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BDI Voca Chair Review scaled

BDI Voca Chair Review

The BDI Voca is an ergonomically engineered office chair designed for flexibility and comfort.


The base BDI Voca chair sells for $1099 shipped from most major retailers like Amazon or Wayfair and there is only one version of the chair being sold which includes a headrest.


Offers a performance mesh design with an integrated headrest, lumbar support, and a highly adjustable design for armrests, backrest, tilt, seat depth, seat height, and more.


The mesh seat and back on the Voca are comfortable over long periods of usage. Armrests and lumbar support are not as impressive as they could be, but get the job done.


  • Professional-looking design for modern offices
  • Quality build materials used for most of the chair
  • Highly adjustable seat and armrests
  • Solid weight capacity of 300lbs
  • Easy assembly process & solid instructions


  • Armrests feel a bit cheap considering the chair's price
  • Not a huge fan of the lumbar design being dependent on the height of the chair back
  • Wish the headrest could be adjusted independently of the chair
  • Would prefer more purchase options like more color variants or a cheaper model without the headrest, etc.

Review Summary

The BDI Voca chair is a comfortable, professional-looking office chair that is adjustable in many ways. While it lacks multiple color options, the black and aluminum finish gives it a professional feel and the chair will look great in any home or office setting.

However, the armrests feel a bit cheap compared to the chair's price and the lumbar support is not as impressive as it could be. The headrest cannot be adjusted independently of the chair and some buyers may not like this design.

Overall, the BDI Voca chair is a good choice for people who want an adjustable office chair with a comfortable mesh seat and back. There are other options available in this price range, but the Voca is surely a model to consider.


A Great Buy

The Ideal Buyer

The BDI Voca is an ideal office chair for someone who wants a professional-looking design, plenty of adjustable features, and a comfortable mesh seat. The chair is also a good choice for people who weigh up to a weight of 300lbs.

In the past, we have reviewed BDI's Sequel Sit/Stand Desk and today we are taking a look at their latest and greatest ergonomic office chair called the BDI Voca.

This model just launched recently and is designed to be a comfortable, versatile option for all sorts of uses including working, gaming, or any other requirement for such a chair.

BDI did supply us with a sample unit for evaluation purposes which made this review possible, however, we are not required to be biased towards the product. All thoughts and opinions above the BDI Voca chair are based on our hands-on use.

Pricing, Options & Availability

For those unfamiliar with BDI, they are a premium furniture company that focuses on offering a functional and modern design perfect for any home or office space. With that being said, the company does not have a direct B2C purchasing option from its website.

They instead rely on retail partners to make the sale. In some cases, you may be able to find the Voca stocked locally at a high-end furniture retailer around you that stocks BDI office chairs (there were a few around me in Saint Pete, FL). However, you can currently also buy the Voca online via Wayfair and Amazon which are currently both selling it for $1,099 plus free shipping.

BDI Voca Chair Amazon Product Page scaled
Wayfair Voca Chair Product Page scaled

In the high-end ergonomic office chair market, there are usually options when purchasing models in terms of colors or optional features such as add-on armrests or a headrest. BDI only sells the Voca in a black mesh color variant and it also comes standard with an integrated headrest and adjustable armrests with no option to buy it without.

Unboxing and Assembly

I received the BDI Voca at my front door in a large and rather heavy, branded box (over 50lbs). The box arrived with some damage, but this is more on the shipping company (UPS) than BDI themselves and your experience will likely differ especially when buying from a retailer like Amazon and Wayfair.

BDI Voca Chair 3947 scaled

The chair is packaged well and all the parts are individually wrapped and labeled for assembly. The instructions are clear and assembling the chair took me about 30 minutes. It's a bit awkward at some points as the bolts go into the bottom of the seat so you have to assemble it upside down and utilize the shipping box for balancing it all successfully.

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Build Quality & Craftsmanship

The build quality of the BDI Voca is solid overall, something you should expect when you consider the price point. The frame is aluminum and rigid, the chair feels stable while in use, and all the joints feel tight.

BDI Voca Chair 4037 scaled
BDI Voca Chair 4054 scaled
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I find the performance mesh is of a high-quality feel and this covers the vast majority of the Voca chair. The only part of the chair that feels a bit cheap is the armrests which tend to be the weak point on these higher-end chairs.

Compared to the higher-end models that I own like the Steelcase Leap and the Herman Miller Embody, the BDI Voca's adjustable armrests are the least impressive of the three in terms of overall feel and quality although they are surely usable.

BDI Voca Chair 4044 scaled

Design & Features

The ergonomically engineered Voca chair provides a lot of competitive features at its price-point to try to compete against brands like Steelcase, Herman Miller & Humanscale. Here is an overview of the notable features on the BDI Voca chair:

Integrated Headrest

The cushioned headrest adjusts in height in tandem with the back for enhanced neck support.

Performance Mesh

The breathable mesh seat and back equally distribute weight while allowing air to flow, keeping you cool and pleasant.

Adjustable Backrest

With a push or pull, the entire back assembly can be adjusted up or down to match your height and build.

Lumbar Support

The lumbar support is cushioned, giving long-term back comfort while you sit.

Adjustable Armrests

The adjustable armrests can move up and down, in and out, and forward and back to provide the desired alignment and ergonomic comfort for your arms.

Adjustable Seat Height

The seat is adjusted by pulling on a lever, which adjusts the pneumatic support to match the ideal height for your needs and leg height.

Tilt Tension Control

To adjust the feel of your chair you can change how much force is required to move into a reclined position.

Adjustable Seat Depth

The seat glides forward or backward to ensure an ideal fit for any body size. The smoothly curved edges of the seat provide greater thigh comfort.


The back and seat panel move in perfect sync, keeping your legs in line while reclining. The recline function is tiltable into four position options.

Polished Aluminum Base

The stable aluminum base provides excellent foundational support while being resistant to damage in the form of scuffs and scratches. Both carpeted and hard surfaces can be rolled easily thanks to the integrated pure-glide casters.

BDI Voca Chair 4052 scaled

Performance & Function

I've been sitting daily on the BDI Voca chair for about 30 days, replacing my usual Steelcase Leap V2 model. So far, the sitting experience has been pleasant overall. I do find the seat to be very comfortable for seating during long periods of work or gaming. I would say the performance mesh seat is one of the more comfortable chairs that I've tested and it does outperform the Steelcase that I'm used to in this regard.

Adjusting the chair is a bit less straightforward than some of the other high-end, ergonomic office chairs that I've evaluated in the past, but I got the hang of it rather quickly.

BDI Voca Chair 4065 scaled

My first performance complaint with this chair has to do with the design choice of an all-in-one lumbar, backrest and headrest choice. I have an awkwardly long torso so having only one point of adjustment for the lumbar, backrest position and headrest just allows me less fine-tuning to set the optimal comfort area for my body type.

Additionally, the adjustment period for this backrest is just awkward as the highest setting is the one best suited for me, but since it resets and falls back at the lowest position at just one click too high in adjustment, it is a bit tricky to find this adjustment position without having it reset and I find myself back to square one.

As I have stated earlier, the armrests just have a cheap feel compared to the rest of the chair and it is surely a place where they skimped on matching the quality of the rest of the chair just to save a few bucks and likely keep the price-point more competitive. They do have decent adjustment potential and feel okay, I just wish they didn't feel as cheap for a $1K+ chair model.

Review Verdict

The BDI Voca chair is a comfortable and stylish office chair that may be adjusted in a variety of ways. While it lacks several color options, the black and aluminum finish gives it a professional look that will complement any home or workplace.

The back and bottom of the chair are well-padded which keeps it comfortable for long periods. The armrests, on the other hand, are somewhat cheaper than I expected for the chair's price.

With its all-in-one back design, the Voca does not provide as much lumbar support as one might expect and the headrest cannot be adjusted independently of the chair, which some consumers may find bothersome.

Overall, the BDI Voca chair is a great choice for anybody looking for an adjustable work chair with a comfy mesh seat and back. In this price range, there are other alternatives to consider, although the Voca is recommended especially for a business setting.

We hope this BDI Voca review helpful!