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best ebikes for seniors

5 of the Best Electric Bikes for Seniors

Our team did the necessary research and ultimately decided that the best electric bike for seniors is the Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 2. We decided on this model because it offers a great balance of features at an affordable price, such as a 750W geared hub motor, stellar 45+ mile battery life and more than 330 accessory options for maximum customization.

As for our runner-up choice, it is the Aventon Pace 350 Step Through eBike. With a slightly sportier look than the RadRunner 2, the Pace 350 offers a similar low step through frame design for easy mounting as well as a 20mph top speed, 35-mile range, and comes stock with a wide saddle for increased stability and comfort.

For the senior crowd who is on a tight budget, we recommend the NAKTO Camel 26″ eBike. While it lacks a lot of the power (only 250W motors) and advanced functionality of the RadRunner 2 and Pace 350, this NAKTO model offers a reasonably good eBike experience for seniors at nearly half the price of the other models listed within this eBike model round-up.

Editor's Choice
Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 2
Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 2
  • Powerful 750W motor
  • Up to 45+ miles per charge
  • 300lb weight capacity
  • Low step through frame design
  • 330+ supported accessories for customization
Aventon Pace 350
Aventon Pace 350
  • Max speed of 20MPH
  • Average range of 35 miles
  • Low step through frame design
  • Extra wide saddle for seat comfort
  • Backlit LCD display
Budget Pick
NATKO Camel 26
NATKO Camel 26" eBike
  • Affordable price-point
  • Max speed of up to 25MPH
  • Up to 40 miles per charge with pedal assistance
  • 250 lb load capacity
  • Shimano 6-speed gears

The Best eBikes for Seniors

There are a lot of different electric bikes and brands on the market right now, and it can be a little tough to sift through them all. In this buyer's guide, we'll take you through the top 5 electric bikes for seniors currently on the market in 2022 —and provide some helpful information to help you make your buying decision.

Right off the bat, you'll notice that all of these bikes are fairly similar in both price range and model type. That's because they're built with the same general audience in mind: seniors who want to get out on the road without too much exertion.

Rad Power Bikes Rad Runner 2

Editor's Choice: Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 2

The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 2 is a great eBike for seniors because it is designed to be functional for all ages and customized with more than 330 accessory combinations. It features a 750W powerful motor offering a stellar 45+ miles per charge.

The RadRunner 2 has a payload capacity of 300lbs and a rider height range of 4'11” to 6'2″ making it suitable for nearly any size and body type. With an easy step-thru design, senior riders can easily mount this bike without having to lift a leg high or in awkward positions.

Additionally, the bike has intelligent pedal assistance with a low-profile cadence sensor that makes it easy to use for all ages, and it comes with a custom LED display. The bike also has a half-twist grip throttle as well as water-resistant connectors and wiring harness.

Averton Pace 350 eBike

Runner-Up: Aventon Pace 350 Step Through eBike

The Aventon Pace 350 is an excellent ebike for seniors. It has a comfortable seat and low step frame, making it easy to get on and ride. The backlit LCD display keeps you informed of your speed, battery level, distance covered, and pedal assist level.

The hub motor and battery are fast charging and provide up to 35 miles in range with a maximum speed of 20 MPH. The pedal assist and throttle make it easy to climb hills and navigate around town.

While the Aventon falls short in comparison to our Editor's Choice, the RadRunner 2, it is still a very strong contender and is an excellent choice for seniors looking to get on an eBike and get some exercise without too much work or risk of injury.

NAKTO Electric Bike for Adults

Budget Pick: NAKTO Camel 26″ eBike

The NAKTO electric bike is a great bike on a budget for seniors because it has a 36V 250W high speed brushless gear motor that can reach speeds of up to 25MPH with pedal assist. It also has a frame made of high-strength carbon steel, front V brake, rear expansion brake, and 6 speed Shimano gears.

The vehicle weight is about 50 lbs with a battery, and it can support a load capacity of 250 lbs. The lithium battery is 36V 10.4Ah and takes 4-5hours to charge, but can last up to 30 miles which is plenty for most riders.

Rattan LF 750

Rattan LF-750 Folding Electric Bike

The Rattan LF-750 is a city commuter electric bike that comes equipped with a 750 watt brushless motor, a 48 volt 13 ah lithium battery, and 20 inch by 4 inch fat tires. The bike has three working modes (throttle, pedal assist, and only riding), and can reach a top speed of 23 mph. The Rattan LF-750 also comes with a 1-year warranty.

The 4.0 All-Terrain tires are equipped with Front and Rear Fenders, Cargo Rack, and Detachable Cushions, allowing you to travel freely on any road in the city, and easily carry items to enjoy the fun of riding without all the work of a regular bike.

Scwhinn Coston Hybrid Electric Bike

Schwinn Coston Hybrid Electric Bike

The Schwinn Coston Hybrid is a powerful e-bike designed for riders 68 to 74 inches tall and has a lightweight, aluminum frame. It comes with a 250-watt brushless geared hub-drive pedal assist motor that can accelerate the bike up to 20mph with the throttle.

The integrated downtube (360-watt) battery can last up to 45 miles on a single charge and takes 5 hours to recharge with the included charging cable. This bike also has a 7-speed trigger shifter, mechanical disc brakes, and alloy double wall rims with 2.6″ wide tires. The bike is equipped with integrated LED lights on the battery, head, and taillights. It also comes with full coverage fenders and a rear rack.

Are Electric Bikes Good for Senior Citizens?

Yes, they are for many reasons. Most electric bikes (or an electric trike) can be a useful tool for senior citizens to exercise or stay healthy. Others are designed to meet certain needs of elderly people who need a solutions for their changing mobility problems due to different health conditions. In fact, many e-bike brands have been designing their electric bikes with more flexibility and comfort in mind to cater to all age ranges.

Here are some of the great perks of electric bikes:

1) Improve Overall Health and Fitness

Many electric bikes are designed specifically for senior citizens and those who may not be too fit. They provide a very comfortable riding position so that you can ride it without having to press against the handles or lean forward.

This means that your heart will not have to work as hard because you are not exerting as much effort from your upper body. Electric bikes are also very safe to operate because of their low center of gravity and their relaxed riding position.

Even if you aren't getting the same amount of energy burned as a traditional bike, it is still good exercise which can help you burn calories and improve your cardio fitness which is good for heart health.

2) Less Work Through Pedal Assistance

With electric bikes, you can use the motor to provide assistance while pedaling. The motor will do most of the work for you and that means less effort on your part.

Riding a regular bicycle can be intimidating for older people who are not used to it or have trouble exerting too much effort in order to ride the bike. Electric bikes remove all of these barriers because they are easy to use, safe, and enjoyable.

You will not need the same level of physical fitness and strength to ride one. All they need is for you to know how to use a pedal assist or turn on the throttle in order to get it started.

electric bike rider enjoying the outdoors scaled
A man enjoying nature riding his electric bicycle along a beautiful countryside.

3) Fun Way to Appreciate the Outdoors & Get Fresh Air

Riding an electric bike is a great way to appreciate nature and see the surrounding sights. It can be a very healthy and refreshing experience as well as good for your mental health because it gets you out of the house and unlocks so much more than walking or using public transportation can.

In any cities and urban areas, there are dedicated bike lanes or bike paths that are perfect for electric bikes. So, you'll be able to travel with safety, and you will not need to concern yourself with traffic or using motor vehicles which is great.

4) Good for the Environment & Cost Effective

Riding an eBike provides a quiet and pollution free mode of transportation. Riding one makes it, so you won't have to contribute to smog by using a car or other fossil fuel based vehicle which is good for the environment.

Electric bikes are also cost-effective in that they do not require any gas or upkeep costs like with regular vehicles. All you need is to charge the battery regularly and ride it when you need it.

5) Faster Means of Commuting Around Town

Electric bikes provide a very efficient way of commuting in the city or around your local area. They allow you to travel without much difficulty no matter how far or close your destination is because they are capable of covering long distances at high speeds without being too much of a burden on your body or muscles.

If you have difficulties walking long distances, then it can be problematic for you to get around. Electric bikes solve that problem by making it easy for you to get around the city without feeling too tired or worn out.

What Should I Look For in Electric Bikes for Seniors?

It can be difficult for seniors to choose the perfect bike because of the large variety and small differences between each electric bike model. For this reason, it's important to know the right factors that one must consider while deciding on an e-bike specifically designed for more elderly people to ride.

1) Bike Price

The price is obviously a critical factor to consider because you don't want to spend too much money on something that you won't use. A good test of whether the bike is worth its price tag or not is to see if you will still use it after a few months.

Pricing can range anywhere from $500-$5,000 for an electric bike, so think about the features that you really need and compare them with the cost of various eBikes.

2) Comfort

Most seniors have comfort in mind when looking for an electric bike because their bodies are already starting to ache in some capacity, and you likely don't want to add any more pain on top of that.

The seat is often replaceable, so the main things you want to look for is comfortable swept back handlebars and a low step through frame design for easy mounting, especially for those with limited hip mobility.

3) Portability

If you're the type of person who would only be using your eBike indoors at home or in a garage, then portability isn't an issue. However, if you plan on bringing your eBike with you on trips or going out of town for a little while, portability is definitely going to be something that you should take into consideration.

Depending on the model, some electric bikes are able to be folded up and taken with you for use anywhere. If portability is important, then look into models that can be folded up and offer a lightweight design.

4) Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new eBike. Some may have a battery life that can last for 30 miles, while others will only be able to continue running for 10 miles. It depends on the number of things you require your electric bike for and what type of riding that you think you will be doing.

If you're planning to go on weekend trips out by yourself, you might need a bike with a longer battery life. On the other hand, if you live in an area where it's relatively flat and not too hilly, then short-distance travel is what you would probably prefer instead, so battery life isn't a huge concern deal.

The best electric bikes will utilize a smartly integrated lithium ion battery that will supply enough power for long rides and not require you to plug in for a recharge every single ride.

5) Brand Reputation

An electric bicycle shouldn't be something you buy on a whim or think doesn't matter. You should do your research and get the product that has the best value for money, meaning the best quality at the best price.

It's important to take into consideration each company's reputation because it could tell whether they're selling good products or just throwing things together to make a quick buck.

The brand reputation is also a big factor to help determine the longevity of your electric bicycle because it will offer an idea of how the after sales support and manufacturer warranty is. Compared to regular bikes, electric bikes have a motor which can potentially fail over time.

6) Wheel Size

The wheel size is probably not something that you're going to be considering at first glance. That being said, there are some types of electric bikes available which come with different sized wheels/tires. A fat tire bike is often more comfortable for seniors because it provides better shock absorption and gives the rider more control over the bike.

7) Weight Capacity

An eBike's weight capacity has a lot of things to do with the overall sturdiness and the quality of the bike. The higher the weight capacity, the stronger and harder it can be used on various terrains or even city streets with potholes which could damage even the best electric bike.

8) Brakes

The braking system should be topnotch because braking determines your safety when riding on roads filled with other vehicles. The braking system should be safe, quick, and easy to use for seniors who might not have that much strength in their hands or fingers anymore.

There are different types of brakes such as hydraulic disc brakes, rim brakes, and V-brakes. Many e-bikes do not include hydraulic brakes or V-brake models because they are heavier and more expensive than the other types of braking systems available.

9) Advanced Features

Depending on the electric bicycle model, it may have advanced features such as a twist throttle (or thumb throttle), suspension fork or suspension seat post, puncture resistant tires, swappable lithium ion batteries, or powerful motors to help it climb hills or tackle rough trails. Other features may include head and tail lights for improved visibility on the road.

electric bike headlights 1
An example of an integrated headlight on a Rad Power Bikes RadCity 5 Plus eBike.

Final Thoughts

So, are electric bikes good for senior citizens? Yes, they are in many ways. They provide a very convenient and safe means of transportation with little stress on your body making them great for exercise and commuting.

These are some things you need to consider when buying an electric bike for a senior. There is no one size fits all product, because what works for someone else may not work for you.

From price to weight capacity to bike frame designs, so be sure to take your time and do as much research as possible before buying something that ultimately won't be worth it in the end as buying an electric bike online is tougher to return due to the size of the package.

Happy riding!