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Used Canon R6 Camera

7 Places to Buy A Used Canon R6 Camera Online

While it took awhile for Canon to adopt the mirrorless design over a traditional DSLR, their newest models are impressively performing and selling large quantities as photographers make the switch to newer technology.

The Canon EOS R6 is an incredible mirrorless camera for the price offering a 20MP full-frame sensor, 4K 60p with 10-bit internal video and integrated 5-axis image stabilization. Similar to the higher-priced Canon R5, this is an appealing camera body that offers high image quality, but the reality is that the price-point won't support everyone's budget at a nearly $2.5K MSRP.

Fortunately, there is an option to score this great mirrorless camera at a discounted price if you are okay with purchasing a pre-owned camera that is still in great shape and performs like new.

Here are 7 places where you can find a good deal on refurbished or used Canon R6 cameras:

Editor's Choice
Canon USA

Canon USA

  • Full 1-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Competitive refurbished pricing
  • Highest refurb stock (straight from the manufacturer)
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  • Biggest variety of used R6s online
  • Safe, secure payment processing
  • Auction & fixed price listings
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  • Free 2-day Prime shipping through some sellers
  • Access to used R6s via third-party sellers
  • Easy and familiar ordering platform
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  • Smaller, customer service focused retailer
  • Competitive pricing on used gear
  • Includes a 180-day warranty


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B&H Photo

B&H Photo

  • Large used inventory (competitive pricing)
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free expedited shipping
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  • Reputable NYC-based retailer
  • 5% off all orders with the Adorama Edge Credit Card
  • Free 2-day shipping via VIP360
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KEH Camera

KEH Camera

  • Robust inspection and condition grading system
  • Free shipping over $49, a solid 180-day warranty
  • Focused their retail strategy entirely on used camera gear
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Canon USA R6 Body Used scaled

Canon USA (Refurbished)

The official retail site for Canon USA Is currently selling refurbished Canon R6 cameras for a significant discount over buying new. One of the huge benefits of buying a refurbished R6 from Canon over a used R6 model elsewhere is that the camera still comes with their traditional 1-year warranty to prevent much of the risks associated with buying a pre-owned camera sight unseen.

At a $250 discount during the time that this article was written, it may not be the absolute best deal that you can find for a Canon R6 used across all of the available retailer and marketplace options, but it is one of the most reliable and safest thanks to their large stock of refurbished models as well as their exceptional warranty offering thus making it our Editor's Choice pick.

Canon r6 preowned ebay scaled


When buying anything used, eBay is almost always going to be the best choice as they are the leading online marketplace for buyers and sellers to offload their pre-owned goods. Doing a quick search for a Canon EOS R6 used on eBay, it is showing a lot of recent sales for the popular mirrorless camera with some selling for even less than a $2K price-point which is obviously a killer deal.

However, with eBay inventory changes over quickly as most listings are auction style (though fixed price listings do exist) so finding a good deal can be hit or miss. If you are patient and willing to check regularly over a longer period to score a good deal then eBay might be the best way to score this full frame mirrorless camera for cheap, but keep in mind there is no traditional warranty offered for pre-owned cameras bought through eBay (the seller may offer their own warranty, but you can't always rely on this to be reliable).

Another nice part about buying a mirrorless camera through eBay is often times you'll see sellers unloading a whole camera package such as a Canon R6 with the kit lens, aftermarket lenses, extra batteries, memory cards and other accessories that you'll also score a deep discount on when opting for buying used.

Amazon R6 Canon Refurbished scaled

Amazon (Used)

When most of you think of buying an R6 through Amazon, you think your only option to purchase a camera at MSRP. However, Amazon actually offers an extensive selection of third-party sellers who offer discounts on tens of millions of used items.

All you need to do is search for a Canon EOS R6, click the first listing and then click the ‘used' section under the new price to see a list of all of the used models available for sale.

Depending on the timing of when you are browsing these used R6 models, you may be able to score a great deal and even get free 2-day Prime shipping from some sellers. However, be sure to vet the sellers via their feedback scores as sometimes scammers will infiltrate these listings (look for at least a few hundred feedback that is mainly positive).

usedphotopro canon r6 scaled


UsedPhotoPro (owned by RobertsCamera) sometimes offers refurbished and used Canon R6 cameras, with a focus on customer service and human interaction. They are a small business that is competing with the bigger photo retailers, but their strength is on offering personal interactions and customer relationships.

They have a staff of passionate photographers who know their stuff, and they offer excellent warranties and customer service on used gear. If you're looking for a reliable place to buy a refurbished or used Canon camera, UsedPhotoPro might be a viable option although inventory of Canon R6s will be hit or miss.

BH photo canon used r6 mirrorless camera scaled

B&H Photo (Used)

One of our favorite retailers for photography gear, this NYC based retailer is truly a gem offering stellar customer service and competitive pricing on new and used cameras. In the past, I've ordered hundreds of used items from B&H including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, tripods and more without running into any issues.

As of the time that I'm writing this article, they don't have any Canon R6 models in their used inventory. However, I've seen them in the past at a steep discount and if you check back regularly you might be able score a great deal. If you do see one used for a good price, act fast as their used R6s often go quickly.

Canon R6 Open Box Adorama scaled

Adorama (Used)

At Adorama, you can find great deals on used or open-box Canon EOS R6 cameras when they are in stock. Similar to B&H Photo, Adorama is a NYC-based photo and video retailer that has been operating for several decades.

They offer free two-day shipping for VIP360 members and 5% off orders with the Adorama Edge Credit Card. This can add up to some serious savings on a used mirrorless camera such as the R6 and gives you extra money to spend on related accessories like lenses, memory cards and more.

KEH Camera Canon R6

KEH Camera

KEH Camera is a unique online gear retailer, as they ONLY sell used, pre-owned, and refurbished cameras, lenses, and accessories. They have an experienced team and a great reputation, which is why they are a popular choice among photographers.

However, the prices on their store are often too high. For example, they have one used Canon R6 in ‘like new' condition right now and its just $5.51 under MSRP which isn't a great deal especially with half the warranty of a new model at just 180 days.

With that being said, I think most of this applies to the fact that it is in like new condition and if you check back on KEH at later dates you can likely find lesser condition R6s for a much deeper discount.

An Easy Way to Automate Used Canon R6 Inventory

So now that we've talked about what online retailers might be able to sell you a used Canon R6 mirrorless camera, the hard part is locating them in stock in used, pre-owned or refurbished as their availability comes and goes quickly.

The free way to do this is to just manually search on these retailers like eBay, Adorama, B&H, KEH or the others daily. However, those who are a bit more tech savvy and want to automate this process, there is a way that I've found success doing so without spending a lot of money.

Using Hexowatch to Scan Used R6 Camera Availability

Over the years, I've purchased a ton of used technology gear (both camera and non-camera related) through B&H Photo because their used pricing is usually really discounted, the items are always in the described condition and their customer support is top-notch. However, it can be a pain to manually check their used categories daily or periodically for the item that I am looking for.

Here is where a helpful software called Hexowatch comes in to save the day.


With Hexowatch, here is how it works:

  1. Sign up for an account on the site and select your plan (there is a free plan, but it's limited).
  2. Create a new task to monitor B&H's used section for specific keywords with a regular interval depending on the number of checks you have (anywhere from 5 minutes to once a day).
  3. Save the task and setup email, slack or discord notifications.
  4. Whenever a change is detected on the used inventory page that matches your criteria, you will be notified via the method you setup in step 3.
  5. Act quickly to place your order before someone scoops up the used inventory.

There are many different ways that you can monitor the availability of various inventory online and Hexowatch seems to be one of the most robust options available right now without having to spend a lot of money. I'm using it on a daily basis for my own personal uses, so feel free to check them out if this is something that might be of benefit to you as well.

The EOS 6 is one of Canon's latest in the mirrorless full-frame lineup and it is a significant upgrade in almost every area from their 6D DSLR which this model is geared to be the successor to. With the Canon R5 and R6 models being such a hit consumers due to their ability to match the photo and video requirements of many professionals, here are the main reasons why the R6 is such a highly desired mirrorless camera:

  • The EOS R6 is designed for both photographers and video content creators
  • It features a high-performance full frame CMOS sensor and DIGIC X image processor
  • This allows for a native ISO range of 100-102,400 making it good in low lit conditions
  • The camera can shoot continuously at up to 12 fps with the Mechanical shutter or 20 fps with the Electronic shutter
  • With Dual Pixel CMOS AF II and 1,053 Automatic AF Zones and subject tracking to it capture fast moving subjects in focus
  • The 5-axis In-Body Image Stabilizer allows for shake correction up to 8 stops
  • Video frame rates include 4K 60P and Full HD 120P
  • Dual UHS II SD card slots plus support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Ending Thoughts

If you're in the market for a used or refurbished Canon R6 camera, then the online retailers listed here can likely help you find one. If you can't find any used R6s that fit your quality or budget preferences, then I'd recommend checking their retailers for new used inventory regularly or use Hexowatch to automate the process. With its high-performance features and video shooting capabilities, the Canon R6 is a popular choice for many photographers and content creators so let's hope this article helps you score a used model at a deep discount.