Canon Updates Their Entry-Level Cinema Camera, Meet The C100 Mark II

Canon is a driving force for the independent filmmakers of today’s generation, and their entry-level C100 Cinema Camera has been the desired choice for many since its release in 2012. I just received word from my B&H Photo rep that the company has announced a refreshed version of the popular model dubbed the C100 Mark […]


Spotify Offers Shared Music Streaming With Family For $5/Month

Spotify has been the leader in the online music streaming game yet competition is rapidly advancing with Apple’s plans to overhaul the Beats Music service. In an effort to stay a top, Spotify has just announced a ‘Family’ plan which offers the ability to share your original premium subscription with up to four other friends […]


Apple To Pull Bose & Fitbit Products From Online & Retail Stores

Apple’s retail stores are known for carrying a wide assortment of accessories for their computers and mobile devices although some popular products will no longer be offered at these locations in the near future. The Cupertino based company has decided to pull both Bose and Fitbit products from their online store as well as their retail locations. […]


iPad/iMac 2014 Event Recap: All You Need To Know

Apple held their iPad event yesterday at their headquarters in Cupertino, California. Among new product announcements, the wildly innovative tech giant caught up on some updates of previous announcements at their September 9th iPhone 6 event. We now know that Apple Pay mobile payment processing service will be up and running beginning on Monday, October […]


HBO & CBS To Both To Offer Standalone Streaming Subscriptions

The Internet age is among us, and its heavy presence in the consumer market is rapidly changing how we consume our various forms of media. More people are starting to stream their video content via their smartphones, tablets, computers, or specialized streaming devices instead of relying on a traditional cable subscription. Due to this high demand, several cable networks are […]


Google Announces A New Smartphone, Tablet, Mobile OS & Media Player

Just yesterday, Google announced a variety of new products including three pieces of hardware and official details about their next installment of their widely popular Android OS. Largest OS release with over 5,000 new APIs for developers Designed with flexibility in mind and support for all devices Works with your other devices running Android to support […]