AMC's The Walking Dead  has made history achieving the highest total viewership of any series in cable television history and for good reason. With excellent writers, a believable cast, and an experienced crew, the series has developed a cult-like following throughout the world with an average Metacritic rating of 79.66 throughout the past six seasons.

From my perspective, the show is about as addicting to watch as you can get yet it can be an intimidating series to start as there are 83 full episodes to catch up on. Fortunately, there are several online video platforms that allow you to watch individual episodes or full seasons for a small fee.

I've done my research and the three methods below are all credible and legal sources for watching AMC's The Walking Dead franchise:

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Method #1: Netflix

As the top video streaming platform on the web, Netflix usually harnesses the best selection of both TV shows and movies. With subscriptions ranging from $7.99-$11.99 per month, the cost of entry is rather low especially since they currently offer unlimited streaming of the first five seasons of The Walking Dead. Unlike the next two options, a Netflix subscription will be the cheapest as you won't pay per episode or season, but a single flat rate and be able to stream the entire content library for a 30-day period.

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Method #2: Amazon Instant Video

If you don't want to subscribe monthly to Netflix, you can choose to purchase individual episodes or seasons from Amazon's Instant Video service. Like most TV shows available for purchase through this platform, HD episodes are $2.99 each and standard definition episodes are only $1.99 each. If you wish to buy the full seasons in bulk, you can do so at a discounted rate ranging from $14.99 to $41.99 for HD. Unlike Netflix, Amazon Instant Video has the full season selection up to date (including 6th season).

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Method #3: Apple iTunes

Similar to Amazon Instant Video, Apple has The Walking Dead episodes and seasons available for purchase in the iTunes store. Each episode is available for the same $1.99 for SD and $2.99 for HD. As for the season bundles, it seems that they are similarly priced to Amazon's offerings except for an addition dollar in costs ranging from $15.99 to $42.99. iTunes also offers all the seasons including the 6th season for purchase, so it does have an advantage over Netflix in this regard.

These are the best three options to legally view the past and current episodes of AMC's hit TV series The Walking Dead. I'm hopeful this article has helped you discover the right method for your viewing needs and soon you can enjoy watching Rick, Carl, Daryl, Glenn and the rest of the gang struggle to survive the post-apocalyptic zombie world they are thrown into.