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ClosersCopy Review scaled

ClosersCopy Review

ClosersCopy is an AI copywriting software that isn't based on GPT-3 technology.


Three pricing plans offered $29/mo for 50K characters, $50/mo for 200K & $80/mo for unlimited. Previously offered lifetime deals which are no longer being sold.


Create high converting sales letters, blog posts, social media content, email marketing and much more using their proprietary AI algorithm, 50+ templates and 127 supported languages.


Utilize the built-in templates or AI wizard to produce high-quality content. Suffers from some bugs, but it is fully capable of pulling off some great results if used correctly and with patience.


  • Offers the best lifetime deal (1-time payment) for AI Writing software
  • Utilizes its own proprietary AI writing algorithms (not GPT-3)
  • Offers three different AI algorithms to suit multiple purposes
  • Lots of built-in templates and helpful wizard tool
  • Supports a whopping 127 languages making it great for foreign content


  • Has a lot of various bugs in terms of unreliable AI content generation
  • UI could use some simplification and ease of use improvements
  • Insights function is very basic and low-level insights
  • Lacks grammar and plagiarism tools
  • Lower plans are limited by characters, not words which makes it more restrictive than Jasper AI's lower-priced plan

Review Summary

If you're looking for an artificial intelligence copywriting software that is unique, offers a wide range of features, and has access to 127 different languages, ClosersCopy might be a good choice for your needs. There are a lot of future updates promised so this software could get even better with time.

They are offering a lifetime deal which is enticing for those on a tight budget as you'll pay more upfront, but never worry about recurring monthly fees like most AI writers.

However, there are plenty of other great (and frankly better) AI copywriting tool options out there like our Editor's Choice, Jasper AI. Either way, you'll want to look at all your options before building your marketing strategy around just one tool as they all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

In the end, using a tool like this is a small price to pay for solid AI content and copywriting generation without hiring a professional or expert copywriter at a significantly higher additional cost.


Best Lifetime Deal For AI Writing Software

The Ideal Buyer

People who are looking for AI copywriting software, specifically ones that produce content in different languages, may want to consider investing in a ClosersCopy subscription. It's a good option for people who don't want to spend the money on more advanced tools like Jasper AI that cost more monthly (though offering more power and performance) and can still do a lot of things like writing blog posts, social media updates, long-form content, press releases, etc.

Alternate Recommendations

Jarvis AI Logo

Jasper AI

In the world of GPT-3 software, Jasper AI is a powerful and inventive new tool that could be a writer's secret weapon. Although it is far from flawless, it does provide several excellent features and excellent performance that you will not find with rival GPT-3 services. Moreover, it is reasonably priced for its advanced capabilities.

ShortlyAI Logo


Recently acquired by the Jasper AI team, ShortlyAI is one of the original GPT-3 content generation services to gain traction. The approach for ShortlyAI is more of a simplified, dumbed-down UI and writing experience that is free from distractions. There are built-in commands for rewriting, shortening, and expanding sentences.


AI copywriting software uses artificial intelligence to produce compelling sales copies within a short time. This Closerscopy review will touch on this software that uses AI technology to help write effective sales copy, blog posts, and more.

Having good copy is crucial as a higher conversion rate leads to increased sales hence why the need for a professional copywriter exists. Therefore, we have dove deep into the Closerscopy software to see just how good the service is in terms of features, user interface, and performance.

I went into this review without any bias towards Closerscopy, but with prior experience using other copywriting tools such as Jasper AI, Outranking, ShortlyAI & Frase AI writer. All opinions expressed within this review are based on my own experience using the Closerscopy service hands-on.

What is ClosersCopy?

ClosersCopy is a copywriting tool featuring a library of templates to create and write content for sales letters, business websites, advertisements, email marketing, or social media. This service can help both novice and expert copywriters create quality copy to use in advertisements for social media networks like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and sales campaigns – among numerous other options.

Nico Engler created the platform, an expert copywriter who wanted to support clients writing compelling copy within a short time and without the high expense of hiring a professional copywriter. The available tools and templates will speed up the writing speed and reduce your time spent on the site.

In addition, the service assists companies in writing persuasive copy without prior knowledge or experience that increases customer conversions while working with their audience especially for those with an online business.

ClosersCopy Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

The ClosersCopy monthly subscription features three pricing levels. You can save 30% by paying annually upfront, or you can opt to pay monthly for a higher fee. All pricing tiers include a 14-day money-back guarantee so there isn't a big risk in trying the service and ultimately finding it out it isn't the right fit for your needs.

ClosersCopy Pricing Table scaled

Starter Plan – $29.99/mo or $20.99/mo when paid annually ($251.92 total)

  • Access to SalesAI, BlogAI and StoryAI modules
  • Offers 50,000 of generated AI characters per month limitation
  • Support for 1 user seat

Professional Plan – $49.99/mo or $34.99/mo when paid annually ($419.92 total)

  • Access to SalesAI, BlogAI and StoryAI modules
  • Offers 200,000 of generated AI characters per month limitation
  • Support for 1 user seat

Unlimited Plan – $79.99/mo or $55.99/mo when paid annually ($671.92 total)

  • Access to SalesAI, BlogAI and StoryAI modules
  • Offers unlimited generated AI characters per month limitation
  • Support for 3 user seats

Clearly, the unlimited plan gives you the most versatility with three user seats and unlimited AI character generation with no limitations. However, if you wish to save money or don't need to generate a ton of content then you'll likely be better suited with one of the lower plans.

ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal

In the past, there was a ClosersCopy lifetime deal offer for each plan for an upfront flat fee. When I originally wrote this review, I was under the impression that this would be going away shortly after posting so I said it was no longer available, but it turns out that it is still available just at an increased fee.

To see the most updated pricing for the lifetime Closerscopy plan, check out the lifetime deal page. Since Jasper AI and other competing AI writing tools of higher caliber don't offer a lifetime deal, I can confidently say that ClosersCopy is the best lifetime deal for any AI writing software on the market and one of the primary reasons why I'd recommend ClosersCopy over Jarvis AI in this particular case for those on a tight budget.

I did purchase the lifetime deal to make this review possible, but I will be judging this review as though as if I was using the service based on the monthly pricing plans.

ClosersCopy Features – How Do They Stack Up?

There are a lot of features packed within ClosersCopy so I won't be able to discuss them all within this article, but there are plenty for you to help brush up your copywriting skills. For the full list of features and information, check out the ClosersCopy website.

Here are the most notable features within this AI copywriting software:

3 Unique AI Generation Models (Not GPT-3)

Unlike most AI copywriting tools, ClosersCopy states they do not utilize the popular GPT-3 AI infrastructure which is what tools like Jasper AI and ShortlyAI rely on.

Beyond this, ClosersCopy offers three unique AI algorithms within the service:

  • SalesAI – designed for writing sales pages, ad copy, and email marketing campaigns
  • BlogAI – designed for helping to produce top-ranking blog articles for search engines
  • StoryAI – designed for creating compelling stories and novels
Closerscopy AI Models

This is a unique offering as every other AI writing tool that we have tested only offers one AI generation algorithm that is usually based on GPT-3 so it suffers from a few limitations.

Longform Editor

The long-form editor is for writing open-ended content with the AI without any filters, restrictions, or limits. This is where you'll want to be working primarily when it comes to creating long blog posts, sales letters, or email marketing sequences.

50+ Marketing Frameworks & Templates

Utilize over 50 templates to have the AI autogenerate copy for you based on popular marketing frameworks. This template library offers the ability to fill in the blanks and generate great sales copy and copywriting results with just a few clicks.

Insights & Analytics

Some built-in analytics and data tools for copywriting enthusiasts that help to check copy aspects like an emotional tone scoring tool (analyzes power words), a keyword density finder, length, or spam analyzer. These tools are rather basic, but they can analyze your existing content and give you insight as to potential tips or changes to make.

Writing Wizard

The Wizard is here to help you master the art of selling through good copy. These curated and proven templates, enhanced with insights and expert advice, will give you the tools you need to start writing the perfect sales letter or create email funnels.

CC AI Wizard scaled

Team Support

The highest tier unlimited plan offers three user seats allowing you to assign access to two other team members and set specific permissions for these other users.

100+ Languages Supported

Setting a high bar for AI writing tools, Closerscopy can recognize 127 different languages helping with the writing process allowing you to produce content for both domestic and foreign purposes.

Official Facebook Group – Thriving Community

Similar to Jasper AI, ClosersCopy has a budding Facebook Group that features a lot of helpful users (4.6K at the time this review of ClosersCopy was written) of the auto copywriting tool as well as administrators who are involved with the development of the tool.

If you are having trouble with artificial intelligence spitting out improper information or want to ask questions to better understand the ClosersCopy features within, this Facebook group is a great way to learn on your copywriting journey.

Closerscopy Facebook Group

User Interface & Experience

I've used a lot of these AI writing tools over the last few months and I'd put the user interface of ClosersCopy near the center of the pack. It isn't overly simple with a lot of various function buttons along the left and top edge of the UI. This takes a bit of getting used to knowing what button performs what action.

The look of the editor itself resembles Google Docs which is good for those who prefer it because you won't be able to utilize the power of ClosersCopy's AI algorithm while still using Google Docs as your primary word processing software.

Compared to an AI tool like Jasper AI, the interface is more cluttered and confusing, but it does offer more functionality when it comes to formatting text within the long-form editor. You'll gain the ability to add emoticons, quotes, text highlighting, underlines, italics, and even customize font choice and sizing.

Closerscopy User Interface scaled

Markdown Text Supported & Keyboard Shortcuts

Closerscopy supports plain-text markdown to help format your content simply using your keyboard commands. There are also simple keyboard shortcuts and macro commands built-in to ensure your efficiency is maximized while using ClosersCopy.

Fluent Frameworks Extension

Similar to Jasper AI's ‘boss mode' you can use one of 46 available skills to instruct the AI on how to generate your desired output. It isn't as intuitive or powerful, but

Buildable Swipe Files

Have a particular template that you like to use for your copy or landing pages? Save the format within a swipe file and it'll be stored in your personal library for future usage without having to reinvent the wheel.

Power Words & Thesaurus Lookup

If you are experiencing writer's block or can't seem to get the AI to generate the type of output that you seek, ClosersCopy has built-in power words functionality to allow you to choose from a list to help you generate more influential content.

There is also a built-in thesaurus, although it is rather basic and doesn't offer the most comprehensive collection of words. It'll do in a pinch and will allow you to find alternative phrases and terms to use when writing certain copy types.

Lack of a dedicated ‘Write Button' in the UI

With other competing AI tools like, there is a clear button to have the AI write new content within the editor. By default, it is hard to locate any form of a write button as the only one I can find is within the long-form compose menu which is hidden by default.

At any point, if you wish to have ClosersCopy generate new AI copy for you wherever your cursor is, you can do so via the keyboard macro of CTRL+Enter. This speeds up time and eases confusion, but I do wish the company added a ‘Write for Me' button on the frontend not hidden away in a menu.

Performance & Function

It wouldn't be a proper ClosersCopy review without me having been using ClosersCopy alongside my daily driver of Jasper AI the last few weeks which it has been an interesting experience. ClosersCopy is fully capable of producing good content on most subjects, but it does have a lot of various generation bugs you have to push past that are likely due to the product still being in infancy.

These include things like completely irrelevant text generation (topics that aren't even in the same realm as the prompt), blank generations, jibberish, foreign characters, and horrible grammar. Don't get me wrong, this does happen occasionally with other tools like Jasper AI and ShortlyAI, but it isn't as frequent or as pronounced.

For example, when instructing it to give me a content generation for a blog post titled ‘What is Swing Trading?', it produced a bunch of non-sense website copy the first time, referencing an Investopedia article that didn't exist. Upon running it again, it gave me a couple of sentences about free blog hosting sites (irrelevant) and then some decent content about the correct topic swing trading near the end of the second run. I did add spaces between the paragraphs for readability as the generation will typically just spit out one large paragraph:

Closerscopy Going off Topic scaled

From an SEO content writing perspective, which is my main desire for the need for AI writing tools, ClosersCopy leaves much to be desired in terms of optimization potential. Their Insights tool really doesn't give you a lot of help when it comes to SEO content briefs, so you'll want to supplement ClosersCopy with a proper on-page SEO tool like SurferSEO or WriterZen to really be able to set yourself up for ranking success.

Something that I do think ClosersCopy excels at compared to Jasper AI and other AI writing tools that I've tested is quick content optimization commands: expand, improve, rewrite and summarize. These are easy to command via keyboard shortcuts and do a great job of creating revised versions of existing content based on the issued command.

Important Things to Note About Using Closerscopy

  • ClosersCopy is a cloud-based tool, which means it requires the internet to function. You will not be able to produce any AI text without a valid internet connection.
  • Because there is currently no support for a dedicated chrome extension (as of now), you will need to create the text in the native web editors of ClosersCopy. This also means that you won't be able to produce any AI writing while using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or another Word Processor.
  • The machine learning and AI technology within Closerscopy can come up with a lot of AI content quickly, but that content is not fact-checked. You'll still need to do your diligence and double-check to ensure the generated text is factually accurate.

Closerscopy Review Verdict

ClosersCopy could be a suitable fit for your requirements if you're searching for a unique AI-based copywriting software with a broad selection of capabilities and support for 127  languages. Future improvements have already been promised, so this product may grow significantly better with time. The lifetime deal potential makes it a more enticing buy than competing services, but longevity of the product is a bit of a concern when there isn't a lot of recurring revenue as the developer may ditch it if it becomes less profitable over time.

There are, however, a slew of other excellent AI copywriting tools available, namely our Editor's Choice, Jasper AI. In any case, you'll want to consider all of your alternatives before focusing your marketing approach on a single tool, since each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Adopting software like this is a modest amount to pay for high-quality AI copywriting and content generation without having to hire a professional or experienced copywriter for a substantially larger fee.