GoPro’s Hero 4 Camera Lineup Will Benefit From A Free February Update

GoPro entered the consumer market with a bang, and their portable cameras are now being regularly used in reality TV shows as well as by regular people every day The company announced their latest line of Hero 4 products a few months ago and now we have learned that a free update is planned to be rolled out next month that will bring new features and functionality to these new devices

TechCrunch met up with GoPro's Rick Loughery at CES last week and he dished out the following details about the update:

Coming to both models:

  • Time Lapse Video — GoPro cameras have pretty much always done time lapse stuff, but they’ve always come out as a series of photos that you had to manually put together into a video. You can now save your time lapse as a video automatically, instead.
  • 30/6 Burst mode Snap 30 photos in six seconds. While the HERO4 can already shoot as fast as 30 photos in one second, this mode is meant for snapping photos of sports with crazy long airtimes, like snowboarding or dirtbiking.
  • Auto-rotate: A feature I’ve wanted in a GoPro for years. The camera can now sense if it’s mounted upside down, and auto-rotate video accordingly. According to a beta tester we spoke to about the update, the orientation will lock as soon as you hit record (otherwise, it’d flip all over the place mid-video)

Coming to just the HERO4 Black:

  • 240 FPS video recording at 720p for super slowmotion but still high-res stuff
  • 60 FPS video recording at 2.7k

Coming to just the HERO4 Silver:

  • The ability to mark highlights while recording by tapping the touch screen. Makes it easier to scrub right to the good stuff when you’re recording for hours at a time.

This makes the two models priced at $399 and $499 to be more valuable and more enticing to buy over the now aging yet more affordable like of Hero 3 and 3+ products.

Source: TechCrunch