Q&A: What Is The Best Electric Skateboard or Longboard?

Our team conducted hours of research and testing with dozens of models and ultimately determined the best electric longboard is the Boosted Stealth. We chose this model as our Editor's choice for longboards as it improves upon last year's model offering an attractive look, high-quality construction, competitive performance and relatively affordable price-point when compared against the top-end of the market. 

Boosted's new Mini S/X model won our best electric skateboard recommendation as it offers the high quality, speed, range and reliability of Boosted's longboards without the excessive size that you'd typically have to settle for. Depending on budget, the S is great for those looking to score a cheap riding experience while the X offers the performance that hardcore rider desires. 

Lastly, our budget choice for the best electric longboard is Inboard's M1 model. Now discounted to under $1K, this board was made popular by NBC's Shark Tank. Offering a longboard design with a stiff deck, this model is lightweight and offers decent performance falling just short of Boosted's specs though at a significantly lower price-point.

Best Electric Longboard & Editor's Choice

boosted board stealth longboard

The newest electric longboard from Boosted offering top performance and appeal.

Boosted designed this longboard to have a 'Stealth' appeal with dark colors along with a new in-house deck and wheels. Shipping with an extended range battery stock, this model allows for 24 mph riding up to 14 miles.

*Pricing as of 5/1/18

Best Electric Skateboard & Runner-Up

boosted board mini x

A smaller and more affordable electric skateboard offering similar performance.

For those looking for a more portable, true 'skateboard' experience then Boosted's new Mini S and X models offer a great alternative to a longboard without the high cost.

*Pricing as of 5/1/18

Best Cheap Motorized Longboard

inboard m1

Our runner-up board that is more affordable than the new Boosted longboards.

Made famous by its appearance on NBC's Shark Tank, Inboard's M1 electric longboard offers a stiff deck for more control over the board along with competitive performance and batteries that can be swapped from anywhere without the need for tools.

Electric longboards/skateboards are all the rage right now in consumer tech thanks to popularity from social media celebrities and popular YouTubers. While the technology has been around for a few years now, the latest boards are vastly improved from the first models to hit the market, so it is now the right time to invest in one.

In the following article, we'll cover eight of the best boards currently the market (as of May 1st, 2018) based on a few different criteria including design, specifications, performance, quality, and pricing. Keep in mind, everyone's needs are different, and the right board for you might be a different model than the ideal model for someone else.

Keep in mind, our quality content is free to access for all of our readers. Due to this, we must incorporate a mixture of display advertising and affiliate links to help keep our lights on and to be able to provide more great content like this for your future use.

It is safe to assume that all links in this article are affiliate links to a reputable retailer partner which may earn us a commission if you were to click through and purchase. Integrity is our top priority, and our recommendations will never be swayed off potential revenue generating opportunities.

In fact, our editor's choice and runner-up models listed in this guide have no monetization potential (Boosted doesn't offer any sort of affiliate program), but we recommend them nonetheless due to them being the top electronic skateboards and longboards currently on the market as of the company's recent product releases.

Is Riding A Motorized Skateboard Safe?

Just like any means of recreational transportation, there are risks involved with riding an electric skateboard or longboard. However, taking the proper safety precautions and obeying all traffic laws are crucial to staying safe during operation.

No matter what board you decide to go through and purchase, please use it responsibly and wear a helmet. It may not be the “cool” thing to do, but can literally save your life regardless of whether you are the direct cause of an accident or another driver/pedestrian.

We were in the market for a proper helmet for our Boosted Board V2 Dual+ recently so we have previously written up a similar compilation of the best helmets for electric skateboard use. We recommend checking this article out to make sure you are adequately protected as not all skateboard helmets are rated high enough to protect you under the high speeds capable of electric boards.

Are They A Viable Means For Commuting?

Depending on your living and working situations, electric skateboards have become a widely popular means of transportation and commuting for those within a few miles of their office or workplace.

A few of our staff members use these devices to commute to our office in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. An electric skateboard makes commuting a more enjoyable experience over a traditional bike or longboard and gets you from A to B without exerting too much energy or causing yourself to become drenched in sweat (especially in Florida's brutal summer heat/humidity). 

However, there are a few things that can potentially hinder commuting with an electric skateboard:

  • Distance - depending on your proximity to your workplace, it might not be a reasonable assumption to use an electric board for transportation especially if the battery life of your desired model is close to your commute length.
  • Terrain - the best environments to ride an electric skateboard is on smooth, even pavement or concrete so routes with lots of bumps, divots, or sidewalks (where pieces of concrete are placed with a seam every couple of feet) can become a pain or even tire your legs.
  • Hills - depending on the model you choose, the ability to traverse up steep hills will be limited with the best models offering support for a 25% grade, if you think you'll be facing anything steeper than this, then an electric board likely isn't a viable option.
  • Weather - while a lot of the boards on this list are weatherproof, there is a lot of inconvenience and general safety issues with riding on wet surfaces mainly the splash potential for getting your clothes all wet and dirty as well as the lack of traction on your wheels which can cause you to skid out and fall especially during high rates of speed.
  • Traffic - an obvious issue for commuting on any form of transportation is traffic which may be on the road (please obey all posted traffic/bike laws), sidewalks or bike lanes. The more traffic there is on your chosen route, the less fun and practical the commute will be on an electric skateboard.

What To Consider Before Buying A Board

If in the market for new fans for your PC build, these aspects are essential to keep in mind when determining the right build for your needs:


Like any consumer electronic, choosing a product that has a reputable brand behind it is a crucial step to protecting your investment. A reputable electric skateboard manufacturer will be there for you with pre-sale or support questions, offer a solid warranty and allow you to purchase replacement parts should any of the components malfunction outside of the warranty. 


As you probably already know by now, the models listed in this article aren't cheap by most definitions of the word. Since this is a guide based on the best electronic boards, we decided to stick with the best recommendations and leave any lesser performing models to another article which focuses more on an affordable price over the quality of the board and its ride potential.


Measured in inches, this element will signify how long the board is. Typically speaking, boards over 36" will be considered a longboard whereas those under this size will be skateboards.


Measured in pounds, this attribute is determined by how heavy the board is and this is most important for carrying the board when not in use. A heavier board often either means it is a larger-sized model or harnesses a more substantial battery which typically correlates directly with increased battery life.


The 'deck' refers to the actual board components in an electric skateboard which is often comprised of wood or a composite material. In this case, we are interested in whether the deck offers a flex or stiff feel to it.

In the case of a 'flex' deck, the board will automatically absorb small bumps, rocks or seams in the pavement as you ride thus keeping you comfortable at high speeds and uneven terrain.

However, a stiff deck is usually more regarded for maneuvering at high speeds and better control of the board yet are less stable due to the lack of absorption from the deck when facing minor obstacles on the road.

Wheel Size

Measured in millimeters, the size of the wheels on an electric longboard or skateboard will depict a lot about performance. A larger wheel ensures a smoother ride and offer higher top speeds whereas smaller wheels offer faster acceleration (though lower top speeds) and improve on how tight you can turn.

Max Speed

Measured in miles per hour (mph), the attribute will clock how fast the electric longboard or skateboard is rated for. Most boards will be capable of reaching at least 20 mph on the top-end, with some models reaching a whopping 24-26 mph. 

It is important to remember two things about speed on an electric longboard:

  1. Higher speeds mean higher risks of physical harm if you should crash or fall especially if you aren't wearing proper protection.
  2. Operating at max speed isn't efficient, and it will cause you to drain more battery life than you would when operating at lower speeds. This is why companies like Boosted rate advertise their max speeds which are calculated on their 'Eco' mode which is capped at a slower top speed.


Measured in miles, the riding distance of an electric board will determine how far you can travel before the battery is depleted and no longer able drive the motor forward. In most cases, an electric longboard without any power left can be kicked like a standard skateboard in order to reach your destination though being forced to exert some energy to do so.

In some instances (like the Inboard M1), the battery can be swapped on the fly without the need for any tools which is a huge advantage to some. However, considering the range is half what you get with a newer Boosted board that includes the extended range battery, this competitive advantage evens out.

Regenerative Braking

A concept that has been taken from electric cars and adopted into other forms of technology like electric skateboards, regenerative braking is the concept of which energy can be recovered through a mechanism that slows the vehicle while converting this energy into a form that can be then stored within the battery.

In simpler terms, an electric board with regenerative braking will convert your energy when hitting the brakes or stopping on the board into future energy that can be used to power the board. This means every time you hit the brakes, you slowly recharge the board's battery life. It is true that the amount of recharge you get from operating the brakes is minor, but it is still a useful and convenient feature to get the most range out of your board.

LED Lights

On some electric skateboards, you'll see the integrated LED lights which can be used for night riding or just as a better way to attract the attention of other drivers or pedestrians on a gloomy day. If you buy a board without the LED lights there are ways that you can purchase aftermarket lights, and modify them to fit your board (there are several reddit threads from Boosted owners who have done this).

Max Incline

Measured in percent grade, the max incline is how steep of a hill that an electric skateboard can climb. If you plan to use the board in a hilly area then you may need to consider this component, but for those of us in flatter areas like Florida, this attribute doesn't affect us much.

Splash Resistant

Depending on the model, the ability to ride in wet conditions will differ. In some cases, the board isn't properly sealed so water can get into the electronics or motor while riding and cause permanent harm to the device whereas others allow you to ride in the rain or through a puddle without any issues.

Either way, riding in rainy or wet conditions poses an increased risk to your safety. Since most of the electric models use flat, smooth skateboard wheels which have no traction in slippery conditions, you run a much higher risk of falling when riding on wet ground (unfortunately we have learned this the hard way from experience).

Comparing The Top Electronic Models

boosted stealth
boosted mini s
inboard skateboard
zboard 2 pearl
onewheel +XR
Evolve Carbon GT Street
Acton BLINK quatro







Evolve Carbon




Mini S/X


2 Pearl


GT Street











Length (in)








Weight (lbs)
















Wheel Size (mm)








Max Speed (mph)








Range (miles)








Regenerative Braking

LED Lights

Max Incline (% Grade)








Splash Resistant

*Pricing as of 5/1/18

Best Electric Skateboards & Longboards

Boosted Board Stealth

Boosted Boards is one of the biggest brands in the electric skateboard industry thanks to the massive exposure coming from Casey Neistat's vlogs. With some of the highest quality production quality and improved performance, the high-end version of their 3rd generation of the Boosted Boards dubbed the Stealth is the best electronic longboard on the market.

The title previously was held by their Boosted Board V2 Dual+ version which is the version that I use to commute to the office every morning along the beautiful waters of St. Petersburg, Florida. With the Stealth, Boosted took a lot of the product's manufacturing to their in-house production.

With this change, it means that they now produce and utilize their own super flex composite deck as well as their own Boosted Stratus 85mm wheels. All of the newest electric longboard from Boosted ship with their recently released extended battery which increases the range from 7 to 14 miles. 

Performance wise, the Stealth isn't improving in too many areas despite the jump in price. You will see an increase in max speed from 22 to 24 mph. There isn't an increase in hill climbing with the same 25% grade possible, but there is an all-new 'hyper' mode which is exclusive to the Stealth and helps with achieving the increased speed without experiencing a jerky response to your hand controls.

Boosted Board Mini S/X

Boosted Board found their company on their electric longboard models, but people have been searching for a smaller, more portable solution that embodies more of the skateboard design. Many have asked and just last month, Boosted delivered with their new Boosted Board Mini S/X versions.

Priced at $749 and $999 respectively, the Boosted Mini S and X offer a condensed design with a kick tail made from a composite deck. From a performance standpoint, the Mini S offers a top speed of 18mph and a range of 7 miles. 

Jumping up to the Boosted Mini X, you get a notable performance jump up to 20 mph as well as the extended range battery that is capable of traveling up to 14 miles on a single charge. Both models offer 80mm Boosted Lunar wheels and of course, regenerative braking. 

Inboard M1 Longboard

The Inboard M1 is one of the hottest electric skateboard model currently on the market primarily because of its exposure on a recent episode of NBC's hit show, Shark Tank. During the episode, Inboard received a $750,000 loan offer from Kevin O'Leary and Lori Greiner in exchange for 4% equity in the company. 

Unlike the Boosted Board's longboard models which offer a highly flexible deck, the Inboard's design is stiff. This makes bumps and various uneven terrain less comfortable to ride especially when operating at high speeds. On the flip side, a stiff deck allows for better control when carving or performing other technical maneuvers. 

Some advantages of the Inboard M1 include integrated head lights/tail lights and a swappable battery. The Inboard is marketed to reach 22 mph (though Sam Sheffer says otherwise), has regenerative braking, is splash resistant and has a range of 7 miles per battery (additional batteries run $199). This model currently offers the best electric longboard performance for under $1K, so it was chosen as our budget pick.

Motor Powered Skateboard

ZBoard is a startup that has entered the electric skateboard market with a unique concept. Instead of creating a board that relies on a handheld controller for guidance, they have developed a hands-free technology that relies on weight distribution for movement.

Starting at $1,299, their 'Blue' model offers a range of 16 miles and a top speed of 20mph. Bumping up to their $1,499 'Pearl' model, you get a similar form-factor with a range increase to 24 miles and the same top speed of 20mph.

Each model has a wooden deck although the Blue version offers Maple while the Pearl is made of Rosewood. On the interior of both of the wooden decks, ZBoard chose to cut out a small seam which removes some of the excess weight and functions as a carrying handle. 

The urethane wheels differ in size between the two with the Blue offering 90mm blue wheels and the Pearl offering 97mm white wheels. Both models provide integrated head/tail lights that can be toggled on/off or set to blink. 

Good Motorized OneWheel

As you can tell from the product image, the OneWheel +XR is NOT your typical electric skateboard and frankly, it's a stretch even to call it a skateboard at all. However, it is an electronic recreational and transportation tool whose only true competition are motorized boards, so we decided to include it in this roundup. 

The design is unique with a single 11.5" wheel housed in the center of the deck which is powered by a Hypercore brushless motor which is efficient and near silent. Due to this, the OneWheel operates smoothly on a variety of off-road terrain including gravel, sand or grass.

Both the front and back of the OneWheel +XR offer intelligent LED lights for attracting the attention of pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles whom may be sharing the road with you.

The operation is done hands-free similar to the ZBoard. You accelerate, stop or reverse based solely on shifting your weight distribution to one side or the other. However, once in motion, the ride doesn't require a significant amount of balance thus making it a comfortable experience. 

The original OneWheel+ is priced at $1,499 with a 5-7 mile range, but the company's newest OneWheel+XR model jumped up in price to $1,799 with an increase to 12-18 miles of range. Both models are capable of 19mph top speeds as well as fast charging and connectivity via their mobile app

Evolve Carbon GT Street Remote Fastest

Coming in at the highest price on this list, the Carbon GT Street by Evolve is one of the most impressive models touting an ultra-sleek look and high performance. Made out of a true carbon fiber deck with the electronics located inside of it, the resulting the low profile design is truly eye catching. 

The street model offers an unrivaled 31 miles in range (though this depends on rider weight/riding style) as well as a top speed up to 26 miles per house depending on wheel and gear size which make it the fastest board on this list. Operation is made possible through the use of twin sensor brushless motors offering 3000w of power to the ground that is enough to climb hills with up to a 25% gradient. 

Unlike most of the models on this list, the Carbon GT can be purchased in a Street or All-Terrain option or even a 2-in-1 which offers the best of both worlds. This option means that you can swap out the 83mm street wheels for an all-terrain hybrid that allows you to ride on previously unridable surfaces like grass, gravel or sand (although you'll lose some performance). 

Acton Blinker Quatro remote controlled board

Acton has been in the electric skateboard market for quite a few years now, and while many of their models are priced under $1K in more of a beginner tier, their high-end BLINK QU4TRO is a true competitor boasting a sleek, futuristic design with some impressive specs.

Priced at $1,699, the QU4TRO is on the higher-end of the market, but the design offers an innovative 4WD-hub system that is ultra-sleek looking and lacks any belts to malfunction or break. With this sort of design, the QU4TRO's performance is rated for 2000W offering up to 23mph at up to a 30% incline rate and up to 22 miles in range along with regenerative braking. 

The board itself is comprised of a mixture of aircraft grade aluminum and carbon fiber that sports 88mm wheels. There are integrated LED lights into the front, tail and both sides of the board which can be toggled on or off via the mobile app

Final Summary

While most of you are searching for an electric longboard or skateboard, not all of us will have the same needs, requirements or budget. What is the right choice for me, might not be the ideal fit for you. You will ultimately have to read over each model and determine which of these electric skateboards is the best option for you  appeal, size, performance or price-point.

As a general recommendation, we think that the Boosted Stealth is the ideal choice when looking for an motorized longboard and the Boosted Mini S/X are the top electric skateboards for most people. In any case, all of the boards mentioned in this guide are highly recommended models based on their reputation within the industry, and it will be hard to go wrong with any of these options.

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