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Best GoPro Remotes

5 Of The Best GoPro Remote Models For Long Distance Control

Our team has done the testing and research necessary to determine the best GoPro remote is their native Smart Remote. We came to this conclusion based on the excellent build quality, array of useful features and reasonable price-point.

In the event of a runner-up model, the Haoyou Wi-Fi remote is our next choice coming in at a cheaper price than GoPro's Smart Remote with many of the same features. With one less button and a cheaper build quality, it falls slightly behind compared its more premium rival.

Lastly, our top choice for those on a budget is the WOAFLY Wi-Fi remote that ditches the LCD display to cut costs and offer more operable buttons. While offering much of the great features and functionality that you'll desire with a GoPro remote, its lower-cost comes with a cheaper build quality.

Editor's Choice

GoPro Smart Remote e1506543878724

GoPro Smart Remote

The best overall choice for  GoPro remotes.

Manufacturer by GoPro themselves, their Smart Remote offers the best design, features and build quality out of all of the remotes on this list.

Pricing as of 5/30/18*


Haoyou Wi Fi Remote

Haoyou Wifi Remote

A runner-up remote offering similar features for slightly cheaper. 

Made by a foreign brand, this remote harnesses a familiar design (with one less button) and is a bit easier on your wallet than GoPro's native Smart Remote.

Best Budget GoPro Remote

WOAFLY GoPro Remote


A cheaper remote that drops a few bells and whistles.

If you are on a tight budget then the WOAFLY remote might be an ideal fit ditching an LCD screen in exchange for more physical buttons and LED indicators.

We wrote this recommendation guide primarily GoPro owners who are utilizing their cameras in mounted situations where they cannot reach their camera controls and who would benefit from a dedicated physical remote.

However, a piece of content of this quality requires a lot of time for research, testing and compilation which costs us money. Due to this, we are utilizing both display advertisements and affiliate links which may earn us a small compensation for any referred sales to retail partners.

Don't worry, we pride ourselves on quality content focused entirely on integrity of our recommendations so we will never steer you in the wrong direction to chase a commission.

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In some cases, our top choices don't have us any revenue potential for us and those that do will never cost you any more as our potential commission comes out of the retailer's profit margins.

Those looking to get the most benefit out of this guide on GoPro remotes, we recommend that you take the time to read the entirety of this article to understand the market and answer most questions you may be having about GoPro remotes.

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Are GoPros Really Used In High-End Film/TV?

Action cameras can capture a variety of angles thanks to their stellar mounting potential, but a solid GoPro remote can help you maintain control from a distance or keep multiple cameras in sync.

With such high technology in such a smaller package, it is no surprise big-name productions have begun utilizing them in major motion pictures and tv shows such as The MartianFurious 7Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Carpool Karaoke, and Discovery's Alaskan Bush People.

Comedian In Cars Getting Coffee GoPro Rig

A GoPro rigged to film the Obama episode of ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' (top right).

There are a ton of ways to rig an action camera to achieve shots that were never achievable without modern technology making the GoPro small to fit in tight spaces and robust enough to take the punishment while still rolling.

Most commonly, you'll see them rigged inside a car or to a helmet or vehicle allowing the filmmaker the chance to get a seemingly candid shot or point of view experience that allows the audience to feel as if they were there.

What Is A GoPro Remote & Why Do You Need One?

Not everyone needs a GoPro remote, and in some cases, your mobile device can serve the same purposes through the GoPro mobile app.

However, for more advanced users who want to rig up a GoPro to a particularly hard to access location or sync multiple GoPro units together for seamless post-process editing, then a GoPro remote can be a tremendous asset when shooting in the field.

Priced anywhere from $39 up to $79, these remotes are designed to be handheld and easy operate. Depending on the model you choose, you'll get waterproof capabilities mixed with access to essential features like powering the units on or off, starting/stopping recording as well as image captures.

On the more advanced models, you'll be able to view an LCD telling you status updates like battery level, recording signals, and camera settings. The high-end models also support connections with up to 50 GoPro units at once from up to 600 feet away.

What To Consider When Choosing A Remote For Your GoPro

There are a number of different GoPro remotes on the market right now so it is important to understand the different features and characteristics to help better understand which remote is best for your needs.

While GoPro makes quite a few of their own models, there are also third-party remotes that offer both similar or unique features often times at cheaper prices than native GoPro versions.

Some features may be very important to you whereas others might not be a big deal as not every GoPro owner's needs are the same.

In the following sections, we will cover the primary aspects to be aware of and consider when choosing a GoPro remote:


The company that makes the remote won't necessarily ensure the best performance or reliability, but it does matter in this sense for a few reasons.

First off, GoPro's own remote obviously are designed to offer the best compatibility, features and ease of use. However, if you run into issues then their support channels are reliable to either get help on the issue or a replacement remote (if under warranty).

When choosing a third-party brand, you may get a remote that works just as well as a GoPro-branded model. However, if this remote bites the dust or begins to malfunction then in many cases you'll see a lack of post-purchase support from these foreign brands which means you may be required to replace the remote entirely out of your pocket.

This is a risk you must be willing to take otherwise it is best to choose a native GoPro remote to ensure longevity.


Like any product or service, the overall price of the remote obviously plays a big role in your purchasing decision. In this market, you'll see the lower-end remotes selling for around $40 whereas the high-end models will be priced around $80.

The cheaper models will typically offer less features or a lesser build-quality whereas the more expensive models will offer unique competitive advantages or superior craftsmanship.

Physical Button Count

This attribute refers to the number of physical buttons that are located on the remote. Each button will have a single or multitude of actions that can be carried out with your GoPro.

Some models will offer just a lone button due to the use of voice control whereas others will have up to four physical buttons, but utilize LED indicators over a more advanced (and expensive) LCD display for showing GoPro settings.

Max Cameras

Depending on the type of shooting that you'll be doing, you may need to sync the remote up with multiple GoPros at once for simultaneous control.

In this case, it is important to make sure that the remote supports the maximum number of GoPros that you'll be running in a given scenario. Some models on this list only work with a single camera whereas others support use with up to 50 at once.

Connection Range

Another important functionality aspect to consider for your own needs is the connection range or how far away from your GoPro do you need the remote to maintain a connection.

The connection ranges differ from just 30 feet on certain models to a whopping 600 feet on others so it is important to determine your specific shooting and environment and needs before choosing a model.

When in doubt, it is better to purchase a GoPro remote that will out distance your needs rather than one that barely meets the typical ranges that you'll require for operation.

LCD Screen

Having an LCD screen on the remote can be very useful, but may not be necessary for all users. While a dedicated display allows you to instantly view crucial information about your GoPro's settings, a simple LED light can sometimes provide enough information such as when it is actively recording.

In the case of one model listed in this guide, you don't get an LCD screen for just viewing camera settings, but instead for viewing a live feed of what your GoPro is seeing and capturing. This is helpful to ensure proper framing of your shot while being away from your camera.


Since action cameras like the GoPro are so commonly used in water sports, it is often important to ensure your remote can be used in wet or watery conditions without the fear of being damaged.

All of the remotes on this list are marketed as waterproof, but be aware that some of the third-party options have had complaints about water damage despite these claims.

Supported Models

Probably the most important aspect to consider out of all listed here is whether or not the remote that you purchase is compatible with your generation of GoPro.

Depending on the model, you'll find remotes that offer support for all GoPro generations besides the first two (HERO1 & HERO2) as well as newer remotes that only work with the latest HERO5 and HERO6 cameras.

Voice Control

Though it isn't a necessary feature for all, you may be intrigued by a remote that offers voice control instead of a complex design with lots of buttons or a display.

Only one remote on this list offer the ability to control your GoPro with your voice, but it may be right for your needs or desires.

Comparing The Top GoPro Remotes

GoPro Smart Remote Haoyou Wi Fi Remote WOAFLY GoPro Remote GoPro Remo Voice Remote Removu R1+ Remote








Smart Remote

Wifi Remote

WIFI Remote

Remo Voice Remote











Max Cameras






Range (Feet)






LCD Screen

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Voice Control

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The Best GoPro Remote Models (2018)

GoPro Smart Remote e1506543878724

GoPro Smart Remote

The most popular GoPro remote is the one manufactured by the company themselves with an MSRP of just under $80.

The design is basic offering a matte black finish and rounded edges making it easy to grip and use operate with a single hand. Included with the remote is a key ring and wrist strap allowing you to wear it like a watch or mount it to your gear for convenient access.

Offering full control of your GoPro cameras, the Smart Remote can adjust all camera functions including shutter, resolution and frame rates along with basic commands like start and stop recordings. The LCD screen allows for a quick overview of your current camera settings, battery level and recording without being too overbearing.

Since GoPro makes it, it offers the best in class compatibility (works with every GoPro from the Hero 3 through the Hero5 Black), best battery capacity (40% better than their original WiFi remote) and the best performance with support for up to 50 cameras at ranges up to 600 feet.

Haoyou Wi Fi Remote

Haoyou Wifi Remote

Priced considerably less than the GoPro Smart Remote, the Haoyou version offers a lot of the same features matched with a similar design only a few less buttons. Inside there is an integrated 350 mAh battery that powers the remote for up to five hours of use with a 30-minute recharge window.

The LCD display offers the same information at a glance taken straight from your GoPro camera. You can still control up to 50 different GoPros with the Haoyou, however, the range is dramatically less with a max connection distance of up to 164ft under ideal conditions (no signal obstructions). Compatibility varies from the Hero 3 all the way up to the Hero 6.

WOAFLY GoPro Remote


The cheapest and most basic GoPro remote on the list is by WOAFLY coming in at under $40. With no LCD display, it lacks the ability to view your camera settings or battery life at a glance, but it still offers two LEDs for confirming Wi-Fi connection and active recording.

Under optimal conditions, the WOAFLY remote is capable of holding a connection in distances up to 100m and is waterproof up to 3m. It supports up to 6 GoPros connected simultaneously although it specifically states that the Hero 3+ cannot be paired at the same time as the Hero 4 and 5 which can be paired together.

GoPro Remo Voice Remote

GoPro Remo Voice Remote

Another remote made by GoPro, the Remo is entirely different than their Smart Remote offering its unique design and feature set at an MSRP of just under $60. The Remo is square with rounded corners providing a single large button in its center and no form of LCD.

What this button does it initiate the remote to take note of your voice commands rather than having to fiddle around with any small screen or buttons. The onboard Remo mic is designed to pick up your voice in windy or loud environments where your GoPro Hero 5 would struggle to differentiate the commands from the background noise.

While this is convenient for many users who need to be able to control their GoPro's quick and effortlessly, there are a few downsides. On the performance end, the Remo is only rated to offer connections for up to 33 feet in distance which is dramatically less than the Smart Remote. Additionally, it is only supported with GoPro Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session models so any earlier generations of GoPros will NOT work with the Remo.

Removu R1 Remote e1506557411381

Marantz Removu R1+ Remote

Unlike the other GoPro remotes listed in this article, the R1+ offers more than just a basic LCD for checking camera settings but instead offers a full featured display for controlling your GoPro as well as playback. This is a bit overkill for many as they could just use their mobile device via the GoPro companion app, but it might be the right fit for someone especially if they don't own a compatible mobile device.

However, there are a few things to note for potential buyers that might make you rethink choosing the Removu R1+. First off, the camera is rated only to a meter for waterproofing and even so there are some complaints that it took on water even in shallower depths than that so, for this reason, I would highly suggest you do not use it in water.

Secondly, the R1+ has limited compatibility allowing you to only control a single GoPro unit as long as it is a Hero 3 or Hero 4 generation. This means that the newest Hero 5 Black or Hero 5 Session are NOT supported with the R1+, at least at this time (a future firmware update could push support, but don't count on it).

Ending Notes

This concludes this recommendation guide on GoPro remotes. As a general recommendation, we truly believe GoPro's own Smart Remote is the best choice for most although there are plenty other options if you are on a tight budget or have different needs.

We understand that a comprehensive article like this can be quite overwhelming at first to take in all of the information. However, don't fret. You can always bookmark or save this guide to revisit at a later date when you are ready to pull the trigger on the purchase of a remote.

If you have any outstanding questions or concerns after reading this then feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below. We will do our best to answer you or provide any helpful advice in a timely manner.

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