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The Best MacBook Pro Accessories To Buy In 2019

Deciding which are the best accessories to invest in for your MacBook or MacBook Pro is not the most straightforward decision for a lot of our readers. However, our staff have owned many generations of Apple laptops over the years and have grown to learn the ins and outs of these machines. With this type of knowledge, we are familiar enough with the MacBook's strengths and weaknesses enough to determine which accessories are essential enough to own.

Throughout this guide, we will be introducing you to many different accessory segments and mentioning a few notable products within each section that we recommend you take a look at. As everyone's needs differ, some accessories might be right up your alley whereas some might not be of use to you at all so feel free to skip around or utilize the ‘quick links' feature embedded below to get right into the good stuff.

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Mac Software

Headphones & Earbuds

External Power & Charging

External Storage

External Disc Drive

We did our best to include accessories that covered both the high and low end of the pricing spectrum as we know much of our readers' budgets differ vastly. Apple has changed the design of their MacBook Pros over the years so we have also added a compatibility field to the bottom of any descriptions that require further clarification. We urge you to make sure the model of MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air that you own works with your intended accessory before purchasing.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the products mentioned in this guide or any other accessories that you may be considering, please use the comments section below. We will do our best to provide assistance or answer questions promptly.

External Monitors & Displays

LG 27MD5KB B 2722 5K Ultrafine Monitor

LG 27MD5KB-B UltraFine 27″ 5K Monitor

When Apple released their newest line of MacBook and MacBook Pro models, they ditched the conventional ports and opted to adopt ThunderBolt 3 as their primary focus. While this has great benefits especially in terms of design, it also limits the number of monitors and accessories that are natively supported on the newer Mac laptops.

LG partnered with Apple to create their 27MD5KB-B, a UltraFine 27-inch monitor that has a native resolution of 5K (5120-by-2880). Beyond this stellar image clarity, this monitor offers up to 85W of charging power, three USB-C ports and both built-in stereo speakers as well as a webcam. We will warn you that it isn't cheap, but it is one of the most impressive monitors to pair next to your MacBook Pro computer.

Accessory Supports: MacBook (March 2015 or later), MacBook Pros (October 2016 or later)

LG Ultrafine 4K Display

LG 22MD4KB-B UltraFine 21.5″ 4K Display

If you are looking for something smaller or cheaper than the monitor listed above, then LG has a smaller sibling to their 27″ 5K display, dropping down to 21.5″ and offering a 4K resolution while remaining in the same style and build quality.

In terms of the integrated features, you are getting a similar experience as its big-brother. There is a drop down from 85W to 60W of charging power, but the three USB-C ports remain. Additionally, this smaller version doesn't include a webcam although you'll still have stereo speakers for increasing your sound capacity.

Accessory Supports: MacBook (March 2015 or later), MacBook Pros (October 2016 or later)

BenQ GW2480 Monitor

BenQ GW2480 IPS Monitor

Moving to the more affordable and everyday monitor for most Apple laptop owners, the GW2480 display from BenQ is a fantastic option. Priced low enough for many consumer budgets, this monitor offers quite a lot of bang for your buck including a 24″ 1080P IPS display harnessing great color accuracy, deep blacks and sharp details resulting in excellent image clarity.

BenQ included their “Eye-Care” technology within the GW2480 which includes low blue light technology and flicker-free performance thus making long viewing periods healthier on your eyes. Connectivity includes an HDMI 1.4 jack as well as a DisplayPort so you'll need to have an older MacBook Pro with native HDMI or simply purchase an HDMI or DisplayPort dongle for some models.

Accessory Supports: Any MacBook or MacBook Pros (with an HDMI or Displayport adapter)


Das Keyboard 4 Professional For Mac

Das Keyboard 4 Professional For Mac

If you aren't afraid to dish out some extra cash for a nice keyboard, the Mac editing of the Das Keyboard 4 is both aesthetically beautiful and a dream to type on. Sporting a sleek design made out of an aluminum top panel and Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches (with gold contacts), the keypress is both tactile yet soft without any significant clicky sounds. The keyboard layout is specific to MacOS with dedicated media controls along with two USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports.

Accessory supports: MacBook & MacBook Pros offering that have an open USB port

Apple Magic Keyboard With Numeric Keypad

Apple Magic Keyboard With Numeric Keypad

If you have ever used an iMac, then you probably have already tried one of Apple's signature Magic Keyboards which offers a sleek, thin profile with an excellent feel and performance. In this case, this is the newest version which offers full Bluetooth compatibility while including a full number pad.

Accessory supports: MacBook & MacBook Pros with Bluetooth running MacOS 10.12.4 (Sierra) or later

Apple Magic Keyboard 2

Apple Magic Keyboard 2

The 2nd generation of their original Magic Keyboard which offers the same great styling and performance in a smaller form-factor. In this case, the lack of a number pad allows it to take up less desk space as well as be small enough to slip into a computer bag or briefcase for easy transport.

Accessory Supports: MacBook & MacBook Pros with Bluetooth running MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later

Mice & TrackPads

Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Apple Magic TrackPad 2

For those who want a trackpad experience, but are utilizing a dock or stand for their Mac laptop then Apple's external trackpad might just be the right peripheral for you. The Magic TrackPad 2 is the second generation which offers significant improvements over the original.

This version offers a surface area that is 30% larger than the original Magic TrackPad and made of edge-to-edge glass. Additionally, Apple has now included their signature Force Touch with four individual sensors that can determine how much pressure you are applying to the surface.

Accessory supports: MacBook & MacBook Pros with Bluetooth 4.0 only running MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple Magic Mouse 2

The Magic Mouse is one of the most popular mice options as it looks sleek, feels great in the hand and supports advanced integration directly within the Mac operating system. This version is the second iteration which was improved upon compared to the first with a rechargeable battery and new form-factor.

For those of you not familiar with how the Magic Mouse works, you can utilize it just like any other mouse yet the top of the chassis is actually a multi-touch surface. This allows you to to perform your typical gestures like swipe through pages, scroll through documents, zoom or bring up ‘Mission Control' without the need to switch to your MacBook's mousepad.

Accessory supports: MacBook & MacBook Pros with Bluetooth running MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later

Jelly Comb MS001

Jelly Comb 2.4G Wireless Mouse (MS001)

For those on a budget that don't require a fancy Apple mouse, a simple plug-n-play wireless mouse like this one by Jelly Comb should be more than enough for your needs. In this case, it offers a traditional 3-button design with a 2.4GHz wireless nano-receiver that requires an open USB port to keep connected to your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

Accessory Supports: MacBook & MacBook Pros with Bluetooth running MacOS 10.5 (Leopard) or later – USB port required

MacBook Pro Bags, Sleeves & Skins

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag

Peak Designs Everyday Messenger Bag

Transporting your MacBook or MacBook Pro to class, work or while on the go isn't always the easiest as these laptops are delicate. Peak Designs released their Everyday Messenger Bag initially for the photography crowd, but it has become a favorite for many outside of this industry.

Its popularity is sought from its intelligent design with lots of pockets, customizability and functionality mixed with the high-quality build and aesthetic that you'd expect from a company like Apple. These bags aren't cheap, yet they are built to last and are offered in both a 13″ and 15″ size variant to accommodate as small as the 12-inch MacBook all the way up to the largest 15-inch MacBook Pro.

TomToc Protective Sleeve MacBook Pro

Tomtoc Protective Sleeve

Back when MacBooks were bulkier, the need for protection wasn't as necessary, and there were a lot of quality cases on the market. Now that Apple has made their flagship laptops so thin, it is a lot harder to purchase a snap-on case that will last for an extended period, so we recommend investing in a protective sleeve instead.

The Tomtoc model we chose for this article brings a lot of protective benefits to the table while still remaining elegant and eye-pleasing. Offered in multiple colors and sizes (seen here in Gray), the TomToc protective sleeve utilizes a patented design with 360-degree protection and extra reinforcements on the corners as well as a durable, synthetic finish.

dbrand macbook pro skin

dBrand 3m Vinyl Skin

If you merely want to make your MacBook or MacBook Pro stand out in a crowd, then dBrand has you covered with their affordable skins made of high-quality 3M vinyl. While these skins won't give you much protection from a drop or bump, they will keep the chassis of your computer free from the scratches that tend to build up over a long period of regular use.

By visiting the dBrand website, you can customize your own color combination either sticking to the same design throughout or choosing different skins for different parts of your Mac laptop. Plenty of variations in patterns and colors along with helpful step-by-step video tutorials to help you apply the skin to your computer.

MacBook Pro Stands & Docking Stations

Henge Vertical Dock For MacBook Pro

Henge Vertical Dock With ThunderBolt 3

If you own a newer 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro then Henge Docks' new Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C equipped vertical dock may be a good fit. While you lose the versatility of using your MacBook's native keyboard or display, the vertical design is elegant and saves room on your desk while improving airflow. Keep in mind, Henge's vertical dock does not add a lot of connectivity options (supports 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports) and you'll likely still need a USB-C adapter with expansion ports if you want to utilize more standard wired peripherals.

Accessory supports: Specific models for 13-inch & 15-inch MacBook Pros (2016+)

CalDigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt 3 Dock e1563208174362

CalDigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt 3 Dock

A premium docking solution ideal for newer MacBook Pro owners offering 15 ports of connectivity. Included within these ports is (2) ThunderBolt 3, (1) DisplayPort 1.2, (5) USB-A, (1) USB-C 3.1 Gen1, (1) USB 3.1 Gen2, (1) Gigabit Ethernet, (1) UHS-II SD card slot, (1) Optical Audio, (1) 3.5mm audio in and (1) 3.5mm audio out.

Accessory supports: 2016+ MacBook Pros with a Thunderbolt 3 port (not compatible with 2015+ MacBook-Retina with USB-C ports)

Twelve South Curve For Macbook

Twelve South Curve For MacBook

If you aren't requiring an actual dock then a simple laptop stand like the ‘Curve' by Twelve South might just be what you are looking for. With a solution like this, you get better viewing angles, ergonomics, and airflow as you raise your MacBook off the desk.

Coupling this stand with a few other accessories mentioned within this article such as a display, mouse and keyboard will make for a cool and convenient setup. The base is made of aluminum with smooth circular bends in the sleek design.

Accessory Supports: fits all recent models of Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro including the newest versions

Twelve South BookArc MacBook Stand

Twelve South BookArc For MacBook

Another style of stands from Twelve South, the BookArc utilizes a similar approach to Henge Docks Vertical Docking Station keeping your MacBook closed and upright during use. This saves on the overall desk space required as well showing off your laptop in an appealing way.

This modern design doesn't block any of your ports and harnesses a clever ‘cable catch' system which keeps your connections from falling behind your desk when not in use. The build is crafted from aluminum and offers polished chamfered edges which complement any MacBook.

Accessory Supports: fits all recent models of Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro including the newest versions

MacBook Adapters & Port Expansion

VAVA USB C 8-in-1 Hub

VAVA USB-C Hub (8-in-1)

If you are running a newer MacBook or MacBook Pro with USB-C ports then the VAVA 8-in-1 hub is one of the best solutions for adding further connectivity without being bulky or expensive. Priced under $60, the VAVA USB-C hub offers native connectivity to Ethernet, a USB-C charging port (power delivery aka PD), an HDMI, an SD card reader, a TF card reader and 3 USB 3.0 ports.

Accessory supports: All 13-inch & 15-inch MacBook Pros with USB-C ports (2016+)

Cable Matters Mini DisplayPort To HDMI Adapter

Cable Matters Mini DisplayPort To HDMI Adapter

If you have an older MacBook or MacBook Pro model that offers a Mini DisplayPort, but not a native HDMI port then this adapter will allow you to connect your Mac laptop to virtually any modern TV, projector or external monitor that has an HDMI port. Keep in mind, you'll still need to have an HDMI cable coupled with this adapter to connect to these external displays.

Accessory supports: all MacBook and MacBook Pro models that offer a native Mini DisplayPort (before 2016)


QGeeM USB-C To HDMI Adapter

With the newer MacBook models moving exclusively to USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports, there is no more native HDMI which used to allow the ability hook up an external display without the need for an adapter. To combat this, you can grab this affordable dongle which is small, lightweight and solves the display connectivity issue with ease. Please note, this is a male USB-C to female full-size HDMI port thus it will require you to have a standard male to male HDMI cable for use.

Accessory Supports: supports MacBook & MacBook Pro models from 2016+ with USB-C/Thunderbolt 3

Mac Software & Apps

Final Cut Pro X Timeline

Final Cut Pro X

If you are planning on doing any multimedia editing with your MacBook Pro then you'll want to take a serious look at Apple's native video editing software, Final Cut Pro X. Designed for editing audio, motion and graphics, Final Cut delivers on all your basic editing needs as well as advanced support for things like color grading, 360-degree video (VR) editing and HDR video. Many users who switch to PC just can't find a suitable FCP X replacement for Windows.

Some users might be scared away from the price which isn't cheap, but it is a one-time purchase. This differs from competitors like Adobe's Premiere Pro which is less optimized for macOS and runs off a pricy subscription-based model. We listed Final Cut as our ‘top choice for Mac' in our professional video editing software guide.

Accessory supports: Any MacBook running MacOS 10.11.4 (Sierra) or later that has at least 256 MB of VRAM, 4 GB of RAM and 4.15 GB of disk space

Skylum Luminar 3

Skylum Luminar 3

Luminar 3 is a full-featured photo organizer and also one of the easiest yet powerful image editors on the market. Designed for the beginner photo editor, Luminar 3 offers built-in tools for enhancing your photo's details such as a particular accent, sky or sun rays. While it is packed with AI and machine learning techniques for helping novices edit the best looking images without years of experience, it still offers advanced features such as layers, masking, noise reduction, and even object/blemish removal.

Accessory supports: all MacBook and MacBook Pro models that offer a native Mini DisplayPort (before 2016)

CleanMyMac X Cleanup Results

MacPaw CleanMyMac X

If you've owned a Mac or PC computer for extended periods, you know that these machines can get bogged down over extended use due to unnecessary, leftover data on your hard drive or RAM. While there are certain ways to get rid of them freely (CCleaner), there isn't any free software that does a stellar job optimizing your Mac computer or it simply fails to miss all of the right areas.

MacPaw has developed a superb Mac cleaner called CleanMyMac which is now in its third generation. With a free limited license offered, you can test its capabilities on your machine and then purchase a license to get unlimited use with no limits (starting at $39.95/year). When we reviewed it, we were able to remove nearly 12 GB of bloat with only a few clicks.

Accessory Supports: works with all modern Macs running OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later

MacPaw Setapp Subscription

Setapp Monthly Subscription

If you don't want to buy all the Mac applications that you need individually, there is a subscription-based service called Setapp that offers 100+ apps for a low monthly cost of $9.99. We have reviewed it in the past and found that it just takes a few apps being used a month to justify the value of the monthly fee.

The big advantage to Setapp is that the parent company is MacPaw, the same company that makes CleanMyMac X which is listed for a standalone purchase above. This means that you'll get access to all of MacPaw's premium apps (includes CleanMyMac X and Gemini 2) included along with other premium apps from other developers like Disk Drill, Bartender, Netspot, Mosaic and more.

Accessory Supports: works with all modern Macs running OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later

Headphones & Earbuds

Jabra 85H

Jabra Elite 85h Noise-Canceling Headphones

Previously on this guide, we recommended the Bose Quiet Comfort 35s as our noise-canceling headphones of choice for MacBook owners. However, there is a new top dog in town and that is the Elite 85h headphones from Jabra. Priced $50 cheaper than the Bose, these headphones offer incredible battery life, excellent call quality and three modes of listening (ANC, hear-thru, passive). There is a smartsound companion app that will use AI to personalize your audio depending on your listening environment as well as allow you to tune the equalizer to your liking.

Accessory supports: Any MacBook or MacBook Pro model offering Bluetooth connectivity

Apple Airpods

Apple Airpods (2nd Generation)

A wireless version of Apple's popular EarPods which have taken the Apple community by storm thanks to their convenience and performance. Each AirPod has its own built-in battery which holds up to five hours of playback each. You then store the AirPods in a charging case which is recharged by a lightning cable (optional $40 up-sell gives you a wirelessly chargeable case) and stores 24 hours of backup juice to replenish your AirPods battery when they aren't in use.

Accessory supports: all MacBook and MacBook Pro models that offer Bluetooth connectivity

Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH M50x

For any audiophiles who want the most accurate sound quality without breaking the bank then the ATH-M50x headphones from Audio-Technica will be a great addition to your MacBook or MacBook Pro. The 45mm large-aperture drivers are proprietary and are tuned out of the box to provide stellar clarity throughout an extended range of frequencies with a focus on deep yet accurate bass.

Beyond the sound performance, the craftsman of the ATH-M50x's is excellent with high-end build materials offering both durability and comfort. The ear-cups are on a 90-degree swivel with a contoured design that fits around your ears for passive isolation.

Accessory Supports: works with all modern MacBooks, does require the use of a 3.5mm headphone jack

MacBook Pro Chargers & Power

Omnicharge ac power bank

OmniCharge Omni 20

If you travel often and want to use your computer on the go, your internal battery can become a problem. Unlike smartphones or tablets, there aren't many battery banks that can support the portable charging of a MacBook or MacBook Pro especially the older models before they supported USB-C.

Fortunately, the Omni 20 by OmniCharge is compatible with any Apple laptop thanks to its support offering a native 100W AC outlet and large 20,400 mAh battery. This means it can externally power virtually any consumer electronic, but you'll still need to use your Apple charger to utilize this power bank properly for your MacBook.

Accessory supports: works with all MacBook and MacBook Pro models (standard wall charger required for use)

RAVPower 26800 Power Bank

RAVPower 26800 Power Bank

RAVPower's 26800 power bank is significantly more affordable, but it will only work with the newest line of MacBook and MacBook Pros which have native USB-C charging. Since it offers native 30W output over USB-C, you are getting the same wattage as an original AC MacBook charger.

The internal battery offers a whopping 26,800 mAh capacity which can be used to charge your Apple laptop or any other USB electronic such as an iPhone, iPad or Android device. Another advantage to this power bank is that can also be recharged via its USB-C port which allows for a 4-5 hour charge time versus the 14 hours you'd typically see in a power bank this size.

Accessory supports: works with all recent MacBook and MacBook Pro models that natively charge via USB-C

Apple MacBook Charger

Apple MacBook Charger

If you are going to be using your laptop for on the go use whether it be for travel, school or work needs then having a spare or additional charger that you keep in your travel bag will be a huge convenience.

Native OEM Apple chargers aren't cheap, but there a lot of third-party alternatives out there as well. Just be sure that you check the compatibility of your Apple laptop with the MacBook charger that you end up buying as the charging port and wattage should match exactly.

Accessory Supports: specific charger models for different generations of MacBook and MacBook Pros

Aukey USB C 63W PD 3 Charger

AUKEY USB-C 63W PD 3.0 Charger

If you are running a newer MacBook or MacBook Pro model that supports USB-C charging then AUKEY's newest 63W PD 3.0 charger might an ideal choice for you. Offering a smaller form-factor than the traditional OEM USB-C charger from Apple, the Aukey packs a sleek design with dual USB-C ports. The top USB-C port offers 18W PD performance suitable for fast-charging an iPhone 11/Pro/Max or other USB-C mobile device.

On the bottom USB-C port, it is capable of outputting ether 45W of Power Delivery (when another device is being charged in the top port simultaneously) or a full 60W power delivery when used alone. This is suitable for charging a 13″ MacBook Pro or enough for a 15″ or 16″ MacBook that isn't under heavy power usage.

Accessory Supports: any newer generation MacBook or MacBook Pro that offers a USB-C charging port

External Storage

Samsung T5 Portable SSD

Samsung T5 Portable SSD (USB 3.1)

If you have the an Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro and are looking for a fast external hard drive for storing external media, then SanDisk's USB-C compatible drive is a good option to consider. Priced reasonably for its capabilities, this drive offers data transfer speeds up to 540 MB/s while remaining lightweight and pocket-sized.

This external SSD does not require any other external power sources and is powered from the single USB-C connection to your Mac laptop (includes USB-C to A cable as well). This allows it to work on both newer and older MacBooks, but the included security features/software may not be supported on older version of macOS.

Accessory supports: works with all MacBook and MacBook Pro models with a spare USB 3.0 or USB-C port

Transcend JetDrive Lite SD Storage Expansion

Transcend JetDrive Lite SD Storage Expansion

Since many older MacBook models offer an SD card slot for transferring files between media devices like cameras or audio recording devices, you can use this to bump up your internal memory. Unfortunately, newer MacBook models have ditched the native SD card slot, so this accessory is only meant for the previous generations.

By purchasing a compatible JetDrive Lite card for your specific MacBook model from Transcend, you can add up to 256GB worth of flash memory to your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro via the SD card slot. These cards are designed to be condensed with a minimal visible footprint after being inserted into your SD card slot.

Accessory supports: specialized models for MacBook Air, Retina MacBook Pro models (late 2013-Mid 2015)

Western Digital Black Passport Hard Drive

WD 1TB My Passport Black for Mac

A traditional external hard drive that connects via USB 3.0 (with backward compatibility to USB 2.0) which is ideal for any previous generation MacBook and MacBook Pro owners. It can be used with the most recent Mac laptops as long as you utilize a dongle or adapter to convert USB 3.0 to USB-C.

With 1TB of internal storage and options all the way up to 4TB, you get plenty of space for storing video, images or other miscellaneous data without breaking the bank. Since this is the Passport edition, you don't need an external power source, and this drive can run off a single USB connection.

Accessory Supports: MacBook models with a native USB 2.0/3.0 port or an adapter to connect to USB-C

Sandisk Ultra 128GB Dual USB Drive

SanDisk Ultra 128GB Dual USB Drive

SanDisk's Ultra Dual USB Drive offers a unique design that couples both a native USB-C and traditional USB 3.0 port (backward compatible with USB 2.0). This allows it to be used on both the newest MacBook & MacBook Pro models as well as older iterations without the need for any adapters or dongles.

With 128GB of storage, you'll get more than enough space and speed for storing all sorts of files from simple word documents all the way up to high-resolution photos or 4K video clips.

Accessory Supports: MacBook models running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) with a native USB-C or USB 2.0/3.0 port

External Disc Drive For MacBook

Apple USB Superdrive

Apple USB SuperDrive

While the tech world has dropped physical media distribution in exchange for cloud computing, some of you might still require access to or writing data to a traditional CD or DVD. Most modern Mac laptops have ditched the optical drive in exchange for thinner, sleeker profiles.

By picking up Apple's USB SuperDrive, you can read or write to discs for installing programs, backing up files or watching DVD movies. This accessory will only natively work with older MacBooks which offer native USB ports, but you can always use an adapter to make it work with USB-C.

Accessory supports: works with all MacBook and MacBook Pro models that offer a native USB 3.0/2.0 port

We hope this guide helped you find great MacBook Pro accessories to buy!