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Asus VS247H-P 24-Inch LED Monitor Review

The Asus VS247H-P 24 Inch LED Monitor is a well performing monitor retailing for under $200.


Asus VS247H-P 24-Inch LED Monitor – Product Description

Key Features

  • Full HD displays for amazing high-definition visual clarity
  • 2ms response times for smooth motion playback
  • LED backlit for energy-efficient operation and brighter luminance
  • Built-in power adapters for space-saving yet still slim design
  • 50,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio for more defined images in dark colors
  • Advanced connectivity for convenient ways to connect your PCs and notebooks
  • Splendid Video Intelligence Technology quick image presets for your preferred task at hand
  • Corporate Stable Model certified for one year guaranteed supply
  • ASUS Rapid Replacement service for quick product replacement should a unit be sent for repair
Make What You See Amazing

If you're looking for some serious business monitors, then get a monitor that's made for it. VS series monitors are built from the ground up to be used in the office environment with embedded power adapters into the design while still remaining slim and stylish. For added convenience, these monitors are VESA compatible, so you can neatly place it on a wall. VS monitors deliver Full HD quality visuals and are LED back-lit delivering brighter displays than non-LED back-lit monitors. With an ultra-fast 2ms response time, enjoy smooth motion playback for videos and movies. The first monitors to be featured in the renowned Corporate Stable Model (CSM) program, VS monitors are guaranteed in stable supply for a minimum of one year so you can order the same model without worry of it being discontinued and, with the included advanced swap replacement service, saving you time should the unit require servicing. These monitors are EPEAT Gold and ENERGY STAR certified to reduce environmental impact and save on energy costs.

ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio

ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) is a dynamic contrast ratio that measures how dark a screen can get. With high dynamic contrast ratios of 50,000,000:1, ASCR delivers a more defined image especially while watching night scenes in movies, playing games, or giving presentations.

Splendid Video Intelligence Technology

ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology, or Splendid for short, is a quick image setting selectable through buttons on the monitor. Featuring different scenario settings ranging from game to scenario modes, choose your preferred one for your task at hand.

Advanced Connectivity

Featuring the latest in display technology, connect to your devices with an assortment of options. More inputs give you more options for customizing your PC setup like setting up multiple displays. HDMI connectivity delivers both high-definition audio and video in one streamlined cord to external monitors, projectors, and compatible TVs.

Video Review (Provided by Youtube Users)


LED technology is slowly becoming a standard for monitors and televisions alike. The benefits of LED technology have allowed manufacturer's to make thinner, lighter, and higher performing products than ever before. Asus decided to create an affordable business quality 24-inch display for all of us out there that want to upgrade to the newer LED technology without spending an arm and a leg to get it. The VS247H-P is the answer to that calling and we are happily impressed with the outcome.

Design & Build Quality

When it comes to the overall look and design of this monitor, its elegance is in a class of its own. We love how very slim and attractive the overall design is and the monitor adds flare to any room. The base is particularly small which does negatively affect it's stability. We don't think it is a huge issue, but it does hinder the overall  build quality of the monitor. The buttons are located in the bottom right corner for easy access. It features multiple inputs such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, and an audio out port capable of attaching external speakers. Our monitor came with no stuck or dead pixels which seems to be a huge issue with a lot of monitors being shipped out today. The screen is matte (anti-reflective), but the outside bevel is indeed a glossy black.

Overall Function & Performance

The low light quality is outstanding and you'll never find yourself lost in a dark scene againOf course, the most important factor of a monitor such as this is its performance. We are happy to let you know this product performs as well as it looks. With specs like a 24 inch 1080P HD LED display and a 2ms response time it is the perfect monitor for gaming and multimedia. Our video game test involved hooking up the monitor to a custom built gaming rig to play a bit of StarCraft 2. The performance of this monitor running SC2 on ultra settings was outstanding and the monitor kept up with the game-play without any sign of stuttering or ghosting. The colors are rich and alluring with the modeling of the characters sharp and precise. This performance is matched when watching HD movies and TV shows. The low light quality is outstanding and you'll never find yourself lost in a dark scene again.

When we say this screen is bright, we really mean it. To be quite honest on occasion it can appear almost too bright when viewing white or primarily white web pages. For example, during our testing we viewed a web-page that was white with a light grey etching going across it. We viewed this page on the Asus VS247H-P monitor and compared it to the same page on my retina Macbook Pro's screen. The Asus' screen was such a bright white that it practically washed out the grey etching and made it appear to look all white. In comparison, on the retina Macbook Pro screen you could clearly see the grey etching even with the screen set to max brightness. Throughout our use this type of situation came up rarely, but it was noticeable enough to mention. The low light performance outweighs this slight negative aspect by a longshot. Its backlighting is even throughout the length of the monitor ensuring an even distribution of light throughout every image. The monitor redirects heat well and does not get that hot even after hours of continuous use. There is a bit of a color shift when your viewing the monitor from an off angle, but for most of us who will be using this monitor from the traditional straight on angle it is not an issue. Since it is so light and slim it is also easy to avoid this issue by sliding the monitor to a more direct angle.

You are able to use this monitor for other devices such as gaming systems, cable boxes, and other multimedia devicesNow the variety of inputs this monitor harnesses is another huge advantage. By providing an HDMI and audio out port you are able to use this monitor for gaming systems, cable boxes, and other multimedia devices (Apple TV, Slingbox, etc.). By plugging in a headset or a pair of regular computer speakers you are able to enjoy the performance benefits this monitor in other nontraditional ways. We have dedicated this monitor to our a gaming station that is used primarily for playing Call of Duty or Skyrim on our Xbox 360.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this monitor is a killer product at a reasonable price point. We think the slim and attractive design matched with the high quality performance has given Asus a home run.Investing in a quality monitor like this now to keep you from having to buy another for a very long time. This monitor is built to last us for years to come and includes a stellar 3 year warranty to prevent any possible unexpected failures in the future. Don't hesitate to pick up this monitor and we can personally vouch for its multitude of uses due to the variety of included inputs.

What Are Others Saying About This Monitor?

This monitor is just plain awesome. I love every inch of it!…TF2, Borderlands, WOW, and Killing Floor all look insane on this thing, it is so crisp.

– bilyrocker33 (Amazon Reviewer)

It earned a Very Good rating for its screen uniformity, and Good scores for its text legibility, color quality, viewing-angle range, and motion.


Runs very cool. Great colors (I didn't know Starcraft 2 could look this good!). Excellent response time.

– R. Andrews (Amazon Reviewer)

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