Best Plugin Alternatives To Improve WordPress Search

WordPress Search Plugin: Five Best For Improving Accuracy & Performance

WordPress is the most popular content management systems for websites with a 60% share in the market, and it powers 28% of websites found on the Internet. Since WordPress is open-source with the ability to customize with an extensive library of third-party themes and plugins, many website developers choose WordPress to mold their site vision

How To Fix The WordPress “Check Your Redirect URI Setting” Error

Recently, I ran into some trouble with my WordPress installation that resulted in an error branded “Check your redirect URI setting”. This error occurs whenever I try to edit the settings within the OptinMonster plugin or when I try to authorize Jetpack with my account. The Jetpack authorization issue wasn't a huge deal as

8 WordPress Themes Designed For A Restaurant, Bar, Or Café Website

MyCuisine MyCuisine is a WordPress theme designed with small business restaurants in mind. It has been developed to work on all modern browsers and has four customizable color schemes. There is full support for an inputting your restaurant's menu offerings which can be separated into categories. Another excellent feature is the location page which integrates

Domains 101: How To Find Out Who Owns A Domain Name

One of the biggest decisions you'll ever face when creating a new website is choosing the right domain name. A common struggle with this process is that you may have thought of the perfect name, but a competitor has already registered it. In this case you have one of two options. The easiest option is

How To Make WordPress Sidebar Widgets “Sticky” & Float With Webpages

When you're dealing with long articles or pieces of content, the page will often extend past your traditional sidebar length and waste valuable real estate on your website. The best way to counter this is to break long articles into several pages or simply install a plugin to allow your sidebar (or select sidebar widgets)

4 Of The Best Premium Contact Form Plugins For WordPress Websites

With most WordPress websites, you'll want to dedicate a page or portion of the site to give readers and potential clients the chance to get in contact you or your team. Most people carry out this via a contact page which utilizes a premium WordPress plugin in order to create a professional-looking contact form that is