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Rytr Review scaled

Rytr Review

Rytr is a GPT-3 based AI writing assistant designed for affordability & convenience.


Three pricing plans offered: Free (5K credits/month), $9 Saver (50K credits/month) and $29 Unlimited (Unlimited credits/month)


Uses GPT-3 technology to help aid writers with writing captivating short or long form copy or produce blog content.


Harnesses a lot of the same technology as the big players in the space, but suffers from lack of advanced features and poor UI experience.


  • Pricing is affordable for an unlimited plan
  • Utilizes the same GPT-3 functionality as large competitors like Jasper AI
  • Offers a Chrome extension which is unique for such a tool
  • Built in plagiarism checker is not an upsell, but uses your plan's character credits
  • Access to a premium community of like-minded users


  • User interface doesn't support long form content as well as competitors
  • Limited in tone of voice selection
  • SEO functionality is present, but limited
  • Competitors like ClosersCopy who also offer a reasonable lifetime deal perform better overall
  • Lifetime deal is no longer offered

Review Summary

Rytr is a useful tool for content development that allows you to quickly generate text in various languages with a variety of tones. It has certain limitations, but the team behind it has a lot of potential for development and improvement.

Rytr is an AI-driven content production tool that provides rich text formatting as well as a slew of writing features, making it an interesting option for those on a budget who want to create original material.

While it has certain characteristics that our Editor's Choice Jasper AI lacks, such as a Chrome plugin and a “free” plagiarism checker, its overall functionality and performance fail to measure up when compared to Jasper AI in terms of sophisticated features and content quality.

Upon comparison, Rytr just doesn't stack up against our top pick AI writing software that offers a lifetime deal option, ClosersCopy.


A Mediocre Buy, Better Options Exist

The Ideal Buyer

Rytr is for those who are on a budget and who need to make their content production more efficient. There are some advanced features that the user can take advantage of, but overall it is more basic than most other AI writing services.

If you have a demanding website with high-quality content, you probably won't be satisfied with the results offered by Rytr as your main form of initial content production.

However, if you are just trying to boost low quality unique content or those pieces that don't require a lot of research effort, this tool will work great for you.

Alternate Recommendations

Jarvis AI Logo

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is the leading artificial intelligence writing assistant that was created to help generate content for blogs, social media, and websites. The AI was trained with the help of SEO and marketing experts to ensure that the content generated is high quality and original.

Jasper can write blog articles, social media posts, and website copy. Additionally, the AI can also be customized to create specific types of content based on your needs using an open-ended tone of voice setting and their boss mode commands. Read our full Jasper AI review.

Closerscopy Logo


Closerscopy is an innovative copywriting platform that uses artificial intelligence to help you write engaging blogs, irresistible marketing copy and more. You'll be able to utilize the power of AI to speak to the desires of your target audience. This trained AI (not GPT-3 based) also helps you identify weaknesses in your writing and fix them.

Teams can collaborate on projects and use AI in over 120 languages. This is the best AI writing software on the market that currently offers a lifetime deal especially one with unlimited words per month. Read our full ClosersCopy review.

What is Rytr & How Does It Work?

Rytr is an AI Content Writing Assistant that liberates you from the burden of having to write articles, blog posts, white paper content, customer responses, and can create high-quality text output in 30+ languages.

Rytr utilizes GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) to power its text generation engine. The use of advanced machine learning techniques allows Rytr's system to not only understand what is meant by words in context, but also know how they are supposed to be used grammatically with each other in order to produce high-quality texts rapidly.

Pricing & Subscription Costs

There are two payment options currently available for the writing software Rytr, a lifetime deal (which could end at any time) and a standard monthly recurring subscription cost.

Lifetime Deal Via AppSumo

The first payment option and one of the primary driving factors to Rytr gaining popularity in the market of AI copywriting tools was from a lifetime deal via AppSumo. For a one-time fee of $39, you were able to get full access to a paid Rytr for generating up to 50,000 characters per month.

If you aren't familiar with AppSumo, it is a popular deal marketplace where SaaS companies like Rytr come up with heavily discounted deals for lifetime accounts or annual plans. Sometimes these deals are stackable for higher quotas, but this is not the case for Rytr's LTD offer.

This sounds amazing and like a good deal. However, offering the premium plan with a pretty harsh 50,000 character limitation, most would still need to subscribe to an additional monthly add-on charge to allow for more generation potential.

Rytr Appsumo
Rytr's lifetime deal via AppSumo (offer has ended)

Free Plan (Limited, But Good For Testing)

Instead of a traditional free trial offer, Rytr offers a “forever free” plan which allows a content creator or digital marketers the chance to test out the service on a limited basis every month.

This limitation comes in at a 5,000-character limit, which is low as this equates to only about 1,000 or so words per month. However, getting any usage from an AI powered content generator every month at no cost is impressive on its own, so we can't be too nit picky.

Standard Subscription Option (Monthly or Annual)

The standard subscription option through Rytr's website includes full access to all the basic features of Rytr with a 50,000 character generation limit. The monthly subscription is $9, or you can pay for an annual subscription for just $90, which works out to be two months free.

The Unlimited Subscription Plan (Monthly or Annual)

For $29 per month, you can generate an unlimited number of characters. You also get access to all the features of Rytr, priority customer support, and a dedicated account manager. Similar to their standard subscription, you'll get two months free when buying an annual subscription for only $290.

Additional User Seats Are Optionally Available

Want to share access to Rytr with a colleague, client, family member or friend? You can do so by adding a team member as an additional user seat to your plan for $19/month.

Rytr Pricing Table

Notable Features of Rytr

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content for any use case, in just a few seconds. Here are some notable features of the Rytr service:

Intelligent GPT-3 Based Language Modeling

Powered by the GPT-3 language model, Rytr is able to generate unique sentences that look just like original passages from a book or the Internet. GPT-3 was developed by OpenAI and is the same background technology used to run other popular AI writing programs like Jasper AI.

30+ Built-In Templates & Use Cases

Within Rytr there are over 30 different built-in templates and use cases to allow you to cover a wide variety of writing or content generation needs. These include more basic, short-form content like headlines, a blog idea, meta descriptions, video descriptions, and calls to action, as well as more advanced, long-form content like blog post writing, detailed product descriptions, emails, and more.

30+ Languages Supported

Rytr supports GPT-3 text generation from over 30 known languages. This means it will cover all the primary languages spoken all over the world and allow you to help create useful content for yourself or your clients in multiple languages to suit your needs.

20+ Tones of Voice

Within the Rytr software, you can generate copy with up to 20 different tones of voice. This helps provide a more sophisticated output that is ideal for companies that desire their content to sound more human-like or fit a certain emotion. This covers a wide enough base, but is limited compared to Jasper AI's seemingly unrestricted tone of voice options.

Tone of voice
You can choose from 20+ tones of voice for Rytr to use

Expand, Reword, & Shorten Features

Already have some content that you want to work off of or improve? Rytr has built-in functions for expanding, rewording, and shortening your source content. This allows you to create an even more compelling output while also reducing the amount of work or time required on your part.

Built-in Plagiarism Checker

Rytr offers a built-in plagiarism checker similar to Jasper. Both services rely on the well-known tool Copyscape to determine if the output generated has any matches for duplicate content. However, unlike Jasper AI, which sells separate credits for Copyscape usage.

In contrast, Rytr says that they include this “free” within their plans. However, any characters run through the plagiarism checker count against your plan's defined quota. For those with a plan that offers unlimited characters, this isn't a big deal although for others with lower quotas it is.

To ensure that you always have high content quality that is unique and original, a Rytr plan with 50,000 characters per month will really only get you 25,000 characters worth of generated text coupled with 25,000 characters through the plagiarism checker.

Rich Text Editor & Interface

Writing content within Rytr is a pretty seamless experience as they offer a decent interface that offers a rich text editor. This allows you to easily get your thoughts out quickly while being able to format the text within it.

SEO Analyzer

While it isn't even close to the SEO potential of the partnership between Jasper AI and SurferSEO, Rytr does offer limited SEO analysis for those creating content within their tool.

Useful Chrome Extension

A unique feature for Rytr is their optional Chrome extension of which many competing GPT-3 offerings don't offer. This allows you to quickly create content while working within the native interface of an email account, social media platform, or blog platform like WordPress.

Performance & Functionality

The real question on all content creators minds who are considering Rytr is how good does it actually work? Does it create quality content or unique content with minimal editing required?

Having been a user of many AI content writing tools, I was particularly interested in this part of the Rytr review. In my experience, this tool is capable of performing at a pretty decent level with no major red flags popping up.

Compared to a tool like Jasper AI, which utilizes a more refined and advanced model of GPT-3, the results of Rytr are much more hit or miss and may require more hands-on editing.

Some phrases will be incredibly unique and interesting while others are average or even terrible. This means you'll want to go through the generated content with a fine tooth comb before simply using it.

This means you will not be able to rely on these Rytr (and most other AI tools) tools as your sole source of content generation for a high-quality output that is ready for posting without any manual intervention.

Jasper AI's content tends to be of a higher quality consistently, but just tends to spit out false facts that need to be checked before posting. Instead, these tools should be considered a great AI writing assistant to add in with your existing content marketing strategy.

No Real Long Form Editor?

Something that I haven't seen mentioned in other Rytr reviews is that unlike Jasper, ClosersCopy or Frase, Rytr doesn't appear to offer a true long form editor experience. They integrate their template generation feature with their base text editor.

However, Jasper AI offers a separate template interface and a dedicated long form editor. The beauty of this approach is you can always begin writing out your piece of content and continue to have the service fill in the remaining paragraphs or add sentences using GPT-3 text generation usually by clicking some sort of ‘Write for Me' button.

Rytr User Interface scaled

With Rytr, this isn't possible as you'll always have to choose from one of the ‘use cases' which are just another name for their integrated templates. While this can be useful for small generation needs, it really isn't great for writing out long form creative content compared to competing AI writing services.

Rytr Review – Ending Verdict

Rytr is a great tool for content creation that can help you quickly generate copy in multiple languages with a variety of tones. It does have limitations to its current offering, but I think the team behind it has great potential for growth and improvement.  

If you are looking for a basic to intermediate level content generation tool that offers rich text formatting, Rytr is worth considering, especially for those on a budget who seek to create original content via an AI writing software that offers unlimited characters at a fraction of the cost of some higher tier GPT-3 subscription services.

While it does have some features that Jasper AI lacks, like a Chrome extension and a “free” plagiarism checker, its overall functionality and performance still falls short when compared to Jasper AI in terms of advanced features and content quality. Even compared to ClosersCopy which is our Editor's Choice for an AI writing software that offers a lifetime deal, Rytr just doesn't make the cut.

I hope you found this Rytr review helpful in your research process!