Angry Birds Mac App Review

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  • Angry Birds Mac App
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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Angry Birds is one of the most popular iOS games and it is now available for your Mac computer.

In this day and age, your the odd one out if you have never heard of the popular game Angry Birds. It is amazing how such a simple little game for a mobile device turned into such a huge fade including an upcoming TV show and a plethora of clothing, stuffed animals, and board games. There is something about launching those little birds into oblivion that is just so ridiculously addicting. The game itself has transitioned from iOS devices to competing tablets like the Kindle Fire HD and now has even made its way into the Mac App Store. Since I've been an Angry Birds fan since day one, I decided to give the Mac version a shot and see how the game played using a bigger screen and interface.

After testing the game for a couple of days I've come to conclusion that this game is even better on Mac than it is on an iOS device. The graphics look amazing on my Retina Display Macbook Pro and it makes it a much more exciting experience playing on a larger screen where your not feeling so cramped. The game soundtrack and effects are even more pleasing coming from my laptop's speakers. I found it to be a much more immersive experience than playing on a tablet or smartphone as the large screen and audio quality seemed to suck me in and kept me more engaged more than I have ever been playing the game.

The controls were easy as the Macbook Pro touchpad takes place of the touchscreen which opens up your field of view as you don't have your finger blocking half the screen. When your pacing through the menus and settings you are given a cursor, but as soon as you enter the actual levels it disappears and your touchpad controls everything. I found launching the birds simple and accurate (done using one finger gestures) and navigating through the different camera angles (done using two finger gestures) a breeze and satisfying experience. The levels included in the game are from the original iOS version and the particular version I tested included some new ones that I had never seen before.

The only issue I experienced was due to having several monitors setup while playing. Since the game brings your Mac into “full screen” mode I had some issues where the game though I was trying to bring my cursor to the blank screen next to it while I was about to launch my bird in which it glitched and sent my bird flying the opposite way (what a waste of a perfectly good bird!) and therefore putting me at a huge disadvantage as I'm short one bird for the rest of the level. This can easily be fixed by unplugging any external monitors before entering the game and will be doing so in future play.

If you are an Angry Bird fan or just want a fun and challenging game to play on your Mac computer then Angry Birds for Mac is an excellent choice. The controls are simple and easy, the graphics are pleasing to the eye, and the overall gameplay is just as fun as when I played it for the first time. I do recommend Angry Birds for Mac if you are considering whether or not you should purchase it.