Sony Sells Off Media Editing Software To Magix

It is no secret that Sony's imaging sector is booming with the recent success of their highly-rated mirrorless and cinema camera models. However, the company has struggled to compete with their media editing software as companies like Adobe, Black Magic Design, Avid and Apple have continued to innovate and win over new users within the space.

This has left Sony's flagship video editing software ‘Vegas Pro' and audio editing suite ‘Sound Forge Pro' in a challenging position that might not make the best sense financially to continue development of these products. For this reason, Sony has announced that they have sold off the “majority” of their creative software suite to Magix, a German company that has already developed competing products in the creative space.

While it is unclear as to what Magix plans to do with this acquisition, I think it is safe to say that they see value in the branding of Vegas Pro and Sound Forge Pro who have been a well-known component within the creative software market for the past decade. This will likely mean a newer updated version of both pieces of software since neither has released any competitive updates during the last two years.

It is worth noting that Sony's Catalyst Suite typically used for broadcast or production with their higher-end cameras, will remain with Sony and will not be affected by this deal.

Source: Engadget