The NomadPlus Adds Battery Storage To A Standard Apple Charger

With Apple taking a such a prominent role in the world of computing and mobile devices, there is a large market for companies to make aftermarket products that support and extend the functionality of Apple’s products. Nomad is one of these companies and their clever accessories have been developed to help consumers always have a […]


Amazon Prime Members Can Now Choose Slower Shipping In Exchange For $1 Amazon Video Credit

Online shopping in today’s world is primarily dominated by Amazon with much credit given to their stellar Prime subscription service. While it offers access to free streaming of media including video and music content, the main selling point for most consumers is the free 2-day shipping element as it takes much of the hassle out […]


‘EA Access’ Subscription Offers Multiple EA Titles For $30 Per Year

The video game industry is experiencing a rapid change with the traditional idea of buying a physical title quickly becoming a thing of the past. Digital downloads are becoming increasingly popular since the release of the next-gen consoles although EA is taking this idea up a notch with the announcement of their EA Access service. […]


Apple Refreshes Their Line of 13″ & 15″ Retina Macbook Pros

Apple is on the verge of releasing Max OS X 10.10 Yosemite to the general public and has just refreshed their line of Retina Macbook Pro models in time for the new OS X’s release. While the changes aren’t that drastic, they do benefit any consumers who were looking to buy the premium Retina models […]


How To Play A YouTube Video On Repeat (Loop)

Recently, I had a friend recommend a particular YouTube video to me to play for my dog during thunderstorms or other stressful situations. The video is called “DOGTV Relaxation” and is meant to promote relaxation for canines by utilizing a soothing soundtrack made up of familiar sounds.The only problem with this video is that is only […]


Microsoft Sneaks Peek At ‘Halo 2′ Remake Via Comic-Con (Video)

Comic-Con is a yearly event that takes place in San Diego in which fans of all sorts of video games, comic-books, movies, and TV shows gather to celebrate. Yesterday, Halo: The Master Chief Collection became a discussion topic and new details about the Halo 2 component was shared. First off, we know that Halo 2′s multiplayer […]