Hulu Leverages Viacom Partnership To Expand Streamable TV Show Library

In the digital media age, catching up on your favorite TV shows has been never been easier. Hulu has been one of the most popular options offering the ability to stream a variety of TV episodes for free and an even larger selection of content via a paid Hulu Plus subscription. Having been partnered with Viacom since […]


Roundup: 7 Of The Best Video Tripods Priced Under $200

Investing in a reliable video tripod lets you achieve shake-free stationary shots, smooth pans/tilts and keeps your precious camera out of harm’s way. In the following article, I’ll be touching upon 7 of the best camera tripods priced under $200 and are specifically designed for use with video. I’d recommend checking out each model’s product page […]


Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review – Is Bigger Really Better?

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is the first iPhone with a 5.5-inch 1080P display. It was an exciting September morning in Cupertino, California when Apple unveiled their next generation smartphone model. The widely trending rumors were validated to be true when Tim Cook showed off two different iPhone size variations, a first for the company. While the […]


Microsoft’s Holiday Price Cut Makes Their Xbox One Cheaper Than A PS4

With the holiday shopping season about to hit full swing, retailers are working hard to prepare for the mass influx of sales that are bound to take place over the next two months. Since the next-generation game console battle is still raging on, Microsoft has decided to carry out a bold strategy with the hope […]


Amazon To Offer A ‘Fire TV Stick’ Media Streaming Device For $39

Amazon’s entrance in the streaming hardware market has been a success overall thanks to the launch of their Fire TV although the their recent smartphone attempt is a whole different story. Having said this, it is difficult to warrant the Fire TV $99 price-tag when you have competitors like Google’s Chromecast and Roku’s 3500R Streaming Stick […]


Nest Products Are Now Compatible With More 3rd Party Devices

Smart home automation is the way of the future that is precisely why Google secured ownership of Nest Labs last January for $3.2B. The company only has two products currently on the market yet the company is still selling an estimated 40K-50K units per month. Since their purchase by Google, Nest Labs has racked up their share of […]