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This post verifies Andy Nguyen as an authorized writer for Andy NguyenMy name is Andy and I am a tech enthusiast. I love testing out new products and providing helpful reviews and useful information. I like the outdoors, sports, and occasionally visiting Nebraska when I can. Follow me on Twitter for the latest in … Read more

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This post verifies Jordan as a contributor to Jordan AlexanderI am 22 years old and a huge fan of the web. Love all things cutting edge and discussing trending topics around the Internet. I’m currently contributing on multiple websites and working on a couple platforms that will surface in the near future.

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This post verifies Seamus Culver as an authorized contributor to Seamus CulverAmateur blogger, professional nerd. Currently a junior at MCLA majoring in Computer Science. I like working with web design and Photoshop. There is a lot more to figure out but for now, ill just enjoy the ride.