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Best Bass Headphones

What Are The Best Bass Headphones?

Our team looked at over a dozen models and we ultimately we decided that the best bass headphones currently on the market are the Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS. This was our top choice based on the premium build quality, competitive feature set and stellar performance designed for good bass reproduction.

Some of you are looking for the best bass wireless headphones, and we think the SkullCandy Crushers are the best choice in this category. This was our top headphone pick thanks to the good battery life, sleek foldable design, lifetime warranty, and adjustable haptic bass levels.

For those on a tight budget, the best headphones for bass under $100 is the Cowin E7 Pro. With an appealing look and excellent performance, this model is a good buy if you want to become a basshead without dropping too much money on an expensive headphones.

Best Bass Headphones & Editor's Choice

Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS

Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS

Our best bass headphones pick designed for superior comfort and excellent bass reproduction.

Our top choice for bassheads, the ATH-WS1100iS from Audio-Technica is a bass headphone that checks nearly all the boxes while remaining relatively easy on your wallet. This model offers a solid design, good bass performance and a reputable audio brand that stands behind their headphones.

from Amazon

Best Wireless Option

SkullCandy Crusher Bluetooth

SkullCandy Crusher Bluetooth

A pair of sleek Bluetooth wireless headphones with a 40 hour battery life & adjustable bass level.

One of the highest-end models from SkullCandy, their Crusher headphones offer stellar music performance with adjustable haptic bass along with Bluetooth wireless connectivity with battery life up to 40 hrs. The design offers stellar form, fit and function with an all-black look.

$89.99 from Amazon

$109.99 from SkullCandy*

*Pricing as of 1/8/19

Best Budget Pick

best bass earphones


Affordable headphones for bass with active noise-cancelling technology and an affordable price.

The E7 Pro model from COWIN offers excellent bang for buck in terms of affordable bass headphones. There is excellent battery life, a highly comfortable feel, built-in Bluetooth/NFC and active noise-cancelling technology for focused listening.

from Amazon

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Why Invest In A Quality Pair Of Headphones?

What To Consider When Buying A New Bass Headphones

Comparing The Top Headphones For Bass

Best Bass Headphones Reviews (2019)

Ending Thoughts

This product guide has been created to help you discover the best headphones for bass at the most common the $75-$200 price-point. All of our top recommendations are based on our in-depth knowledge of the industry and expertise in the world of consumer electronics.

If you are brand new to the market of headphones and consumer audio products, we highly recommend reading this entire article to familiarize yourself with the market better. By the end of the guide, you'll likely have a better understanding and any outlying questions or concerns should be answered.

Should you get to this point and find yourself with additional concerns or questions about the best bass headphone for your purchase situation, use the comments section below to reach out. We will do our best to respond with helpful advice or answers as soon as possible.

Why Invest In A Quality Pair Of Headphones?

Some of you may be making an investment into headphones (outside of the earbuds included with your smartphone) for the first time and are trying to justify why you should spend potentially $100 or more dollars on specialized headphones for bass. Surprisingly, some audiophiles will spend thousands on a single pair of well-tuned headphones.

We know everyone's needs or desires are different, so some of you may be just fine with your stock headphones or earbuds. However, those looking to get the best bass headphones offering vibrant, deep lows will want to pick up a pair of headphones designed specifically for this type of performance.

Many premium or high-end headphones will come with a “neutral” or “flat” sound signature which means that there is no emphasis on the frequency in any particular range (highs, mids or lows aka bass). While this is excellent for audio production such as for music or video editing, it can leave a lot of bass performance to be desired when you want to enjoy your favorite songs or artist. 

Flat Sound Signature
Balanced Sound Signature

For headphones designed for bass, most of these manufacturer's will stray away from a nature sound signature and settle for one that is designed for one that is “V-shaped” or tuned for extra bass. This means that the best bass headphones harness a substantial boost for the lower frequencies (where the bass is found) which means that are more emphasized to sound louder and warmer giving it that extra punch.

Extra Bass Sound Signature

Depending on the style of music or gaming that you will be doing, bass headphones might be right up your alley. In many cases, consumers will find them as the best headphones listening to EDM, rap, hip-hop, R&B or rock-n-roll genres of music.

What To Consider When Buying A New Headphones For Bass

The audio market can be a confusing beast to interpret especially if you don't fall under the audiophile category.

When you add an emphasis on bass into the mix, it can be a whole new hurdle to tackle, and so much of the high-end audio market often lack a deep richness of bass in exchange for a more neutral sound signature.

In this section, we will dive deep into the different characteristics that we used to rate the various bass headphones listed in this article and how they may relate to your music needs.

Keep in mind, everyone's desires, circumstances and budgets are different so the best bass headphones for one of you might not line up with the ideal recommendation for another person.

The good news is that the market is big enough that manufacturers have produced a wide array of bass-friendly models ranging from cheap to expensive with varying amount of bells and whistles to keep both the budget and high-end markets happy.

During your search for the best bass headphones, you should know about and consider the following criteria to evaluate a potential model before buying to ensure they meet or exceed your needs:


The manufacturer of bass headphones will often (but not always) give you a quick indicator of factors like design, build quality, music performance and reliability. Choosing headphones from a reputable brand will often ensure a better overall experience though there may be a higher-cost associated.

The considerable advantage of a reputable brand is the warranty and after-purchase support. If you choose to try and save a couple of bucks by purchasing headphones from an off-brand or foreign company then you run the risk of getting a repair or replacement should the headphones be defective or malfunction over time.

For some of you, the actual appeal or brand name of the headphones matters more than the bass performance. There is nothing wrong with this type of thinking, you just need to keep in mind that in some cases such as in Beats By Dre, you'll pay more for the look and brand than a less cosmetically appealing competitor with better bass performance.


A pretty obvious factor to consider is the actual price of the headphones. Most of the time, the more expensive the model is, the better you can expect the headphones' build-quality, features and music performance will be.

In some cases, there are major brands like Bose or Beats that will charge a premium based on their brand name versus the overall quality or bass performance of their products although many still find value in these brands.

Our recommendations in this guide will span from anywhere from around $70 all the way up to the $250 mark. There are quality models at all price-points, but generally, the best bass headphones will be found in higher-end models that offer more bells and whistles to enhance your listening experience.


Our reference to style will relate to the ear-cup design. In this article, the headphones will each offer either an on-ear or over-ear style. The on-ear design has the ear-cups rest against your ear leaving the outer edges of your ear free from contact. The majority of the best bass headphones will utilize an over-ear design.

An over-ear design is more common and often offers a fit that has the ear-cups surround the entirety of your ears using memory foam. The benefit to this is often better sound isolation which helps block out any noise from the environment around you and offer a more immersive music listening experience. Over-ear headphones are what most people prefer as they are usually considered the most comfortable to wear for long periods.


The type of headphones in this article will refer to the whether the model offers an open or closed-back design. Open back design is typically found on the higher-end models and literally means the back of the headphones are open to allow sound to escape out the rear.

Open back headphones offer the best listening experience for most, but the lack of a closed design means that sound will leak to the environment around you thus not being suitable for public listening (office, school, plane, subway, etc.).

A closed-back design does not allow sound to escape out the rear and instead fully seals the audio to remain inside the ear cups. This type of headphones is most common in the cheap to medium price-points although you can still find it in high-end bass headphones.

Closed-back headphones are ideal for listening in private environments like in school, an office, on a commute or professionally when recording vocals/audio since the sound won't interfere with the recording.

A notable complaint with closed back headphones is the lack of venting can result in some over-ear, closed back headphones feeling overly warm around your ears. This is often not comfortable for long listening and results in a feeling that may be similar to wearing ear muffs.

Frequency Response

Measured in hertz (Hz), the frequency response of a piece of audio equipment determines how the device responds to sound and music across a wide range of frequencies.

Theoretically, the broader the frequency response spectrum, the more capable the headphones are at portraying accurate sound. However, the generally accepted hearing range for humans is only 20 to 20,000Hz so this factor isn't all too important as long as it covers this wide of a range.

All of the bass headphones that we included within this guide should be adequate to cover the 20K-20kHz range. It is worth noting that SkullCandy and Beats do not officially list their exact response frequency ratings so we couldn't include them in our comparison table.


Measured in ohms (a unit of electrical resistance), this factor calculates the opposition of the flow of electrical current in order to be able to run the headphones properly. Theoretically, a lower impedance means that it will require less power to deliver high audio levels.

While this sounds confusing, the impedance is a good indication of whether or not you'll be able to power your headphones with a basic device like a smartphone or whether you need to power it with a potentially expensive third-party audio accessory like a DAC or amplifier.

For the case of bass headphones, most of the headphones in this category are designed for use with consumer devices like smartphones, music players or integrated computer amps (versus professional use) with an impedance between 16 and 42 which are all usable without the need for a dedicated DAC or AMP.

Driver Size

Measured in millimeters (mm), the size of the actual sound driver can be loosely correlated to the quality of the sound output as they can technically push more air to your ears.

While this is not a reliable metric for determining the best performance as many other variables come into play, some people still like to consider this attribute when shopping for headphones so we included it although we recommend taking these sizes with a grain of salt.

As for bass heavy headphones, the driver size found within our recommended models rang from 32-53mm. Keep in mind, that in the majority of cases the driver size is directly correlated to the ear-cup size.

This means that the larger the drivers, the more substantial the ear-cups will be in size so if you are looking for a super slim ear-cup, a large driver size shouldn't be a priority.


This attribute refers to the specific type of connection used to connect the headphones with your audio or music source. This will either be 3.5mm or Bluetooth for the bass headphones listed within this article. For most of the Bluetooth models, they will include a detachable cable that allows you to connect via a wired cable or wirelessly over Bluetooth.

However, some of these bass models will include a 1/4-20″ adapter to plug the 3.5mm jack into so you can use the headphones with a DAC or amp more easily.

Some high-end headphones will require a receiver that can support a 1/4-20″ thus not being compatible with modern smartphones, tablets or computers without a dedicated peripheral however, none of these models are included in this article so you won't need to worry about this.

Noise Isolation

Not to be confused with active noise-cancellation (which requires a power source), the concept of noise isolation refers to passively blocking of outside noise to help better immerse you in the music.

This is a common attribute to consider when looking for the best bass headphones especially since it is a common factor for those with an over-ear, closed back design like most of the models listed within this guide.

We find passive noise cancelling to be best for our bass heavy headphones as active noise cancelling requires more power usage and we have often found that they give many consumers a headache due to the constant frequencies being used for cancelling out the surrounding noise.

Wireless Bluetooth Support

Not everyone desires wireless headphones as they require a power source and sometimes just aren't the best fit for your listening situation. However, others who wish to find bass wireless headphones for doing something active, traveling or working out without the hassle of a cord will want to pay attention to this attribute.

Within this guide, three of the models listed offer Bluetooth support. The good news with these models is that they also include a 3.5mm cable for connecting to the parent source via a physical connection. The ability to adapt these headphones from wireless to wired brings great flexibility and they are often lightweight. 

This is ideal for someone like me who prefers using my wireless headphones in a wired mode while at my desk and wireless while I'm not working which is usually at the gym, mowing the lawn or walking my dogs.

Integrated Microphone

Depending on whether you'll plan to make or receive calls while wearing your bass headphones, this component takes a look at the support for an in-line or integrated microphone.

Fortunately, all of the bass headphones listed in this product recommendation guide include some sort of microphone for use with smartphones or mobile devices. This makes it easy to take incoming calls without the need to take off your headphones.

Audio Controls

Having controls to make adjustments to your volume, play/pause music or to receive calls is an essential feature for many consumers.

Fortunately, all of the bass headphones listed in this guide include some sort of audio/call controls either integrated into the headphone or through in-line controls.

Carrying Case/Storage Bag

Since a decent pair of bass headphones will run you a small investment, a lot of the manufacturers like to include a free carrying case or travel bag for storing perfectly in a convenient form-factor when not in use.

While this is a minor aspect to consider that has nothing to do with the actual music or deep bass performance of the headphones, it is a better indication of the best value on the dollar and a good gesture from the manufacturer.

Comparing The Top Headphones For Bass

Best Bass Headphones Reviews (2019)

Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS

Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS


  • Large 53mm audio drivers
  • Side bass venting system dampens air for optimal bass reproduction
  • Well built to ensure comfort and last for years of use


  • No Bluetooth support
  • Lacks any native controls for adjusting bass levels while on the go

from Amazon

One of the most notable brands included on this list is Audio-Technica, a Japanese company that has been involved in the audio industry for over 50 years. While most of their headphones are designed for balanced sound signatures, their ATH-WS1100iS instead focus on providing solid bass performance.

With an MSRP of $229, this model is on the top-end of the spectrum offering a premium build quality and excellent audio performance with a focus on vibrant bass and won our ‘Editor's Choice' as the best bass headphones from our experience.

Audio-Technica's headphones are built with high-end materials like comfortable dual-layer earpads and aluminum housings to reduce unintended vibrations which increase the clarity of the audio signal and bass performance.

This is the only model on the list that is considered to be “semi-open”, and that is due to the integrated bass venting system. By using extra side vents which allow air to pass through, this makes for improved deep bass reproduction although you may experience a bit of sound leak at high operating volumes.

The ATH-WS1100iS offers the largest driver sizes and most extensive range in frequency response out of all of the bass headphones listed within this guide. While these factors may not be as crucial of attributes as some make them out to be, it isn't a surprise to see our top pick offer the best in both areas.

Mixing the stellar bass performance with the premium build, sleek look and support for cell phones with an in-line mic/controls makes the ATH-WS1100iS our Editor's Choice and our top recommended purchase for those looking for the best bass headphones.

V-Moda Crossfade LP2

V-Moda Crossfade LP2 Headphones


  • Best build with military-level durability
  • Interchangeable “shield” accents
  • Tuned for vibrant, refined bass performance


  • Futuristic design may not be liked by some consumers
  • Not as many connection types offered as competing models

$129.99 from Amazon

A lesser-known brand in the audio game is V-Moda who have only been in the industry since 2004. Despite being in the industry for less than 20 years, they have made a significant mark during their time thus far, and their headphones are widely known to audio and music enthusiasts for their build quality and performance.

The Crossfade LP2's have a unique look with military-level durability up to MIL-STD-810 quality standards. This results in an ultra-reinforced kevlar cable, metal covers for the earcups (which can be customized), a SteelFlex Headband and ratings to ensure prolonged use after drops, temperature changes and exposure to UV rays and salt.

Most of you probably won't have the need to have a pair of headphones such as these be this durable, but when you are making an investment into headphones for bass, the important of reliability over time is certainly a metric to consider.

Their over-ear, closed back design offers passive noise isolation for listening to your favorite bass-heavy music in public environments without attracting too much attention or causing distractions.

Performance with the CrossFade LP2's boasts a broad frequency response and low impedance powered by 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers which are tuned for providing deep bass performance.

V-Moda practices strong quality control measures to maintain an under 2dB variance across their headphones ensuring a strict sound bass consistency from unit to unit.

Beyer Dynamic Custom One Pro - best bass headphones

Beyer Dynamic Custom One Pro Plus


  • Adjustable sound slider allows native bass level adjustment
  • Customizable colors and cover designs allow personalization


  • Rather bulky design
  • Integrated microphone accessory isn't in-line

from Amazon

Another big name in the premium audio game is Beyer Dynamic who are known for producing high-end headphones, headsets and microphones. Their Custom One Pro Plus is a multifunctional style closed-back headphone.

This model features soft padding for your ears and headband for added comfort and customizable side covers. With every purchase, Beyer Dynamic includes 16 different design covers that change the look of the headphones to fit your specific tastes.

Regarding performance, the Custom One Pros are the closest to our best bass headphones Editor's Choice falling just short in frequency response ratings and offering impedance that is less than half that required by Audio-Technica making it highly compatible with smartphones or mobile devices.

While any impedance level under 50 (all of these bass models fall under this) can be powered by a mobile device or smartphone, you'll be able to get louder output volume on the same devices from the Custom One Pro Plus.

A unique feature on the Custom One Pros is a variable noise reduction slider which allows you to adjust the bass levels to enhance the deepness and help drown out any outside noise from your surrounding environment.

If you are looking for high-end wired headphones for deep bass and for some reason don't want to invest in the Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS then this would be our runner-up choice.

Bluedio V2 Victory Bass Headphones

Bluedio V2 Victory


  • Cordless and highly portable
  • Unique features like Amazon Alexa and sleep protection
  • Advanced VFT technology helps aid in bass performance


  • From a primarily foreign brand so after-purchase support may be limited

from Amazon

One of the newest competitors in the audio market to make this list is Bluedio, a Chinese company that became a registered brand in the USA back in 2009.

Their V2 Victory bass headphone is designed for a closed-back, over-ear listening experience that offers extra bass performance. Bluedio markets these headphones for consumer use (geared for bassheads), but vouch that they are good enough for a DJ to use.

The design is highly flexible with ear cups that can be rotated 180 degrees thus making them convenient for carrying or storing when not in use. Since they are Bluetooth, they lack any wires necessary and are highly portable.

Internally, these V2 Victory headphones utilizes an advanced vector flow technology (VFT) which utilies a ventilated back chamber in each ear cup to propel air out and equalize pressure resulting in enhanced deep bass reproduction and excellent sound fidelity.

Interestingly enough, if you combined these headphones with the Bluedio mobile application you can enable some advanced functionality that is not matched by any competing headphone models on this list (even our best recommendation). This includes a sleep protection functionality as well as support for Amazon Alexa as long as you are utilizing the companion app.

SkullCandy Crusher Bluetooth

SkullCandy Crusher Headphones


  • Adjustable haptic bass leveler allows you to adjust balance
  • 40 hours of battery life (tied for the best)
  • Ear cups are noise isolating helping to ease distractions


  • Some owners have experienced significant wear and tear on the build materials over time

$89.99 from Amazon

For years SkullCandy has been producing consumer-focused headphones that are both cosmetically appealing and well-performing for casual consumer listening. Their Crusher model is our top pick for wireless bass headphones and is priced low enough for a basshead on a budget.

The Crushers are offered in an all-black or gray/tan color choices with subtle SkullCandy branding on the sides and plenty of padding for added comfort during extended use. One of the reasons we love the Crushers and picked them as our best bass wireless headphones is the versatility brought forth in the foldable design and integrated controls.

Not only can you control your incoming calls, but you can change tracks, adjust the master volume and even fine-tune the haptic bass levels to find the best balance for your needs.

The bass performance is so good thanks to the internal hardware which features two full range 40mm audio drivers in addition to two subwoofer drivers that work in unison for creating excellent sound with deep bass reproduction.

The icing on the cake with this Skullcandy model just like any other wireless model is the battery life. While some cheaper Bluetooth headphones only offer 8-10 hours of playback on a single charge, the Crushers boast up to a whopping 40 hours of listening before the battery is depleted.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless

Beats Solo 3


  • Up to 40 hours of battery life (tied for the best)
  • Built-in mic and on-ear controls including Siri support
  • Bass heavy tuning offers deep lows


  • Mediocre build quality
  • Lots of counterfeit Beats models out there so buy carefully

$152.99 from Amazon

When Dr. Dre started his company offering premium headphones for consumers, it took off so quickly that Apple swooped in to acquire the Beats By Dre brand for a staggering amount of money. From a cosmetic and lifestyle standpoint, Beats have become a cultural symbol used by popular athletes and musicians in the public eye.

However, on a performance standpoint, the Beats brand isn't known for being the best or delivering exceptionally high-quality audio. Much of the high pricing is due to the brand and massive marketing costs, not necessarily the actual internal hardware or sound quality. Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD did a great video on this subject which you can watch here.

The good news is that the prices have come down a bit over the years and the sound signature is emphasized heavily on providing vibrant bass. While these headphones likely aren't the best fit for professional use or monitoring purposes, the Beats Solo 3 Wireless is great for casual consumer listening while offering that trendy look that many consumers desire.

We recommend the SkullCandy Crusher wireless headphones over the Beats Solo 3 as we prefer the over-ear versus the on-ear design and the lower price-point. However, those looking for emphasized deep bass while attracting the attention of wearing Beats headphones (such as in a gym or at school) then the Solo 3 wireless isn't a bad buy.

best bass earphones

COWIN E7 Pro Headphones


  • Active noise reduction technology and clean bass
  • NFC & Bluetooth support
  • 30 hours of battery life


  • Build quality may not last as long as higher-priced models
  • Off-brand likely means weak after-sale support

from Amazon

Our top budget pick for bass headphones with a sale price of under $100 are the E7 Pro headphones by Cowin. While a lesser-known brand in the audio industry, these headphones have good reviews and offer a great deal of competitive features for the price.

Keep in mind, for the lower price that most of the headphones are made of plastic so who knows how long they will last you compared to a higher-end pair such as our Editor's Choice for the best bass headphones.

Internally, these headphones are run off of two 45mm large-aperture drivers which are tuned to offer clean yet powerful deep bass performance for all types of music. This model harnesses integrated microphone as well as NFC/Bluetooth support. The rechargeable 800 mAh battery allows for 30 hours of playback on a single charge.

The ear cushions on these bass headphones have been vastly improved from previous generations offering a softer cushion and a swivel design. There is active noise reduction technology which is the best way to drown out any distractions or background noise especially while in a plane, car or office setting.

Best Bass Headphone Honorable Mentions:

These headphones didn't quite make the cut, but are known for good bass performance among the audiophile world:

– Audio-Technica ATH M50X

– Bowers and Wilkins P5 Series 2

– Fostex TH909

– Beyerdynamic DT770s

– Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

– JVC HA RX700

– Sony MDRXB950BT/B

Final Verdict

We have reached the point in this guide where we have shared all the valuable knowledge about headphones for bass to help you better understand the market and make an informed purchase decision.

At this current time, we think that the best bass headphones for most people are Audio-Technica's ATH-WS1100iS. With that being said, every consumers' individual needs and budgets are different so you may find more value or a better fit in one of the other models here.

If you are too overwhelmed by all of this information to go through with your purchase, save or bookmark this link for future reference. If you have any question or concerns about good headphones for deep bass that hasn't been answered already, leave us a comment below and we will help!

Editor's Choice

Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS

Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS

on Amazon