Netflix To Increase Their Standard Plan Pricing By $1

The video streaming service known as Netflix is an ultra popular option among consumers, especially millennials. Back in May of 2014, the executives of the service announced a $1 price bump bringing the monthly plan from $7.99 per month up to $8.99 yet another pricing change is now being forced upon us. As of this […]

Amazon Echo-10

Amazon Echo Review

Amazon's Echo is a unique smart-home product with "Siri-like" capabilities. Amazon has long been known as a favorite online retailer yet made the transition producing their own hardware with the launch of their popular Kindle eReaders. Since then, the company has expanded to cell phones, tablets, and media streaming devices. With their newest unveiling, most […]

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Sony Confirms An Upcoming Firmware 3.0 For PXW-FS7

In the sub-$10K camera category, Sony's PXW-FS7 has been a leading contender offering a slew of competitive features including an ergonomic form-factor, excellent low-light performance, RAW support (via a $2K hardware upgrade) and even high frame rate options in both 4K and 1080P. When the camera first launched, there were a few missing features that […]


Jay-Z’s ‘Tidal’ Streaming Service Racks Up 1M Subscribers

Taking on the big names like Spotify and Apple Music in the streaming market is no easy feat yet somehow Tidal has outlived many expectations and even announced their milestone of 1 million subscribers yesterday. A pretty impressive for a service that will celebrate its first year of business at the end of this month. […]


Google Unveils Two New ‘Nexus’ Handsets

Google held a press event earlier today that showcased two brand new smartphones with varying screen sizes. Here's the low-down on each of these new models: Nexus 6P The larger of the two devices, the 6P sports a whopping 5.7" display (iPhone 6s Plus is only 5.5 inches) and impressive camera technology. Here are the […]


iOS 9’s ‘WiFi Assist’ Feature May Eat Up Your Data Plan

Apple's newest firmware for iOS devices has been highly regarded as the best yet thanks to many new features, tweaks and redesigns. However, there is one feature in particular that could be a huge issue for users with a limited data plan at their disposal. The function in question is called 'Wifi Assist' and when […]