Guide Setup Alexa DISH Commands

How To Set Up & Use Amazon’s Alexa Voice Commmands With DISH

If you are a customer of DISH, you can now integrate with an Amazon Echo and issue hands-free Alexa DISH commands. In this article, we will show you exactly how to link these two services, which Alexa and DISH devices are compatible and some useful commands you can use to control your TV with Alexa.Beware

A Ring Video Doorbell (first generation) mounted on my home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Q&A: What Is The Best Smart Doorbell Camera?

After doing the research and testing with dozens of models, we have determined that the best smart doorbell camera is the Ring Video Doorbell 2. We chose this model due to the support for both wireless and wired connectivity, smart alerts, third-party integrations and 1080P HD video capture. For those looking for more in-depth information surrounding

Q&A: What Is The Best Wifi Thermostat?

After spending hours of research comparing dozens of models, we determined the best wifi thermostat is currently the Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation). We chose this model based on its attractive design, build quality, ease of use, advanced features, and overall reliability out of all the thermostat models on the market today.  For those looking for

Best Smart Light Bulb For Home Or Business

5 Of The Best Smart Light Bulbs For Your Home Or Business

On the quest for the best smart light bulbs, we did our homework comparing dozens of models yet we determined the LIFX+ A19 ( on Amazon) takes the cake as the best currently on the market. Smart light bulbs is one of the most popular product segments within the smart home movement. Independent startups and

7 Of The Best Smart Home Indoor Wi-Fi Security Cameras (2017)

With the advancements in technology over the last decade, home video security and surveillance systems went from something that only the rich could have in their home to a luxury that is accessible to nearly all consumers. With almost every household converted to wireless internet, smart home companies are producing affordable Wi-Fi security cameras that

7 Of The Best Helmets For The Boosted Board & Electric Skateboards

7 Of The Best Helmets For The Boosted Board & Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards like the Boosted Board, Inboard M1 and other brands are quickly taking the consumer market by storm. While they can be a legitimate form of short-range transportation and a blast to ride, they can also put the rider in very dangerous circumstances due to their speed and versatility. While many riders are experienced enough