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How To Get A Free Or Discounted Amazon Prime Account

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Amazon Prime is an excellent subscription service that allows frequent Amazon customers to receive free 2 day shipping as well as many other benefits which I have outlined in a previous article ‘3 reasons why you should sign up for Amazon Prime'. If you've never been an Amazon Prime customer before there are several ways to test out a trial of the service or receive a significant discount on the membership after the trial expires (Amazon Student accounts only). I will run through the three possible options for doing so below:

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 12.11.50 PMOption #1: Student Account

If you are a student currently enrolled in college and have a valid .edu email address you are eligible to sign up for Amazon Prime's Student account. By doing so you will receive exclusive offers and free 2-day shipping for 6 months at no cost. Once this 6 month period is over you will be automatically charged $39 to continue the membership and receive the free shipping and Amazon Instant video benefits for an additional year. Keep in mind you can sign up for this account and cancel the Prime membership before the automatic renewal.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 12.44.59 PMOption #2: Mom/Dad Account

If you are a mom, dad, grandparent, or caretaker you are eligible to sign up for an Amazon Mom account and receive 3 months of free 2 day shipping as well as exclusive deals, and more importantly 20% all diapers and baby wipes. After the 3 month period it will automatically renew at the $79/year price tag if not cancelled ahead of time.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 12.03.00 PMOption #3: Amazon Prime Trial

If you don't qualify for a student or mom/dad account then you can resort to signing up for the Prime trial which only includes 30 days of free use before the automatic $79 yearly subscription charge. The benefit however is that unlike the student and mom/dad accounts you get full access to the Amazon Instant Video and free Kindle book borrowing program during this 30 day trial period.

UPDATE (7/17/17): The updated pricing for Amazon Prime is now $99/year and $49/year for Amazon Student. These prices were originally raised in late March of 2014. The three methods of achieving a free trial are all currently active except the Mom/Dad account is now limited to a 30-day trial period.

UPDATE: (10/19/17): Amazon's Mom/Dad accounts have been discontinued and their Amazon Family option remains priced at $99 while offering discounts on things like diapers and baby food upon participation in subscriptions and monthly deliveries.


  • I signed up for 3-month free membership but I thought it was offered at 79$ not 99. Anyway I am a senior can I get it for $67

    • Hi Bonnie, thanks for reading this article. It was originally posted back in 2013 and I hadn’t had the chance to update it with any changes (I have just made an editor’s note to the reflect this at the bottom of the article). The current price of the regluar Prime membership is $99/year and the Amazon Student membership is now $49/year as both were raised in March of 2014. I will say a lot of benefits have been added to Prime to make up for the price difference and it is now more valuable than ever for most consumers. Sorry for the confusion!

    • Colt – if you could please delete option 2 – Amazon no longer has “mom & dad/ Caretaker” memberships. They have Amazon Family – the same $99 rate, but you can get discounts on diapers & baby food if you participate in their subscriber services & monthly deliveries.

  • Can someone help me please, I was told if a person received SNAP benefits, they were able to get Amazon Prime at a 1/2 off monthly discount rate? That would be awesome for me and i would also know where all of my gifts would be coming from (AMAZON)! Thank you

    • Hi Cordie,

      Keep in mind, we are not Amazon. We are simply a tech journalism company who covers their offerings. As of right now, they do not have a discount for senior citizens, but I will be sure to reply back here if that changes in the future. Thanks for the comment!

  • Mary Gardner, I thought you were giving seniors living on social security a discount. I love Amazon and kindle and because I’m retired and raising two grandchildren on my social security it has become difficult to pay the yearly fee so I applied for the monthly and even 12.99 is hard to spare. I was told we would only pay 5.99.

    • In in the discount plan that if you get Medicare or snap benefits you pay the 5.99 a month up to 48 months but 1time a yr u have to recertify for it. Hope I helped u out some

  • I received an email telling me that Amazon was giving discounts to disabled and people on SNAP. I contacted Amazon and they told me they knew nothing about such a discount. What gives?

    • It’s likely someone posing as Amazon trying to scam you with an enticing offer. Be careful clicking on any of those links within the email. I can vouch for Amazon’s response in that I know nothing about such an offer for SNAP/disabled discounts at this time.

  • I find it difficult to believe that you do not offer a program for disabled veterans.

    • I think a huge organization like Amazon COULD and SHOULD give disabled Vets 10% discount like Lowes, Home Depot, Overstock and countless other retailers. If you are on food stamps or a “Mom” or a Student Amazon Prime membership is reduced. Hey what about the men and women who fought for this country PLUS active duty who still do. Shame on you Amazon!!

  • I Would Love to Try Amazon Prime. I have friends with accountd and have heard great feed back fir Iteam’s they’ve purchased.

  • I believe seniors should get free prime. I am 77 and have let my membership expire I want to keep it up. What do you say?

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