent versions of MacOS. 

How To Turn Off iMessage Notifications On Mac (Temporarily)

If you just want to disable your notifications temporarily for a 24-hour period then you'll just want to enable "Do Not Disturb" mode which will keep your Mac from displaying any iMessage pop-ups for the remainder of the day. 

  • To accomplish this on modern versions of Apple's MacOS, simply click the notifications icon in the top right of your Mac's display which will open up your Notification Center
  • From here you'll see two options at the top of your menu with toggles for features like 'Night Shift' and 'Do Not Disturb' mode
  • Toggle 'Do Not Disturb' mode on and you'll see the switch activate with a blue 'ON' signal.

Once you get to this point, your notifications will be temporarily halted from popping up on your display. This will only last until the new calendar day so it won't be a permanent block for iMessage notifications.

How To Disable iMessage Notifications On Mac (Permanently)

If you want to completely remove all iMessage notifications from popping up on a permanent basis (don't worry it is reversible) then you can skip the 'Do Not Disturb' route and disable the notifications altogether:

  • Open up your 'System Preferences'
  • Click on 'Notifications'
  • Scroll down to 'Messages'
  • Change message alert style to 'none'
  • Uncheck all the of the boxes under to disable any form of iMessage notifications/sounds

Upon reaching this point, you will no longer receive ANY notifications coming from your iMessage on your Mac in any form (popup, icon or sound). This only need to be done once, but if you wish to reenable them later you can follow the same process and reconfigure the settings.

How To Disable iMessage Altogether On Mac (Permanently)

If you want to completely iMessage activity altogether on your Mac computer then you can simply sign out of your Apple ID in the iMessage app:

  • Open up your iMessage
  • In the top bar, click on 'Messages' then click on 'Preferences'
  • A settings panel will open up and you'll want to click on the 'Accounts' tab (found to the right of 'General')
  • Locate your Apple ID with the words 'iMessage' under it and click on it
  • From here you can change your necessary settings which in this case you will want to either uncheck the 'Enable this account' box or just click 'Sign Out' altogether as either option will disable iMessage

Unlike the previous option, this will completely remove iMessage access for your given Apple ID from this system. While it can be reversed by re-enabling or re-signing into your account, the above process will disable the entire iMessage account for this Mac computer.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay/xsmo

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any further questions or concerns relating to disabling or removing iMessage from your Mac computer then please use the comments section below.