The Truth Behind The Viral Samsung Galaxy Oxygen Smartphone Concept

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen

Upon browsing Facebook earlier today, I came across a massively viral post shared from an old friend which supposedly showed off photos of the new Samsung Galaxy Oxygen smartphone with a slider design much like the old T-Mobile Sidekick phones from back in the day (most similar due to the slide out QWERTY keyboard). The … Read more

Cheaper Alternatives For Sony FS7 XQD Memory Cards & Batteries

FS7 Battery and Media

Sony’s FS7 is currently one of the best video cameras on the market for anyone with a budget of $10K. However, this budget can be quickly surpassed when you consider the additional cost in Sony-branded memory cards and batteries. Having recently picked up an FS7 of my own, I recently ran into this dilemma and … Read more

5 Of The Best Websites To Buy DSLR Cameras, Lenses, & Accessories

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Lets face it, DSLR equipment is expensive and not an affordable hobby for most so snagging the best deals on your must-have camera bodies, lenses, or accessories is always a great idea. If you don’t have time to read the remainder of the article, the five websites that we recommend most are Amazon, B&H Photo, … Read more

10 Alternative Games Similar To The Grand Theft Auto Series

grand theft auto

Are you craving the Grand Theft Auto experience, but don’t want to wait until September 2013 in order to play the new one? You’re in luck! Though they have their differences, the ten games listed below have a lot of similarities to GTA including the open world experience that so many of us love. You … Read more