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Guide Setup Alexa DISH Commands

How To Set Up & Use Amazon’s Alexa Voice Commmands With DISH

If you are a customer of DISH, you can now integrate with an Amazon Echo and issue hands-free Alexa DISH commands. In this article, we will show you exactly how to link these two services, which Alexa and DISH devices are compatible and some useful commands you can use to control your TV with Alexa.

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Since I got my DISH service installed last May, I have been reaping the benefits of voice control. With a Hopper 3 and three wireless Joeys all in separate rooms that each have their own Alexa-enabled device (three Echos and an Echo Dot), I can control each TV with my voice independently depending on where I am standing when I issue the command. This type of Alexa integration and functionality has taken my smart home to the next level.

Which Devices Are Compatible With DISH Network and Alexa?

Upon launching this Alexa feature, it was exclusive to the Hopper and Wally receivers, but DISH has continually pushed out updates expanding the compatibility of this integration. The list of currently supported DISH hardware is as follows:

DISH Hopper - echo control tv

Hopper (All Generations)

DISH Wireless Joey - alexa and dish network

Joey, Wireless Joey, 4K Joey & Super Joey

wally single-tuner hd receiver - control tv with alexa

Wally Single-Tuner HD Receiver

On Amazon's side, all of their Alexa models are compatible. This means that you can control your TV with Alexa as long as you own one of the DISH models above or one of the various Echo models listed below:

How To Set Up Alexa Voice Integration With DISH

Amazon Echo & DISH Network

If you've determined that you have compatible hardware from both DISH and Amazon, then you can go through with the pairing process to get started with voice commands.

  1. Download and log into the Alexa app on your mobile device (iOS / Android)
  2. Select Music, Video & Books > DISH TV > Enable
  3. You'll need to obtain a receiver code from your wifi-enabled DISH receiver which can be done by choosing Menu > Settings > Amazon Alexa > Get Code via your DISH remote.
  4. From there you must enter the generated code into your Alexa app and choose Activate.
  5. To pair the two, locate your Hopper, Wally or Joey receiver from the list of discoverable devices and click Continue.
  6. Select the Echo device that you wish to sync with the chosen receiver then click Link Devices.
  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 with all set-top boxes/Echo models that you wish to set up and link.

Note: if you have multiple DISH receivers and Alexa products spread out throughout your house then you'll want to only link the two closest together. This will ensure your Echo in your living room controls only your living room TV and does not affect your bedroom TV and vice-versa. 

The Most Common Alexa/DISH Voice Commands

At this point, your DISH Hopper, Joey or Wally will be configured and linked to your Alexa device(s), and now all you have to do is learn some of the voice commands. To do this, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the following phrases:

  • To change the channel (name) – “Alexa, go to HBO” or “Alexa, change channel to MTV
  • To change the channel (number)“Alexa, tune to channel 165”
  • Locate a show you want to watch – “Alexa, find The Voice” or “Alexa, search for Fixer Upper”
  • Find movies starring a particular actor or actress – “Alexa, show me Will Ferrell movies
  • Find a particular genre of movies or TV shows – “Alexa, search for comedies
  • Play a show from your DVR or on-demand – “Alexa, play Game Of Thrones
  • Fast forward your content – “Alexa, skip forward
  • Rewind your content – “Alexa, rewind 30 seconds
  • Pause your content – “Alexa, pause
  • Resume playback of your content – “Alexa, resume

Can I Use Voice Commands For DISH Without Alexa?

Pairing your DISH receiver with an Amazon Echo device is the most convenient and most accessible way to control your TV with voice commands, but it isn't the only option. DISH also offers two optional voice remotes which allow you to utilize similar voice functionality to Alexa.

DISH Network 50 Voice Remote Control

DISH 50.0 Voice Remote

The 50.0 Voice remote offers a condensed design with fewer buttons as you have a large touchpad in the center of the remove which allows you to navigate the DISH interface via swiping gestures and clicks.

This remote has a side button that when held down, the remote can be spoken into similar to Alexa commands just by holding down a button instead of using ‘Alexa' as a wake word. This is the older generation of voice remote that is only compatible with the Hopper family (this version lacks support for the Joey or Wally).

DISH 54.0 Voice Remote

The 54.0 is the newest voice remote from DISH and has a similar design to that of their standard remote. This means that it ditches the touchpad and stays with traditional buttons although these buttons are now backlit.

You'll find the dedicated mic button on the top right below the ‘guide' button, and there are also two customizable buttons on the bottom row of the remote between the ‘0' button. These buttons (which resemble a diamond and two diamonds) can be mapped to a number of different features or functions including Netflix.

This version of voice remote will ship at no extra cost with all new Hoppers and also works with the entire Joey lineup (standard, wireless, 4K and super). If you are an existing DISH customer who didn't receive this voice remote with your Hopper, then you can upgrade for $20.

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