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7 Of The Best Helmets For The Boosted Board & Electric Skateboards

7 Of The Best Helmets For The Boosted Board & Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards like the Boosted Board, Inboard M1 and other brands are quickly taking the consumer market by storm. While they can be a legitimate form of short-range transportation and a blast to ride, they can also put the rider in very dangerous circumstances due to their speed and versatility.

While many riders are experienced enough with a skateboard/longboard to ride comfortably and safely, riding on the road or sidewalk can bring in obstacles that are unavoidable especially with other pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles sharing the space (I learned this first-hand as I was almost run over by an unlawful driver).

As a new Boosted Board rider, I recently went through the search for the best helmets on the market for electric skateboarders and have compiled a list of the top seven below.

I narrowed down the options based on price, design and overall protection as many of the cheaper skate helmets available are not certified to offer enough skull protection to account for the speeds that electric skateboards can achieve.

Here are 7 of the best helmets for use with the Boosted Board and other electric skateboards:

S1 Lifer S1 Lifer – $89.99 (Amazon)

The S1 Lifer is the most expensive on the list, but also holds some of the highest safety standards (a common choice for roller derby players) and even boasts “5x more protection than regular skate helmets”. Additionally, there are a lot of finishes available so it can cater to most riders' color preferences.

Bern Unlimited WattsBern Unlimited Watts –  (Amazon)

With one of the best reputation in the protective gear community, Bern offers helmets for both summer and winter sports. Another cool element is that most of their outer protective shells can be converted for use in either season. The Bern Unlimited Watts model is the unofficial helmet for Boosted Boards and the one I ultimately purchased for use with mine.

Predator FR7 CertifiedPredator FR7 Certified –  (Amazon)

Similar to the Bern model listed above, the FS7 from Predator sports a sleek ‘military' style shell with a built-in visor which can come in handy while riding on sunny days. It has the full certifications including high impact EPS inner foam and is ready to protect your skull from potential danger.

Pro-Tec Classic CertifiedPro-Tec Classic Certified –  (Amazon)

Pro-Tec is one of the most well-known manufacturers of skateboard protective gear and has been in business for several decades. Their Classic Certified model meets all the protective needs coupled with an attractive yet traditional design.

Bern Macon EPSBern Macon EPS –  (Amazon)

Another model from Bern, this one features a more subtle design without the built-in visor and offers a look more along the lines of the cheaper models listed in this article. The Macon EPS offers similar protection benefits as the Unlimited Watts series at a cheaper price-point so it may be a better choice for riders on a budget.

Triple Eight CertifiedTriple Eight Certified – $27.99 (Amazon)

There are several models on the market from Triple Eight, but their certified model is really the only one to consider for electric skateboarders as it is the only one that provides adequate protection. What I like about the Triple Eight Certified is the affordable price-point, clean design, and multitude of colors offered.