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The Best Way To Watch ‘Vine’ Videos Online Using Your Computer

The popular Vine app has gained millions of users in a short time period and boasts active accounts from some of the biggest celebrities. The only issue is that many people who do own an iOS or Android device have no real way of viewing these 6-second videos. Luckily, there is a web service called that has tackled this issue head-on and provided an excellent browser-based method of viewing all your favorite Vine users without the need to own a supported device.

Seenive is completely free to use and allows you to explore browse popular Vines, check out trending hashtags, and search for your favorite users. The name Seenive used to be “SeeVine”, but was recently changed due to trademark issues with the Vine service itself as they are two separate entities and not affiliated in any way.

Another awesome thing about the Seenive website is that they let you embed any Vine you'd like so you can share them on your blog or website quickly and easily.

Here's an example with a recent Vine posted by music star Macklemore:

Editor's note: Vine was shut down by Twitter on December 16th, 2016. Due to this, the Seenive website no longer works and all previously hosted videos are not accessible. You can still find many of the popular Vines on YouTube to reminisce. 

Have you found any alternative ways to view Vine videos online through your computer? Feel free to share them in the comments below!