• Sorry, I don’t trust paypal with my bank information. Their track record is not exactly consumer friendly and government regulation is not tight enough to suit me.

  • Was this article written by paypal? No mention whatsoever about paypal doing something stupid or nefarious with your bank account and no mention of the increased risk of your bank account information getting stolen via a hack.

    • Not written by Paypal. Just outlying the many benefits you can have by linking the two. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so yourself, simply don’t link the two. Just remember many local utility companies and some large gym franchises (such as Planet Fitness) require bank account information to be stored within their customer accounts to avoid credit card processing feeds and these institutions often have far weaker measures in place than Paypal does in terms of cybersecurity. It is a digital age we live in and as information must be shared with trusted sources to reap the benefits sometimes. For those not comfortable, simply opt out of doing so and deal with the fewer benefits when using a Paypal account.

      • Hmmmm was thinking okay sure….until you mentioned Planet Fitness…. nope and nope needed to link it for ease…but I can do the extra steps myself. I used Planet Fitness website once and after that…. I got 5 notices that my information from Yahoo was shared on the dark web.

  • It is worth mentioning one of the changes to the newest update to the user agreement:

    “PayPal may use any of the payment methods linked to a seller’s PayPal account to prevent the seller’s account from becoming negative when there are not sufficient funds in the account for seller refunds, reversals and chargebacks.”

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