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Case Logic Kontrast Action Cam Case Review

Case Logic's Kontrast Action Cam Case stores up to two GoPros and any related accessories.

Get The Best Price On A Case Logic Kontrast Action Cam Case

Action cams have become incredibly popular the past few years with GoPro's product line becoming overwhelming hit with consumers across the globe. GoPro owners often rely on action-cam related accessories including mounts, memory cards, batteries and protective housings. In order to haul around all this gear, Case Logic has released the Kontrast Action Cam Case, a companion product made specifically to store GoPros or other small action cameras along with their various accessories.

The Kontrast Action Cam Case retails for $39.99 and is currently being sold through various online retailers like Amazon and B&H Photo. Having seen this product first-hand at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, I reached out to Case Logic for a review sample to evaluate the product for myself with my own GoPro and accessories.

From the exterior, the Kontrast Action Cam Case is rather plain with only a small Case Logic logo sewn onto the top cover.  I think this is an indirect benefit as it won't draw unwanted attention from potential thieves and does a great job concealing any expensive contents that may be stored within. The bottom base of the case features a water-resistant coating that keeps out moisture and improves durability.


One thing that I was surprised to see was the choice to not include a small zippered pocket on the exterior of the case, I think it would be convenient for storing small, frequently accessed items like memory cards or batteries. The single large compartment has a durable zipper running around three sides of the case, and the back side features a nylon handle for easier carrying.


Moving to the inside of the Kontrast Action Cam Case, there are storage components on both the top and bottom portions. The lower half has multiple storage sections that can be re-arranged via velcro dividers, a common practice for camera storage units. I found the standard configuration to be suitable for my needs, but I did slightly extend the two spots where my action cameras were stored as they were a tight fit initially.


Next to the Velcro dividers, there is a removable zippered compartment with a mesh cover. This can be used to store a wide variety of items, but personally I chose to store my mounting accessories since most small and able to be easily misplaced.

You could put a GoPro in here if you'd like although I found it to be too tight of a fit if you place two GoPros within it especially considering there is no protective divider within this section so they would bump and grind into each other during transport.

The top cover also harnesses excellent storage potential. A long, zippered pocket stretches from side to side and could hold long slim items like a USB cable, a thin wallet, keys, a pen, or something of that sort. Below this, there are two small SD-card sized pockets on the left and a wider credit-card sized pocket on the right.

The SD-card pockets are ideal for storing spare micro-SD cards including their protective plastic casing and it is also the perfect size for storing an extra battery. The credit-card slot could be used for cash, a credit, or license although I chose to throw a small microfiber cleaning cloth it in for quick access when in the field.

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The overall storage capacity is still somewhat limited as it can only fit small accessories so take this into consideration before purchasing. For example, I tend to rely on a head mount, chest mount, suction mount, or monopod when using my GoPro and these are all far too large to fit within the Kontrast Action Cam Case. This small size does have its benefits as you can throw it in a larger backpack or suitcase and ensure your devices are safe and neatly organized no matter the travel conditions.

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At its $39.99 price-point, Case Logic's Kontrast Action Cam Case is a quality product that caters to a thriving community of GoPro owners. Sure, it may not the sleekest option nor does it offer a large storage capacity, but it will give you piece of mind knowing your action cameras and accessories are well protected while on the go. If you own a GoPro (or a competitor) and are looking for an adequate storage solution then the Kontrast Action Cam Case is an easy buy for the price.