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Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard MC184LL/B Review

The Apple wireless keyboard operates via Bluetooth and comes standard with all new iMac computers.

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If you've seen or used one of Apple's newer iMacs recently you've probably seen their popular wireless keyboard which operates via Bluetooth. These keyboards now come standard with every new iMac model, but if you are looking to pick one up for use with your Macbook or iPad you can purchase one separately for around $70. This keyboard is designed specifically for a Mac meaning it has a slightly different layout of keys than a traditional PC keyboard. It is possible to still use this keyboard with a PC though you will need to be sure you have built-in Bluetooth compatibility or have purchased an aftermarket Bluetooth adapter.

Apple's Bluetooth wireless keyboard looks very similar to the wired model, but is more compact and portable. According to Apple this smaller size takes up 24% less than a traditional full size keyboard. It is made of the same aluminum that Apple has grown famous for using in all of their latest products and it gives off a quality feel that I would expect to last a long time. The keys are a low profile design with a matte white finish that looks great, but does get dirty easily.

In order to power the keyboard, you must supply it with two AA batteries which is an improvement over the previous MC184LL/A model that required 3 AA batteries. In order to use this keyboard with a Mac or iOS device, you must enable Bluetooth and “discover” the keyboard. The first time I synced it with my iPad 2, it took several minutes to locate the keyboard's signal which tested my patience a bit, but in the end I was able to sync the two together just fine.


In the matter of function, the keyboard performs very well and works exactly as you'd expect it. Each keystroke on the Apple wireless keyboard is precise and pleasing, only requiring a short travel distance thanks to the low profile keys. The keyboard works excellent with a Mac computer as it has all the necessary shortcuts (located on the function keys) to make our lives easier and more productive. When used with an iPad or iOS device, the keyboard works flawlessly and is an excellent way to make your typing experience more pleasant.

The issue I have with this keyboard is the comfort factor. In comparison to the wired model, I find this version's small size less comfortable and functional to use. I understand why the compact size could benefit someone who is very short on desk space, but for someone like me who has lots of extra room, I'd rather have the benefit of using the full number-pad. Adding in the wireless technology, aspects like potential connection issues and dead batteries is something I like to avoid as it can be a serious hinder to my productivity. Another small downfall is you receive two USB 2.0 ports on the wired keyboard whereas the wireless does not give you this advantage.

In the end, I found Apple's Bluetooth wireless keyboard to be a decent buy if you're in the market for a compact wireless keyboard for your Mac or iOS device. In my case, I found the smaller size to be a bit uncomfortable and the wireless to bring potential issues as I'd need to worry about replacing batteries and lost connections. If these aspects won't bother you and you're fine with the lack of a number-pad then this keyboard is an solid choice. Personally, I'm going to stick with the wired model as I'd choose the additional space and USB requirement in exchange for added comfort, use of the number-pad, and lack of batteries.