Netgear Nighthawk X4S AC2600/R7800 Router Review

Netgear's Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Router offers high-end performance for consumers and gamers. The modern world has heavily adapted to the Internet age and along with the “smart home” movement, a strong home Wi-Fi connection has become a priority for many consumers. To keep up with the Wi-Fi speeds of the latest generation devices, the newest

Microsoft Surface Book Review

Microsoft's Surface Book is a laptop/tablet Windows 10 hybrid with powerful hardware. Microsoft impressed consumers around the world when they unveiled the Surface Book. The innovative device blends the portability and convenience of a tablet with the performance and efficiency of a traditional laptop. Unlike Microsoft’s previous generation Surface products, this model is a suitable

BenQ XL2730Z 27″ WQHD Gaming Monitor Review

BenQ's XL2730Z is a feature-packed, gamer-centric WQHD monitor. BenQ has been the official sponsor of MLG's displays for the past few years, and the brand is a popular choice among gamers for both console and PC displays. At this year's Consumer Electronics Show 2015, I stumbled upon BenQ's new XL2730Z, a 27″ model designed for gamers

Antec P70 Computer Case Review

Antec's P70 computer case is a budget-friendly option with a solid feature set. Antec has been a manufacturer of PC components since 1986, and their line of computer enclosures are some of the most popular options on the market. In today's review, we are going to take a look at their P70 model that retails at

ASUS PB287Q 28″ 4K UHD Monitor Review

 The ASUS PB287Q Monitor offers full 4K UHD support at 60Hz without breaking the bank. Two years ago, if you were in the market for an affordable 4K display, then you'd have been out of luck as they just didn't exist for those on a budget. Since then prices of consumer-grade 4K cameras have dropped

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2014 Gaming Keyboard Review

Razer’s BlackWidow Ultimate 2014 Stealth Edition Gaming Keyboard offers innovative features and excellent performance for the price. Choosing the right keyboard is often one of the most important aspects when building or buying a new desktop. Depending on your needs and budget, keyboards can range from $10 to $250, and many are designed with a particular purpose in