USA Network has produced a real hit with their TV series titled Suits which originally debuted on June 23rd, 2011. Since then, the legal drama has racked up millions of fans and has been the recipient of several awards. With five completed seasons under its belt, USA began airing their 6th season on July 13, 2016.

Now if you weren't able to watch Suits live as it aired from the beginning (I wasn't able to either), you are still in luck as it is possible to legally catch up on this stellar series from a few reputable content providers through the Internet.

In the article below, I'll cover multiple ways to watch Suits without breaking the law (in no way advocating piracy) and some of these methods will allow for free viewing (with an existing cable subscription) or a small fee.


Method #1:

The easiest way to catch up on Suits for free is to stream the episodes on your computer or mobile device via the USA Now app. To gain access to streaming of full episodes, you'll need the credentials for an active cable or satellite subscription to verify that you are already paying for access to the USA Network channel.  If you are a cord cutter and cannot borrow a friend or family member's account login, you'll have to dish out a little bit of cash in one of the next two methods.

2016-07-28_13-44-19Method #2: Amazon Instant Video

The second method is also very easy, but will require you to spend some money unless you have an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon offers all the episodes from seasons 1-5 for free streaming with Prime or you can buy access for $2.99 per HD episode or a full season in HD for $34.99 (season one is $24.99 for HD). If you don't mind settling for standard definition quality, you can get SD episodes for $1.99 each or the full season for $24.99.

If you don't have an Amazon Prime account and haven't had one before, you can always sign up for their free 30-day trial to watch as many Suits episodes as you'd like and just cancel it before the period of 30 days is up to avoid a billing charge.


Method #3: Apple iTunes

If you'd rather buy the episodes through Apple's iTunes service, they are available for purchase at $2.99 per episode or at $34.99 per season (besides the $24.99 for season one). I would rather buy from Amazon as I think it is an easier platform to watch media on, but I know some people prefer the iTunes experience, so it is great that there are multiple options at the same pricing.

As of right now, it seems these are the best three options to legally access past and current episodes of USA's hit TV show Suits. I hope it helps you find the right method for your needs and you are able to watch Mike, Harvey, Louis and the rest of the legal team at Pearson Hardman face all the twists and turns that arise throughout this phenomenal television series.