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Apple Aluminum Wired Keyboard MB110LL/B Review

The Apple aluminum wired keyboard MB110LL/B features a slim profile and 2 built-in USB ports.

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Buying an iMac nowadays means you have to settle for their “improved” Apple wireless keyboard. If your anything like me then this is not a positive change. The Apple wireless keyboard is too compact, requires batteries, and worst of all they completely did away with the number pad. Luckily, those of you who miss having a full wired keyboard can still purchase one┬áseparately. At price tag of under $50, the Apple wired keyboard is a beautifully designed product and adds some real character to your Mac computer.

Included in the box is the keyboard and as well as Apple USB extender. The reason for this is that the keyboard is designed primarily for iMac use, therefore the cord is very short and does not compare to the length commonly found in other keyboards. To make up for this they have included the USB extension that will allow you to expand the length of the cord in the event you need it to properly fit your setup. To be more specific the native cord found on the keyboard measures out to be just under 3 feet and the extension adds just over 3 feet for a combined total of around 6 feet of total cable length.

The keyboard itself is the same aluminum finish Apple is known for and has a slim profile. The keys are white and comparable to Macbook keys as they only rise up a small amount from the base of the keyboard. The cord erects out from the back center of the base and on each side of the keyboard you will find a USB 2.0 port. I found this feature convenient for many reasons especially for those times where you need to plug in a flash drive to save some files and don't want to have to get out of your chair and walk to the back of the computer to plug it in. With this keyboard a USB port is always easily accessible and they function just as great as any other USB 2.0 port you'd find.

As I stated earlier the keyboard is indeed full size meaning that it has a full number pad found on the right side. In addition the F1-F12 keys function as Mac shortcuts just like on a Macbook. Using these keys you can brighten or dim your screen's brightness, adjust volume levels, play, pause, rewind, fast forward, access mission control, and launchpad. The keys themselves are very responsive and easy to use. Unlike some competitors the keys are also very quiet which makes for a pleasant experience when you're in a situation where your sharing a room or office as you won't cause a distraction with loud typing. I am able to type comfortably and easily with this keyboard and I prefer it much more than the compact wireless keyboard that Apple includes standard.

Overall, I found the Apple aluminum wired keyboard to be a real winner and a huge improvement from the wireless keyboard that comes standard with new iMacs. The performance is excellent, features such as the USB 2.0 ports are convenient, and aesthetically it looks fantastic. If you are unhappy with your current keyboard and considering buying this keyboard then I'd highly recommend doing so.

For more information visit the Apple website.