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How To Check Your Macbook’s Battery Health & Cycle Count

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Like many modern electronics, Apple’s line of MacBook computers uses an integrated rechargeable battery to power the device. After extended use, this rechargeable battery will become weaker and it will eventually not even be able to hold a charge.

Apple has stated that their newer MacBook batteries are rated for 1000+ recharge cycles, but this can vary in most cases and sometimes this number is a lot less. If you'd like to see what your specific MacBook model's battery is rated for then click here.

I recently was having issues with poor battery life on my 15″ Retina MacBook Pro (Mid 2012) so I used the method below to check my computer’s battery health and cycle count to see if I could get to the bottom of the issue.

1. Click On The Apple Logo (Top Left)

How To Check Your Macbooks Battery Health & Cycle Count

2. Click On ‘About This Mac’

How To Check Your Macbooks Battery Health & Cycle Count

3. Click On ‘More Info…’

How To Check Your Macbooks Battery Health & Cycle Count

4. Click On ‘System Report…’

How To Check Your Macbooks Battery Health & Cycle Count

5. Click On ‘Power’

How To Check Your Macbooks Battery Health & Cycle Count

6. View Your Battery Health & Cycle Count

How To Check Your Macbooks Battery Health & Cycle Count

If your condition says “Service Battery” like mine does then you'll want to get ahold of Apple Support to get it repaired (especially if you have AppleCare) otherwise if you see “Fair” or “Normal” then your battery should be healthy enough for regular performance. Hope this helps!

  • Mine says Normal, has 331 cycles, but the computer shutsdown when the battery is between 10 & 15%. Is that normal and acceptable?

    • I have a MBPR MID 2012 , it shows normal on 416 cycles but today it shutdown at 25% for the first time , I dont believe this is acceptable as this is my first time with this problem. Do you have the same notebook?

  • i bought mac book pro of mid 2011 . i bought 2nd hand it has already gone 1111 cycles. what should i do? replace battery or its ok

  • “Repair” your battery? You’re just repeating Apple’s official suggestion. There’s no “repairing” a battery. They replace it or you just leave it as is and deal with it.

    • If you’re having battery issues with a Macbook, Apple will be your best resource to fix the problem and get your computer back up and running like it should be. Sure, it will likely lead to a battery replacement although this is still the act of repairing your computer and in turn solving your problems. Hope this helps clear it up for you.

  • Ok folks here’s the bottom line- Apple no longer replaces the batteries in your Macbook pro laptops.
    I want to let everyone know that I’m a big fan of Apple products and will continue purchasing them because the quality is fantastic and I really believe that they have the best customer service out there. But in regards to this battery issue, I really think it sucks that you can’t take your laptop into an Apple Store any longer and get your battery replaced. They now refer you to repair facilities that can put a new battery in your unit, but the cost is around $129.00. Yikes!
    There’s a better way though which is the route I took. Since my laptop still works while plugged in, I figured that I could wait for a battery if I purchased one on Ebay. I ordered one last week which was an aftermarket battery and it also came with 3 screwdrivers as there are different screws to get at the battery in order to replace it. The repair took less than 10 minutes and I was up and running again. The best part is that the battery on Ebay only cost me $22.00 with free shipping. So for the little time it took to replace the battery I saved over a hundred dollars and didn’t even have to pay sales tax!
    I hope this helps anyone needing to get a new battery.

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