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How To Legally Watch Suits Online (TV Show)

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We have scoured the web for ways to watch Suits online (the TV show) and have determined Amazon Prime Video (free 30-day trial) is the best solution if you are looking to start from the beginning or catch up on past seasons.

On the other hand, those looking to watch an episode online live as they air (without a cable subscription) can utilize a streaming service such as Hulu's Live TV subscription to view the USA Network on your computer, mobile device or compatible Smart TV.

Netflix does offer streaming of Suits in specific regions outside of the US such as in the UK and France. Legally, you can bypass this country limitations by connecting to a foreign IP using a VPN service like NordVPN

USA Network has produced a real hit with their TV series titled Suits which initially debuted on June 23rd, 2011. Since then, the legal drama series has racked up millions of fans and has been nominated for several prestigious awards. With seven completed seasons under its belt, USA Network is in the middle of airing their 8th season.

Many of you are probably reading this because you were not able to watch Suits live as it aired from the beginning. Fortunately, you aren't out of luck, and there are several ways that you can catch up on the series through reputable and most importantly, legal video content providers on the Internet.

In the remainder of this article, we will cover multiple ways you can watch Suits online without breaking the law (we do not advocate piracy). Some of these methods will allow you to watch Suits online free, but there is usually a catch in that you need an Amazon Prime or existing cable subscription.

Which Streaming Services Offer Suits Seasons? (US)





Hulu TV

Sling TV

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Monthly Cost

Cable Subscription






Episode Price


Free (cable required)

Free (cable required)

Free (cable required)



Season Price


Free (cable required)

Free (cable required)

Free (cable required)



iOS App

Android App

How To Watch Suits Online (Past Seasons 1-6)

USA - suits watch online

The easiest way to watch Suits online free is to stream the episodes on your computer or mobile device via the USA Now app. Unfortunately, you will only be able to gain access to the streaming of full episodes with the credentials of an active cable or satellite subscription. This is to verify that you are already paying for access to the USA Network channel.  If you are a cord cutter and cannot borrow a friend or family member's account login, you'll have to move on-to one of the next few methods.

Prime - watch suits free

The second method to watch Suits online is easy, but it will require you to spend some money unless you have an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon offers all the episodes from seasons 1-6 for free streaming with Prime. You can also buy access (without Prime) for $2.99 per HD episode or a full season in HD for $34.99 (season one is $24.99 for HD). If you don't mind settling for standard definition quality, you can get SD episodes for $1.99 each or the full season for $24.99.

For those of you who don't have an Amazon Prime account and haven't had one before, you can always sign up for their free 30-day trial to watch as many Suits episodes as you'd like. If you have enough free time, you may even be able to binge all the available seasons during this month-long period. Just be sure to cancel the trial before the period of 30 days is up so you can avoid any billing charges (unless you wish to become a Prime member).

iTunes - where can I watch suits online

If you'd rather buy Suits episodes through Apple's iTunes, they are available for purchase at $2.99 per episode or at $34.99 per season (besides the $24.99 for season one). We would prefer to buy from Amazon as we think it is an better platform to watch media on (greater device support), but we know some people prefer the iTunes experience, so it is great that there are multiple options at the same pricing.

Vudu Suits Season 1 Watch Online

When we first wrote up this article, Vudu wasn't offering access to the Suits TV show although this has changed recently and the service has made seasons 1-6 available through their platform. If you aren't familiar with Vudu, it is a reputable digital content service that allows you to purchase the rights to TV shows and movies for watching on your computer, mobile device or Smart TV. 

To compete with their iTunes and Amazon competition, Vudu has priced themselves identically for all individual Suits episodes and seasons. However, when browsing their website, you'll see the lower of the two pricing shown by default so it will look like the cheapest option (besides the free Prime Video access) at a quick glance. 

How To Stream Suits Live (Season 7 & Reruns)

Hulu - watch suits live

A newcomer to the live TV streaming market is Hulu, a veteran in the industry of video-on-demand (VOD) content. Their new subscription service for live TV is $39.99 per month but offers a 7-day free trial. Included with every subscription is full access their standard VOD library although Suits is not currently available there.

Instead, you can utilize the service to watch the USA channel live when Suits airs new episodes or reruns. If you think you'll be busy during the airing of new Suits episodes, you can utilize the included 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage to have future episodes be automatically recorded for later viewing.

Sling - suits online free

Priced slightly lower at $25/month, Sling TV is a popular online television streaming service from their parent company, DISH. If you catch the sign-up process at the right time, you may even be eligible for receiving a free Roku Express streaming stick when you pre-pay for 2-months of Sling TV service.

Their 'Blue' plan includes access to USA Network (in addition to 40+ other channels) as does their $40 'Orange + Blue' TV subscription. However, you won't be able to watch Suits or any other USA show with their $20 'Orange' only plan. Keep in mind, there is no Cloud DVR access included with your subscriptions, but Sling does offer a $5 monthly add-on that will provide 50 hours of storage like Hulu includes at no additional charge with their service.

Is Suits On Netflix?

For those of us in the United States, you probably have already found out that Suits is NOT available for streaming on our most popular video streaming service, Netflix. However, it is available on Netflix in some other markets like Canada, the UK and New Zealand.

is suits on netflix

Unfortunately, the terms and negotiations of TV networks and the licensing of their content to streaming providers like Netflix are complicated and can change rapidly. As of right now USA Network and Netflix have no licensing deal to offer the ability to stream Suits online for their United States customers, but this could change in the future. 

netflix suits

We watched Suits on Netflix using a French IP via NordVPN.

However, there is one trick that you can use to stream Suits on Netflix while in the United States that remains legal and falls under a sort of grey area. If you sign up for a service like NordVPN , you can spoof your location to an area where Suits is available to stream such as in the UK or France.

There are other VPN services that could work this way, but NordVPN is our Editor's Choice and hasn't had the issue of being banned by Netflix like many others.We have tested this method and it does work at this time.

It is worth noting that there are a few downsides to this approach:

  1. Slower connection - since you are running through a VPN service, streaming quality likely won't be as good as connecting straight through the to the origin Netflix service. This will depend on variables like your local Internet speeds, the VPN provider you use and as how close your proximity is to the VPN location. In a worst case, it could result in frequent buffering when attempting to stream Suits at higher resolutions.
  2. Limited availability - Unlike the other streaming solutions listed above, the availability of seasons or episodes may differ depending on the region. In France's case, we could only access Suits seasons 1-5 although the U.K. is supposed to have up to season 7.
  3. Method could disappear overnight - while this method is currently working for us, there is potential for it to stop working without warning either by Netflix finding a way to stop this workaround (less likely). Additionally, the licensing deal between USA and Netflix could come to an end which would cause the series to be removed from the streaming library (more likely). 

Why You Shouldn't Pirate Or Illegally Watch Suits Episodes

In this modern Internet-based world, there are a lot of sneaky ways to consume copy-written media including video and music. We know it isn't hard to pirate a TV show or movie online. While participating in these types of piracy and illegal downloads may save you a bit time and money, there are some serious reasons why you should refrain from doing so for the good of both you and the TV show's future:

Reason #1: It Is Against The Law & You Could Face Legal Consequences

This is pretty explanatory, but piracy is illegal, and you face potential prosecution anytime you utilize unlawful downloading of material protected under copyright. Just like in the show, you wouldn't want to be served with a lawsuit by a law firm or attorney like Harvey Specter.

While there are a significant amount of people pirating content on a daily basis, the chances of you getting caught are slim, yet it has happened in the past and will probably become more common as time goes on. 

Over the past decade there have been less than 10,000 cases of prosecution from everyday people committing piracy, but if you do get caught then you can expect:

  • Up to five years in jail
  • Fines and charges up to $150,000 per file
  • Potential lawsuit to cover the legal fees and damages from the copyright holder

Here are some links to check out related to the risks of online piracy:

Reason #2: You Can Easily Obtain Malware, Viruses Or Malicious Files

Most of the websites or torrents offering the ability to watch or stream Suits online will be shady and offer danger beyond the legal risk. For example, a recent study mentioned by the Telegraph noted that 90% of all illegal film and TV sites in the UK contained malware and other unwanted programs designed to defraud its users. These types of things include phishing scams, viruses, malware, spyware and identity theft.

Reason #3: It Can Affect The Future Of The Show (Cancellation)

By choosing to watch free movies or tv shows online, you are saving money yourself yet you are taking away revenue and rating potential from the content creators themselves. Not only does this mean that you are threatening the livelihood of the actors, production and writers involved with the show, but you are risking any future seasons.

Without the ability to monitor the success of a TV show like Suits through metrics like audience size or commercial revenue (both of which you'll not be included in if you decide to pirate), you run the risk of letting the network cancel a great show like this. If too many people pirate this TV show then could look like the series is a failure on paper even though a large portion of the audience unaccounted for due to piracy. If we don't support the entertainment industry as a whole, we will ultimately be left with less and less great content.

Will There Be A Suits Season 8?

Suits has gained a ton of publicity in recent months after Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle who plays a huge role as Rachel Zane in the series.  Due to the massive lifestyle change that comes with marrying royalty, Markle has announced she will be leaving the show to focus on her new life.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only saddening news for Suits fans as lead actor, Patrick J. Adams has announced that he also will be leaving the series despite the confirmation that season 8 will move forward without the two stars.

Fortunately, Gabriel Macht will remain in his beloved role as Harvey Specter (and our personal favorite Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt) so not all hope is lost, but we will miss seeing Harvey and Mike's various adventures.

Rachel Zane Mike Ross from Suits

Rachel Zane & Mike Ross will not appear in Suits season 8.

Chris McCumber who is the President of Entertainment Networks at NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment gave the following statement to Variety about the television series future:

“While we’re excited for Season 8, everyone at USA will deeply miss Patrick and Meghan, and are grateful for the talent and commitment they brought to ‘Suits’ season after season. We wish each of them nothing but the very best.”

Additionally, USA Network has announced on March 8th that they will be filming a spin-off series that focuses on the life of their character Jessica Pearson played by Gina Torres. 

We hope this article has helped you find a way to be able to enjoy Mike Ross, Harvey Specter, Louis Litt and the rest of the legal team face all the twists and turns that arise throughout this remarkable TV series.

From all of our team, we hope that you found this guide helpful when trying to !