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MacPaw Gemini 2 review

MacPaw Gemini 2 Review

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Gemini 2 is an application designed for finding duplicate files to save space on your Mac.

Disclosure: This article is NOT sponsored by MacPaw. All opinions and thoughts expressed within this evaluation have had no bias or outside influence. We may earn an affiliate commission on referred sales, but content integrity and quality is our top priority.



User Interface
Review Summary

Over the years, we have tested nearly all of the Mac cleaning and optimization software on the market, and Gemini 2 is a unique application. Instead of trying to do it all, MacPaw designed Gemini 2 to do one thing: find and remove duplicate files. 

With this sole focus, they have been able to master the process, and throughout our testing, it has performed the best overall in locating duplicate files and similar files. 

If you are looking to remove duplicate files taking up a lot of space on your Mac, Gemini 2 is the best application for the job. We recommend grabbing a Setapp subscription to get the added benefit of MacPaw's CleanMyMac X software.


A Great Buy

Alternate Recommendations

MacPaw CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is Gemini's sister software from MacPaw. For all sorts of cleaning and optimization beyond duplicates, this is the software you'll want to use. There are many Mac cleaners on the market. However, none have as many features, as good of a user interface or perform as thorough as an optimization experience without any technical knowledge.

Setapp Subscription

A subscription-based service from MacPaw that bundles all of their software. This service includes CleanMyMac X and Gemini 2 for a monthly subscription of $9.99. Beyond including premium software from MacPaw, they offer access to dozens of other premium Mac apps spanning all sorts of categories, including lifestyle, creativity, writing, finance, and more.

Apple's been dominating the tech world over the past few years with its popular smartphones, tablets, and computers. While Macs are known for their reliability and simplicity, they get bogged down over time through regular use with various junk files, caches, and temporary files.

Another thing to consider overtime is just the sheer amount of duplicate files that your machine may accumulate over time. For this type of duplicate location, several full-fledged Mac cleaners are capable of achieving this. However, in this article, we are going to be taking a look at MacPaw's Gemini 2, which is a dedicated Mac app designed significantly for finding and removing duplicates. 

MacPaw did not sponsor or have any say in this Gemini 2 review. All experiences and perspectives mentioned within this review are based on our usage of Gemini 2 over a period exceeding 12 months. 

Pricing & License Options

Similar to other MacPaw software, you can download and test our Gemini 2 using their free trial. The trial offers no time stipulations. However, it is limited to just 500MB worth of cleaning. If you wish to perform a cleaning higher than the 500MB capacity (Gemini 2 will likely be going to find more than this for a hardcore user), you'll need to purchase a license:

Gemini 2 Licensing Options

  • Trial (1 Mac, 500MB Cleaning Maximum) – Free
  • Single License (1 Mac, 1-Year) – $19.95
  • Single License (1 Mac, Lifetime) – $44.95
  • Dual License (2 Macs, 1-Year) – $29.99
  • Dual License (2 Macs, Lifetime) – $66.95
  • Family License (5 Macs, 1-Year) – $44.95
  • Family License (5 Macs, Lifetime) – $99.95

Setapp Subscription Option

If you decide you don't want to buy an annual or lifetime license for just Gemini 2, then you do have one other option via MacPaw's Setapp monthly subscription.

If you aren't familiar with Setapp, it is a subscription service offering access to MacPaw's premium software such as CleanMyMac X and Gemini 2, along with dozens of other premium Mac applications spanning all sorts of categories. If you want more information, check out our full Setapp review.

There is a 7-day free trial period for Setapp offering full access to CleanMyMac X and Gemini 2 (our desired combo for Mac cleaning). There are no long-term contracts requires so you can cancel anytime (even before the trial ends or after a month), thus saving you money compared to an annual or lifetime Gemini 2 license.

User Interface & Layout

Having reviewed A LOT of different software for both Mac and PC, MacPaw's always been a company that prides itself on offering a sleek, user-friendly interface for their applications. Gemini 2 is no different, although due to the limited functionality of the program, the interface is much more straight-forward than their sister applications. 

The base loading screen only offers one option, which is to choose the folders that you wish to scan for duplicates. You can scan a custom folder or choose from three predefined folders: home, pictures, and music. The scanning process is fully guided and only requires a few clicks so you can't go wrong even if you aren't the best with technology.

Gemini 2 Recommended Scanning Locations
Ready To Scan Interface
Looking For Duplicates Search Inteface

Gemini 2's interface design was awarded the reddot award in 2017, which speaks to the level of detail and focus that MacPaw has put on its software such as this one.

Reddot award for interface gemini 2
MacPaw team with reddot award
Some of the MacPaw team posing with their reddot award for Gemini 2's interface design back in 2017.

Notable Features

This section is going to be a lot shorter than most of our reviews of Mac optimization software simply because Gemini 2 is very dedicated to one sole mission which is finding duplicate or similar files:

Duplicate Files

In this case, duplicate files are going to be two files or folders on your Apple computer, which harness EXACTLY the same data within them. These could be two installers, images, word documents, or any form of digital data. In most cases, these are safe to remove. However, you do have the option to review and exclude any flagged files or folders for the exclusion of the removal process.

An example of a duplicate file that you may want to keep would be a backup file for a work or school project. Any critical data that is important enough to ensure you have a valid backup somewhere in a safe location on your Mac.

Similar Files

A completely different approach to other Mac maintenance software that only offers identical duplicate discovery, Gemini 2 can also flag files and folders that provide data that is very close, but not the same. This allows you to discover files (mostly media files like photos and video) that are taking up valuable space on your computer but not necessary to keep.

Gemini 2: Duplicate & Similar File Results

How does Gemini 2 actually perform in a real-life situation? I ran it on my 27″ Retina iMac that I use on a daily basis and here are the results:

Performance Test On My 27" Retina iMac (10/31/19)

Gemini 2 Duplicates Results
Gemini 2 Similar Results

Looking at the results, Gemini 2 found 6.54 GB of exact duplicates on my iMac, which I use primarily for work. These duplicate files are broken down into different segments, such as archives, images, and video. The majority of my duplicates falling under the image category, which makes sense, given that I edit a lot of photos on this machine.

As for similar results, it found a whopping 31.27 GB of similar files, which not surprisingly all fell under the images category as well. Looking through the flagged files, the vast majority of them were in cases where I was shooting product photography of similar subjects within seconds of each other at different apertures, angles, or shutter speeds. 

I can choose to use Gemini 2's smart cleanup, which removes only flagged files or folders that it doesn't deem necessary to the user, which in this case would be 1.04 GB. If I want to dive deeper and recover even more space, I can manually review all of the flagged duplicates and even similar files to remove up to 37.8 GB in total potentially.

Review Summary

In this review, we dove deep into the interface, features, and functionality of MacPaw's Gemini 2. From our experience, the software is the best duplicate finder for Mac users and should be a must-use application for those looking to salvage valuable storage space on an aging machine.

For those who really need the extra cleaning power, we recommend coupling Gemini 2 with MacPaw's sister software, CleanMyMac X. The two combined offer some of the best performance, features, and user interfaces that we've tested to date. To save on this software combination and get access to even more premium apps, check out their Setapp subscription.