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5 Top Rated Mac Applications For Cleaning & Speeding Up Your Apple Computer

Over the past few years, Apple computers have gained a significant increase in market share in the world of consumer computers. Since this percentage is still far below its PC counterpart, there is still remains a scarcity of developers whom are willing to devote their time to developing useful applications for the Mac. This is particularly present in the cleaning and optimization segment as PC users have access to hundreds or even thousands of various maintenance applications whereas Mac users only have access to a select few. In this article, I'm going to round-up 5 of the best Mac applications for performing system maintenance, cleaning and optimization which can help speed up your Apple computer and clean up all the unnecessary files.


1. CleanMyMac 2

MacPaw is one of the biggest names in Mac maintenance software and their latest CleanMyMac 2 product is a real winner. It boasts an easy to use control panel with a sleek interface and the ability to schedule regular cleanings. Inside this software you'll find advanced features such as iPhoto library optimization, an app extension manager, app uninstaller, data shredder, large file scanner, and much more. You can check out our hands on, in-depth review of CleanMyMac 2 here.
Price: $39.95 (1 license)


2. MacKeeper

MacKeeper is another piece of software that can help clean and speed up your Mac computer although it is much more than that. While the software has been involved in a terrible PR battle with a rogue malware group who used their branding/logo without permission which inevitably tarnished the MacKeeper's name, the legitimate software is actually a solid product. Inside you'll find a “fast cleanup” module, smart uninstaller, duplicates finder, and several other useful Mac tools. Read our hands on, in-depth review of MacKeeper here.
Price: $39.95-$89.95 (depends on license)


3. Gemini: The Duplicate Finder

Gemini is another Mac app developed by MacPaw although it only has one primary focus and that is locating and removing duplicate files on your system. By running an in-depth scan, you have the ability to easily find duplicate files and it will even scan your external or network drives. Keep in mind that unlike CleanMyMac2, this software does not come bundled with multiple cleaning tools and it solely focuses on locating and removing duplicate files in order to save you valuable disk space. Gemini was featured in Apple's Mac App Store “Best of 2012”.
Price: $9.99


4. MacCleanse

MacCleanse is a rival to CleanMyMac 2 and has a great deal of the same functionality without as high of a price tag. Personally, I prefer the CleanMyMac 2 interface more and it has also outperformed MacCleanse in our in-house testing, but MacCleanse is another popular competitor in this category. It will be your call to decide whether you'd rather save $20 and settle for a less efficient clean or spend a bit more to get the top-tier software.
Price: $29.95


5. CCleaner

If you're on a serious budget and okay with not having a top of the line cleaning solution then CCleaner is an excellent tool for properly maintaining your Apple computer. The software has all the basic optimization tools without all the bells and whistles that the premium software has including a much duller interface. This software is free for consumer/home use, but they do charge a licensing fee for the Business and Network Editions.
Price: Free (for home use)