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Apple iPad Pro 9.7” & Apple Pencil Review

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The new iPad Pro 9.7” adds Apple Pencil support and premium features to the traditional iPad size. Steve Jobs originally announced the original iPad way back in April of 2010, and he marketed the device as a new market in between the smartphone and laptop segments which we know associate with the word tablet. This […]

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Sling TV Inks Deal With Comedy Central, MTV, Spike, BET & More

DISH's Sling TV service has been making the effort to cut the cord with a traditional cable subscription easier than ever with their affordable solution. When we reviewed the Sling TV service back in March 2015, we found it to work exceptionally well though it lacked a lot of the popular channels that most seek […]

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Tracer Comes To ‘Heroes of the Storm’ Today As Pre-Order Bonus

One of Blizzard's newest titles, Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA that is quickly gaining popularity among gamers and within the esports community. The company has done an excellent job adding frequent updates with new maps, playable heroes, skins and balance changes to keep the gameplay exciting and enticing gamers to continually logging into […]


Q&A: What Camera Gear Does Casey Neistat Use For His YouTube Vlogs?

Reader Question: Hey guys, love the site. I'm a big fan of youtubers and Casey Neistat's vlog has really entertained me these past few months. The quality of his work is great, but how expensive is his camera gear? Do you know what he uses to capture his video footage? I'm looking to start a […]

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Amazon’s New ‘Kindle Oasis’ Is An Elegant Yet Expensive E-Reader

Last week, we covered Jeff Bezo's tweet which gave a heads-up that Amazon was ready to release a next-generation e-reader to their popular Kindle line. Yesterday, the official announcement was made, and we got our first glimpse of the Kindle Oasis, an elegant and clever designed device that may only be potentially plagued by its […]


New ‘Gears of War 4’ Trailer Hints At Somber Storyline

Microsoft just dropped the newest trailer for their upcoming flagship title Gears of War 4 that is slated for an October 11th release. The 59-second video lacks any in-game footage, but the cinematics showcases riveting flashbacks of Marcus Fenix tending to his farm while son J.D. experiences charming childhood memories. Switching back to modern day (25 […]