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10 Alternative Games Similar To The Grand Theft Auto Series

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Are you craving the Grand Theft Auto experience, but don't want to wait until September 2013 in order to play the new one? You're in luck! Though they have their differences, the ten games listed below have a lot of similarities to GTA including the open world experience that so many of us love. You have the option to stick to the storyline relying purely on mission-based play or the ability to wreak havoc in any way you may desire. We hope you'll give one of them a try!

Saints Row The Third

saints row the third

Just Cause 2

just cause 2

Sleeping Dogs

sleeping dogs

The GodFather 2

the godfather 2

Mafia 2

mafia 2

Dead Rising 2


Infamous 2


Prototype 2

prototype 2

Scarface The World Is Yours

scarface the world is yours

Red Dead Redemption


Photo Credit: radiobread