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A Ring Video Doorbell (first generation) mounted on my home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

How to Turn Off Ring Camera the Right Way

Feb 14, 20225 min read

If you're like most Ring Camera owners, you use these security cameras to keep an eye on your property when you're not home. But what happens if you need to turn off your camera temporarily for one reason or another. Turning off your Ring Camera the wrong way can cause problems, but with this guide, you'll be able to do it the right way every time. Keep reading for tips on how to turn off…

Best Royalty Free Music

7 Best Royalty Free Music Sites For YouTube Video Creators

Feb 9, 202211 min read

Our team scoured the web looking for the best royalty free music and determined Soundstripe is the winner. We chose Soundstripe due to its competitive pricing, excellent user interface, and wide selection of music. To make it more enticing, they recently added support for royalty free sound effects on their premium-tier subscription. Our runner-up choice, Envato Elements, is a popular royalty free asset subscription from the owners of the Envato Marketplace. This subscription covers far…

Best SD Card for GoPro

What Is the Best SD Card for GoPro Action Cameras?

Feb 7, 20229 min read

Our team did the research and tested dozens of different memory cards, and we ultimately determined that the best SD card for GoPro cameras is the SanDisk Extreme microSDXC card. We chose this SD card because it offers the best performance to handle high resolution and high frame rate recording while keeping it at a price point that is feasible for most consumers. GoPro also recommends this memory on their website and even sells it in…

Optimole Review

Optimole Review – A Unique Image Optimization Service & CDN For WordPress

Feb 2, 202215 min read

Optimole is a new image optimization plugin, service and CDN for WordPress websites. Try Optimole For free Price There is a free plan currently available for small sites as it has heavy constraints. Medium to large sites can purchase a premium plan starting at $19/month which includes Amazon's CloudFront CDN. Features Automatically optimizes all your site's images through compression, conversion, resizing, lazy loading, and using an image CDN. This cuts down on extra bulk to improve…

Final Cut Pro For Windows

5 Best Final Cut Pro Windows Alternatives for 2022

Jan 31, 202210 min read

Our team did the research and tested many professional video editing software options, ultimately we have decided that the closest video editor to Final Cut Pro for Windows is Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This decision was made based on Premiere's broad adoption in the filmmaking industry, the vast array of editing tools (both basic and advanced), a familiar user interface, and recently added support for hardware acceleration that helps match the performance increases of Final Cut…

Used Canon R6 Camera

7 Places to Buy A Used Canon R6 Camera Online

Jan 27, 20229 min read

While it took awhile for Canon to adopt the mirrorless design over a traditional DSLR, their newest models are impressively performing and selling large quantities as photographers make the switch to newer technology. The Canon EOS R6 is an incredible mirrorless camera for the price offering a 20MP full-frame sensor, 4K 60p with 10-bit internal video and integrated 5-axis image stabilization. Similar to the higher-priced Canon R5, this is an appealing camera body that offers…

envato elements review

Envato Elements Review

Jan 20, 202213 min read

Envato Elements is an affordable monthly subscription offering access to millions of royalty-free digital assets. Browse Envato Elements Asset Library For Free Price Envato Elements offers 12 free assets per month for free users, their paid plans start at $33 for the monthly subscription ($396 per year) or $198 if paid annually ($16.5 per month). Can browse the entire library for free before buying. Features Access offer 7.7+ million digital assets for unlimited downloads via…

Rytr Review

Rytr Review

Jan 18, 202212 min read

Rytr is a GPT-3 based AI writing assistant designed for affordability & convenience. Give Rytr A Try (FREE Trial – 5K Characters) Price Three pricing plans offered: Free (5K credits/month), $9 Saver (50K credits/month) and $29 Unlimited (Unlimited credits/month) Features Uses GPT-3 technology to help aid writers with writing captivating short or long form copy or produce blog content. Function Harnesses a lot of the same technology as the big players in the space, but…